Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Time to gather round for pounds and pounds of food and happy cheer with the families <3 Keep it up and keep it happy :) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Some words from Admin (xm)...-the moods are here-

First off, I really wanna thank all the fans that have been supporting this blog lately. I become so happy to share all these great things each and every Fahrenheit member is doing. Also, I apologize to those of you who love Wu Chun, but it is true I am some what incapable at times and it becomes hard to follow him. Same goes for Jiro or Calvin or Aaron fans who feel I could do better. I do try my best to bring all of you as fans of Jiro, Chun, Aaron or Calvin all the greatest news in a language that you all can understand.
In all actuality though, I was like you once. I did not speak chinese, and I am also not chinese. I dreams to see Fahrenheit perform and since for a little girl in middle school that was too far of a wish instead I came together with my best friends haomei and xiaolin and created a blog that could help and assist all fans of Fahrenheit to stand together and understand everything globally.
I've come across hundreds of blogs,better than mines and ran into many fans too who say they will support these guys and soon blogs die, fans change hearts and as we have committed our hopes and dreams to Fahrenheit just like you all... we've stayed.
These words are words from my heart and my soul, I just remembered after reading so many different hurtful messages from fans that the situation right now is worse than expected.
Rumors of Fahrenheit not being brothers, started when they debuted. Fans denied all these 5 years ago, and today almost to their 9 year anniversary and I see fans step out to choose a bias and then disbelieve in all the others.
You guys may have forgotten, if it wasn't for this "fake friendship" everyone has labeled on Fahrenheit... these idols you all loved may have never existed.  Perhaps their friendship wasn't a strong one, true. But they spent 5 years together, sleeping, fighting, and learning who eachother really was... their true story all fans deep down you all know it!
If your a pudding, a cupcake,a rocker, or an angel... I'm sure at one point in time you saw the four stand together.

Such emotional topics I never like to touch, because it causes too man issues. I just do not like to witness fans fight with fans and blame one or another Fahrenheit fans for their actions. I wanted to remind all of you... the reasons they did what they did, their decisions and their every motion was always watched by fans.

When Wu Chun spoke of his marriage, many were shocked he lied..but did you all think how he felt. To me the Wu Chun I see now, is so much more happy and free.
When Aaron broke and spoke, fans took sides all Fahrenheit fans started to believe what they now think is a lie or the truth. To me, Aaron said "We are not the best of Friends" he didn't say "We hate eachother so please hate us too."

Change comes and goes, accept or not I do not mind but I wanted to remind everyone 9 years ago I was also a new fans, and I fell in love with a band everyone labeled nothing but using their own power they've proven theirselves.
Alone or as a band, to me they've sacrificed so much and how everyone is repaying them seems to almost be selfish...image if one or the other reads what fans write about hating him or others how awkward it would be for them to meet eachother.
We ourselves have become black listed fans if you ask me, by tormenting them into lives of lies. Aaron did state what he did, so what? is that not his choice?
Jiro at one point and time may have had conflicts with Aaron?so what? NO ONE but them knows the truth...
And Chun and Calvin may have secretly dated and Chun did get married... having love and companionship is good is it not?

Lies, hate and all these negative statements...honestly just shocks me. I do not know how you all choose nor can I tell you to love Fahrenheit...but I'm given an authority to say this:

Fahrenheit is 4 season, 4 temperatures,4 men...they are different, but they are hard working individuals. and they are HUMAN.

Human means mistakes are made, that's why humans are given a choice to forgive.

Sorry for my long rant...but in all I just really wanted to thank all those fans who have stood up and followed and supported our blog thru their love for each FRH member.


My apologies if I offend anyone.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jiro Wang- "Together we are single" Drama promo clips

Hello, I'm Lin Bo Yuan

Jiro Wang in his upcoming drama alongside Joe Cheng, he plays Lin Bo Yuan. A vet who is kind, open, and very extroverted. A grown up little boy basically. His character is very simple and simply wishes to find a fun loving girl like himself who can play and enjoy everyday with him. Due to his kind nature though, most girls make him only a "friend" as he always receives the "Good Guy Card" but Lin Bo Yuan awaits on Hu Nan TV for his Ms Perfect.

