Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Sing show : Judges names released- Jiro Wang

The kid's version of the highly loved and welcomed show "THE VOICE" now is ready for its first judges and casting for participates. 
Among all the judges the one we'll be focused on is the one and only Jiro Wang. 
His no.1 saying that most fans have yet to forget even today is "If you have a Dream, then Chase it!"

This never dying spirit has brought him to where he is today, Jiro is going to be doing a lot in the next few months but he is a child lover and to be able to teach them music and watch them follow their dreams is something he is very excited for :D 


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  1. goooo jiro! ;D all of the flh members are my role models. i love jiro's passion and drive. theyre all so hardworking. jia you!