Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jiro Wang's new movie takes place in France!

That's right let's take it international because it's no fun just staying here in Asia! JK i love asia! but still we can push up the limits some and bring together some great actors or..silly ones...I'm talking about Jiro Wang ; Chen Han Dian (Kan Xi Lai Le); and Ban Jie!  If you know these 3 then you know your asking for a whole bunch of goof balls, they are all very funny characters though Jiro and Ban Jie don't appear like it they are!

but let's get ready because it's all shaggy hair and mustache from here

The movie is called " My Beautiful Kingdom!" and stars Jiro 汪東城 as the male lead so far the story line hasn't been leaked but once it has been I will do my best to update it to everyone!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ENT report on Arron Yan! He's really grown up

Sorry this title is horribly long but I really didn't know what I wanted to call it LOL! So lets start with Alice in Wonder City!

Arron admits that the director was able to see how much this drama meant to Arron and how much hard work he put into the making of the drama...during the shooting he went into caring about whether something should be in the room or not and on what he was going to wearing also he took the time to think about what things were going to happen...the director also noticed was that he really did work very hard on the parts with his violin because after every take if he did good he would let out a sigh of relief it he felt it could have been better he would put on a face that made everyone very hard to breathe because they were scared to approach other words his character He Ting Yu really took over! Arron actually promised that he would fix this problem of his and that he would do his best in not trying to be to uptight with wanting perfection. A producer actually confronted him and said "You are worrying about too many things that a actor should not be worrying are worrying about things that staff members or myself and other producers should be caring about." Arron admitted he did try to tame himself down. Truthfully I think Arron could try producing a drama himself he could act in it too or even try directing one day it'd be interesting to see what exacting is going on in his mind?!

Fahrenheit coming together again: What are his thoughts?
When Arron was confronted with this question he actually smiled and said "Together again?" it makes you wonder but what he said to sum everything up was... they are all growing their own way and letting their individuality shine!

He says that when Fahrenheit was four; majority of the time the Showlight was left to Jiro or Chun and it was hard for him as the younger member to get the time to shine so he was also slowing trying to grow up; plus his age wasn't that close to them so it was hard to keep up at times but he worked hard for what he has today. He is glad that he has been given the chance to debut as Arron Yan himself because he feels that this is the real him the one thing everyone has missed out on! But he believes that Fahrenheit will reunite once again on stage but because they have each been apart from eachother for some time the feeling between them wont be tense but they have learned to cherish and treasure eachother once more deeply! Arron also reminded everyone that Jiro and Calvin and Chun's new projects have all been great and he stands on the sidelines rooting for them too! He hopes when Fahrenheit reunites again the fans will see the happiness behind them too!

Who do you wish to work with?
Arron wants to work with who? you all know who Arron's idols are?...Ariel Lin is an idol Arron has always loved and in They Kissed Again he got the chance to act along side her as A Bu the husband of her friend Chun Mei but to him that was just a side role...And do you all remember Ai Mei storyline for LunLin? Rainie Yang an idol Arron actually confessed he admired too and then due to Rainie and Wu Chun collaborating in Sunshine Angel he was given the chance to work with her too but to him once again that was simply a side role! Arron actually wishes to shoot a Romance drama with both of them because he feels he has WAITED LONG ENOUGH ( yeah he said it!) Arron : I've grown up, I'm much more mature now then when I was sitting infront of the screen watching them..I'm 26, and to me they haven't grown up at all!  I have to say that he has some guts saying this out loud! But Arron wishes to be able to work alongside these two actresses as the male lead! wishing him the best because I'd watch I love Rainie and Ariel!

Through Alice in Wonder City Arron want to prove he's not just another idol who has looks and is on screen but that he has put a lot of hard work and though into everything he is doing...he wants to be recognized for all he is doing!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wu Zun Hugo Boss Show in Taipei's 101

Yesterday Night Wu Zun premeired at the Hugo Boss show in Taipei's 101 building...not only were his fans all attentive there and covering him but the long missed star was covered by the media and for a good while wasn't going anymore because he was stuck! Of course everyone was reminded that safety was first...
when the questioning started Wu Zun did announce to everyone that he is now looking at a new script which mean we most likely have a new movie to anticipate from him and he also told everyone that he was aware of Jiro and Arron's dramas both airing and that they are working very hard for their works. Wu Zun tells everyone that he can see they used heart in their works and Wishes them the best in their road.
Wu Zun who has left Fahrenheit for a whole year as of Yesterday 6/22/12 still brings up the members and last year he still met in private with members to go out and eat and chat like Calvin and Arron ( I don't know about Jiro because nothing was said and he was really busy.)