In the clip above Jiro celebrates and promotes "Gan Guan Jie" which means the singles day in the Chinese culture to celebrate the day of the singles in the world. Jiro also explains that he doesn't understand why his character Lin Bo Yuan is still single, because he himself is still single. He states he doesn't mind it as he is putting his career ahead of him. Later asked about his ideal woman, he states "If she can enter a kitchen, then I can exit a heaven." - stating a woman who can grab his stomach first is the one to be his forever.
Jiro's new drama is to premiere in mainland, though I am not sure if they'll dub his voice usually they don't cover up his- praying and hopefully this drama is shot smoothly without no worries- my blessings to you Jiro.

Birthdays are family time- Calvin Chen

Calvin Chen's Birthday Celebration was with family.
He updated this some time ago I believe like a week or so after his birthday but it got pushed down in my drafts when I was sorting info! Aplogizes<3 But look at Calvin's mom I think she is such a beautiful woman too- his sister has always been beautiful.[Back in the day Calvin's friends all had crushes on her hehe]
And his dad really does seem to resemble him well I guess he resembles his dad is the correct way to say it. 
Little TongTong is all grown up now too!

Happy Happy Family Times~!

CalvinChen -a real gentleman in Amazing Race

So the original plan was I was waiting for all episodes of this show to aire and as I'm compiling them I'd put them here so all you guys can watch at once, because the wait is just unbearable. But this past episode that took place in DuBai really put me in a position where I felt I have to share this incident with all you fans.
First allow me to say, Calvin Chen is a great man. He has a good character and also he has fair sportmanship- throughout these episodes you will see who will cheat to win and who will lie to get ot the top. All I can say it- it puts into perspective who has what type of personality. 
Zhou Wei Tong, Calvin's partner for the show- sadly doesn't have a strong personality, I usually don't approve of judging character and such but this time around it really bugged me. 
1. they got past the first section of the mission, as they are going to decide to go sled bowling or go driving high speed on a course- she throws the biggest baby fit, because Calvin admits himself that he isn't and doesn't have any idea on how to the sledding mission- Zhou on the other hand is throwing a tantrum still saying " I WANT TO GO SLEDDING"- later Calvin keeps talking to her trying to comfort her but instead she just ignores him. Finally Calvin gives in and says they will go sledding. [gentleman act 1]
2. Downstairs, they already passed and just need to go to the car to head over to the indoor sledding building and even though the group that comes in after are the LAST group Zhou decides to fib that they had the wrong ornament to pass the level. Luckily Calvin came up and said "Wei Tong stop it. They helped me in the last rounds." The two competitors realized that Calvin was helping them and praised him for his honest. [gentleman act2]
3.Later on when they are competing at other sports, because they are losing Zhou decides even though the other team is already chose to be GREEN, that Zhou wants to be GREEN too. Calvin tries to tell her they cannot do that as it breaks the rules. She doesn't care and runs off to the tents and tries to switch. Calvin calming explains how they cannot break the rule and just have to keep trying. [gentleman act 3]

There have been other incidents too, but personally i feel bad for Calvin for ending up with such a poor partner who was actually even LATE in the morning when everyone was heading out?? LATE its a RACE! Calvin had to wait on her, because she wanted to finish her MAKE UP.

But anger and aggravation aside I may just conclude that Calvin Chen you are one GREAT MAN, his patience, persistence, and his commitment to the team effort is amazing. 

