Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Puff Kuo spends Aaron Yan's birthday with him

Happy Birthday Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan Yalun Happy Birthday! The star didnt forget to return to Taiwan and spend today with his family! 
He uploaded endless Happy photos on how his birthday is going great! 

Fans posted photos left and right blessing him for every second of his birthday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Calvin in the recording studio

He is confirmed to be working on his new EP or album; not sure which 100%!
But Calvin has returned from Singapore to Taiwan/ and he is recording away!!!

Aaron in mainland for promotions

Aaron Yan has been busy busy busy.
The Artist has been in Mainland China and has just recently returned to Taiwan. He has been covering countless cities and signing away for his book " Dreaming in Taipei" also he has been reported to have come down with a slight cold but he has confirmed it isn't anything serious.
He intends to continue working on his next album; that he confirmed will have a little bit of dancing.

Aaron is caught here shooting his fav. tongue pose >,<

Aaron does have coughing symptoms but nothing major. 

That <3 is for all you supporters !!!

headed back to Taiwan.

Cute as ever!!

"Eyes Closed"...enjoy his amazing features LOL 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taiwan Men Style Changes

Its been a great change in style for all stars this year; many of those stars even included Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan.

Jiro has turned his style from the original look into a more mature body building look and as for Aaron after accepting his script for his drama Just You: he appears now more in a mature looking suit.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Excuse Our late updates "APOLOGIES"

We've been super busy with college semesters coming to an end ; I am doing my best to keep all our facebook pages running, along with Twitter n Instagram! 

ONLY4FLH is still running DON't FORGET TO FOLLOW US ~


We'll be back up and running soon enough!

For now~ sit tight! 

Sorry, we will update ASAP

3 Peas In A Pod Premiere today!!! Nov.14!

The long awaited roadtrip is here! 
Everyone ready? Join in with Calvin Chen and his co-stars Jae Liew and U-Kiss's Alexander Lee as the 3 peas take off to Australia and find their paths in life! 
Michelle Chong set a 16yr limit on the movie due to the one bed scene sadly, but even though many fans cannot see the movie; nothing can stop them from following the the 3 on their countless promotions thru Singapore.
Starting from 5am the three were up 3 days straightway for RadioShows ; Signing Events ; and even a Screening to show what to anticipate!

Congrats Calvin on ur first movie!   

Calvin who plays perry also landed across spending his birthday this year as a pea! 

"JustYou" Ending Episode Bedscene Uproar

It premieres today th last episode of Just You!!! What will the ending be like? What will happen and how will everyone take this ending? 
It is bitter sweet or filled with surprises... One things for sure the bed scene is causing an anticipation uproar for BuFu Fans (: 
This last episode "Whose Getting married" And "Whose hooking up?" 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aaron Yan in Malaysia Fans Meeting- Promo for "insomnia malaysia"

Malaysia Fans Meeting

Aaron opens up the meeting by performing
"Dang bu zhu de taiyang"from the drama  Just You; which has its final episode this friday.

Aaron though busy with promotions still has been practicing to make every concert special and the next stop will be in Malaysia.
While in Malaysia Aaron also plays games with the fans.

He plays a blindfolded game which the fans have to wear his eye mask he made and then when they are drawing he gives them a topic; two fans draw two foods that come out better and then they PK
the final question was to draw "The Aaron that they see"
Aaron himself expressed: OH! that's how I look?
joking along with fans and everyone was happy and very responsive this time around <3 Pudding's being super cooperative is what they are known for and the host takes the time to point out that the fans onstage also had support from all Puddings.

Aaron also disclosed that since this album has no music that is able to dance to he refrained from it and he jokingly said that the only dance possible was ballet, all fans responses were for his to try it. Aaron finally just laughed and expressed "STOP KIDDING"

He did disclose thought that his next album will include a dance track? what kind of dance track or what style he hasn't said but it is confirming that he is going to dance!
Anticipating his next album and hopefully his leg injury will be okay for this challenge.
Aaron Jia You.