Wu Zun's appearance now seems so rare that his fans are cherishing him more and more most likely in fear he will leave the entertainment industry but he has ensured it is not likely! He wants everyone to know that no matter what he thanks his Angels for all their support and YES he is still thinking about settling down by 35! End of my report for now...feels like forever since I've wrote something about him! really miss him! do you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Love Walked In Trailer

The trailer of When Love Walked In!

The storyline is very touching and all the acting is great but the voice dubbing sounds weird...but it's all anticipation from here!

6mins of Calvin ZhouMi Victoria and Sean's friendship and love! Also Calvin in this drama has definetly made a breakthrough

Vote for Fahrenheit 6/6/2012 - 31/7/2012

TOP-10娛樂大賞2012 (Top10 ENT. Circle)
Go vote for Jiro! He's in for best drama actor!
Vote for Arron and Chun in running for most welcomed idol!

6/6/2012 - 31/7/2012
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  • Waited a long time? Sorry! Everyone has been very busy and well we want you guys to know that we are very glad you joined our last competition and this time we wish you all luck once again.

    ***TIME SPAN!!!!****
    JUNE 26-JULY26 ,2012

    Contest Theme: Make a video to Fahrenheit's newest song: Mr.Perfect! - the catch: You have to tie it to our Blog (has to show up at least once in the blog)

    You can choose how you want to do it; if you can't get the song this link should be usable:

    When you are finished with the video simply e-mail it to us @
    BUT! make sure you message us and we responded to you so we can assure your video was taken in!
    The video will be uploaded on our YOUTUBE site. Only4_FLH

    ***DONT FORGET***
    1) ---must be seen
    2) Your name must be available so we know its you...
    (ex: end of vid-by: xiaomei...)
    3)must use full-length of song.
    4)Please just have FUN!!! and show us how much you love
    your MR. PERFECT!

    PRIZE:....watever xiaomei brings back from Taiwan...(?) its a secret..but do you want it!?! I promise it'll be worth it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

ONLY4FRH wants to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day! 父親節快樂! 要天天快樂天天恩愛.
Everyday remember that your existence is still half owed to your father he is a very special person in your life no matter what! Cherish him while you can and don't forge that this is the one day it will be nice to say " Dad, I love you!" 爸爸愛你.
 also we want to wish our idol's Fahrenheit's Dad's Happy Father's Day!

Arron Yan and His Dad

Calvin Chen and his dad

A drawing Jiro drew of their faimly...Jiro actually looks just like his dad

Chun and his dad

Friday, June 15, 2012

Arron Finishes Shooting after 8 months

Its been 8 months and Xiu Jie Kai along with some other members of the cast have long ended shooting...but  Lara and Zhou Cai had only finished 2 days ago...and Today Arron happily posted on his weibo that he was finally finished! he enjoyed the time he had with everyone and thanked everyone's hard work also he said that he is happy everyone was able to put up with him for so long. Arron then reposted that he didnt want anyone to think of this as really being the end when really it simply meant that he was going to want everyone to not forget that they can always watch all the miracles in Alice in Wonder City on CTS at 10:00 pm on Sundays and on GTV at 10:30pm!!!
He really worked super hard on this drama barely sleeping over 4 hours a day trying to get everything done perfectly for the first time he cares for the ratings and they still havent broken 1 yet~! What is going on?! Maybe if he went back to no caring they would shoot up (?) who knows right? but you can watch Alice in Wonder City on Viki...or if you don't need subs you can go to! You just need to type in Alice in Wonder City!

Also fans of Alice in Wonder City they have an app now for iphones! just type in: 給愛麗斯的奇蹟

Sister moving on preview Jiro n Ruby ambitious love?