And I don't dislike Zhou, I'm sure she may be a nice girl somehow- but currently she is being a spoiled baby...just saying- I'll probably get over it eventually. (no promises but I'll continue to follow for Calvin's sake)


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aaron Yan Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the dearest Aaron Yan. He may have been the youngest in Fahrenheit but he has become a year closer to the man mark (30)- and important age in anyone's life but let's just keep saying he's 20, because he just doesn't age :D

Thanks to everyone who joined the event and sent blessings
-An Aaron Event- for CUT album will be released soon please join- currently underway :D


Orenda releases Aaron Yan 2015 calender

An adorable calendar for 2015 consisting of Aaron Yan! Look at the video below released on his birthday originally and how it shares each month's significance with all of you <3

Be Tricky, Be Aaron haha Orenda 2015 Calendar! 


May 1st&3rd SHE-AaronYan Forever Star Concert

Its for real! S.H.E may have 5years more of experience on Aaron Yan, but he has worked hard and earned his position next to his Seniors- Selina, Hebe, Ella and Aaron Yan will be joining forces and having two concerts in Australia!
Forever Star~ 2015 Together H.I.M gives Australia their biggest surprise <3 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

White Ribbon- Calvin & Aaron Support You

Fighting abuse against Women! 

Guess who supported the white ribbons! 
"Men stop aggression and use love in its place" 
Calvin Chen:
Aaron Yan:

The two joined in with Thousands of other stars to support the trending photos for the white ribbon events on FB!


Aaron Yan behind the scenes photo shoot

Aaron Yan photoshoot... he snapped a few photos and all I have to say is... those eyes! 
So Charming. If there is anything that is easy to recgonize Aaron by then it is his eyes. The deepness he can conceal and reveal thru just a simple selfie blows my mind :)

(I find this photo interesting looks like he is standing on a cloud almost haha)


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Aaron Yan's Mom shows up to support in Shanghai

Talk about super mom, doesn't matter where he is doing promotions she always shows up to support the number one fan of him for sure. After marry off a happy little daughter her only worry now is the same one she had when they were little kids, the naughty older brother whose grown to be more and more independent and willing to share his thoughts. His biggest fear though is still her. "My mom was the strict one in the household when I was younger, dad was never home much but when he was it was usually little small talk." -Aaron stated this before and he still fears his mom today for the fact he can't control what she will say next .

Shanghai's fansmeeting and music concert wasn't a situation he didn't have that fear either, she kept trying to steal the microphone from him to share more secrets with fans. Aaron though successfully only allowed her to give the blessings before snatching the mic back. The two shared their hugs and kisses before Wu Mama returned to her seat and Aaron continued the mini-concert.

It's amusing how nervous he looks in some of these fans shots XD

-xm (latepost)

Aaron Birthday Blessings event open!


Its that time of year to share your blessings with Aaron Yan :D
first off I apologize for not being able to share earlier, been too busy lately and I'm behind on many things so I just wish to tell everyone that you are all amazing supporters to be so patient with me :D

JOIN JOIN JOIN send your blessings our way and we'll send it to Aaron!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SanLi Drama Award starts up "VOTE FOR Fall in Love With Me"


SanLi Dram Awards Ceremony has started up, and this year it's Fall in Love With Me in the running! Last year Aaron took home the most awards for Just You, and I wish to see him take home most the awards for "Fall in Love With Me" but I also hope to see perhaps Puff and Aaron pass on the "Best Couple Award" to Aaron and Tia haha (it'd be a confusing scene and so amusing) but sadly I believe Lego Li and Ren Rong Xuan have a good chance at it also! 

Currently Fall in Love With Me is leading a many of the categories but sadly the votes are only 30% but if the 30% is a landslide win there will be no worries! 
So fans if you have a weibo or know anyone who has one, just ask them to vote for Aaron and Tia and Fall in Love in Me's - Dad Tao, and Fu Bo (butler)!

Fall in Love With Me, deserves so many awards especially for the tears we all shed and the laughs we all gave :)

Support <3


Some teaser clips that you all should remember :

The kiss - the final night...

The ending.. a wedding to seal the promise

My favorite scene: the snap nap!

Poor Tian Xing and his suffering...Tao Le Si is always here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Calvin starts mainland fans sessions - Shanghai

It has been 2-3 years since Calvin has appeared in Shanghai as a singer, occasionally he is passing thru as a host or for other purposes but he has yet to really meet up with fans. 
So the first mainland signing session was set in Shang Hai~! Calvin happily uploaded a photo with fans sharing his bliss to return.  

"It's still summer" Calvin's album fans signing sessions for the next few weeks will all be in Mainland :) He did promise if sales remain good, there is a chance of a celebration concert~! 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

[Event] Calvin's Birthday Blessing

Thanks to all those fans who joined our event
Now It's time to see who won Calvin's Album!

Sorry for the inconvenience! Our video on YouTube is blocked, so I decided to upload the video here. Just so everyone knows, I split some of the blessings because they were too long. So the blessing with the same back ground picture is from the same person.

Updated 11.12.14 (I didn't realize that it was blurry)
-Xiao Lin

Friday, November 7, 2014

Calvin Chen and Genie Zhuo show off eateries of Taiwan

Calvin has been waiting for his (Chu Mi) or kiss from Genie. After eating the first dish Angel Noodles, which can make a lovers dreams come true will Calvin get his kiss?!

Genie and Calvin do fill the air with warm sunshine during this cold weather though, that's for sure!

What makes a meal better for a man? When a pretty woman helps feed him after a long hard day! 

What makes a woman feel like a queen? When a man is willing to feed her some delicious food. 

These two are just so cute <3 


Singapore Golden Melody Awards- Aaron Yan Wins 3 Awards

Aaron Yan takes home 3 awards after going to the Singapore Music Awards Show. 
He appeared on the red carpet lit up in a white patterned suit, later changing into a casual black fitted suit. 
The first award of the night for Aaron included him winning Best All-Around Artist: acting, singing, and side hosting appearances- after high ratings in drams "Just You" and "Fall in Love With Me" Aaron released "Drama" & "Cut" earning him "Best all around Artist" for his hard work and undying persistence in both acting and singing. 

Not only Aaron won awards thru the night, same comapmy Junior -James also took home a newcomer award :)

The highlight award of the Night had to be "Most Welcomed Male Artist"-This award itself was very important but Aaron had to admit he was more excited to be performaning on the same stage as Stephanie Sun. His childhood idol and also he would become a fan in seconds as he was anticipating her performance.

(Aaron & Stephanie) 

The final and last award Aaron claimed that night- Aaron especially gave to the team that helped him create the album "Cut" and who came up with all the ideas and worked with him to create it. "Cut" won "Best Album Artwork" from all the albums that were released this past year! 

These new styles may be new to Aaron fans but they sure are earning some recgonization prizes :) Best wishe to Aaron and hopefully one day he'll bring home "Best Male Artist" during Taiwan's Golden Melody Awars too! 


只因單身在一起 Together Because We Are Single (Jiro&Joe New Drama)

Hunan TV - new romance drama "Together because we are single" starring: 
鄭元暢小綜  Joe Cheng,汪东城 Jiro Wang, and rising chinese actress 徐璐 Xu Lu.
The three and other actors showed up in Chang Sha's temple while they prayed for no problems during the shooting. 

This cute little poster is currently the poster being used on the weibo page for now. Its a cute and warming image if you ask me :D

     Jiro Wang/XuLu/JoeCheng

Jiro Wang Xu Lu and Joe Cheng pose together for a photo

Jiro Wang and Xu Lu pictured above for the ceremony
There hasn't been any storyline given out yet, so I am still unclear on the story line. The only fact that I do know of though is that Jiro is the second male lead, and Joe is the first male lead. The female lead Xu Lu is new rising star in China and she too has watched Joe and Jiro's drama before.
This years drama would be the 3rd time of Joe and Jiro working together, since the I Started With a Kiss series the two have yet to work together again, and now they are working together again after so many years! Both Jiro and Joe have increased in their acting capabilities also, so I am anticipating this drama a lot :D