Yesterday was a preview session in ShangHai...Ruby Lin sticking into Jiro during the meeting and helping wipe his sweat made very many people in the media wonder was there more than friends in their thoughts but fans believe that Ruby was simply being a good sister!
The preview is a great though!

Interview time

Sister Keeps Going the cast

The crew 

Jiro Wang

Monday, June 11, 2012

Arron and Jiro ratings low?!

2012.06.10 ratings:
Love Forward:2.45 Happiness3stars:0.63
AbsoluteDarling :0.60
AMiracleForAlice :0.58
The Best episode low ratings?!
It's unbelievable to be me because both episodes were great and not something you would want to miss! The breakthrough for Arron and Jiro was seen in these episodes
Arron in ep4 of Alice in Wonder City speaks some great English and understandable Japanese too also the kissing scene will make your face res and heart beat!
Jiro making a breath through with the battle scene was also an eye opener the other thing was the different languages he spoke too it was really cool!

Jiro in Shanghai

Wang Dong Cheng is back in ShangHai and he put up on his weibo that the Dong Dong banners are his welcome signs a beautiful sight! He also said he knows everyone has been waiting so he is there now...I believe he there for more projects because recently I found a photo that concluded he and Chen Han Dian plus Ban Jie are getting ready to work together!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Calvin updates

Well weibo is hard to follow a lot of people on and stay up to date thank goodness when Calvin gets on its a few at a time!
His good friends from middle school who had been dating for 14yrs are getting married! He congratulated then and have them the best wishes!
Soon he also posted that before marriage he wished I become a pro golfer! HAHAHAH of course it's a new thing Calvin has picked up interest in!

A-Nation invites Arron Yan to perform
August 9! Avex annual A-Nation performance includes artist from all of Asia bringing everyone the Best of the Best!
Representing Taiwan will be HIM International's Boyband Fahrenheit member Arron Yan!
He didn't get nominated for best newcomer for the golden melody awards but he is a Great Artist that is worth being seen!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arron vids from Alice in Wonder City charity

Videos from the meeting the violins were sold after each of them showed that they knew how to play it but Arron as HeTingYu did teach Zhou Cai Shi the correct posture he also aitted there was pressure from Lara who actually played the violin for 4years you could see it on his face!
【Miracle to Aaron·0610】20120609炎亚纶梁心颐周采诗给爱丽丝的奇迹公益活动

For the performance of such passion play, Aaron said he felt thrilled. I play the idol inside is relatively small love love, but I think the depth of the film I was able to use relatively strong, compared the intensity of the kiss interpretation, so just actually pretty cool , really, because that feeling is conveyed through the screen to viewers! He can only say compared to past works he's had the level of depth in the love scenes made him feel pretty good in other words he was really into He Ting Yu's character!

Arron and his guitar

Arron posted a photo of himself and his guitar...guess he was having some practice done but what really got my attention was his status said: What you guys doing?

Jiro in absolute boyfriend awesome arm

I found this arm amazing looking at it I figured how they made it but still it's legit! Watching absolute darling anyone!?!?!

Friday, June 8, 2012

愛心公益見面會 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 AliceInWonderCity

Alice in Wonder City held a love the public meeting an they met with the media but also today Arron showed up at his own shop that turned a whole year old today! He went there to get his hair done but anyhow at the meeting Arron played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his violin and the Lara also played it too bc Xiu Jie Kai wasn't there!

Arron's one year anniversary

It's been a year since Arron's hair salon opened in Taipei if you guys never saw the info here it is!
I'm going to Taiwan next month so I'll see if I can find it! Fei Fans wish me luck!

The HAIR store information
Address: 181 Chung Hsiao East Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan, Alley 35, Lane No. 9, 1st Floor Tel :02-8771-7816 Hours: Monday to Saturday am11 :00-pm09: 00 / Sunday am11 :00-pm06: 00

Calvin: Summers here

Summer is finally just around the corner so of course sunshine boy wants to promote everyone had to be healthy and up n going! Calvin himself has been promoting good health and his working out has been paying off he looks really good!
Also don't forget to watch Professor Chen on Wan Quan Yu Le!