Saturday, May 31, 2014

HITFM Awards Ceremony *Special Act* "AaronYan+ClaireGuo+WangDaWen"

Aaron Yan waiting in the Taipei Arena for his turn on stage and all the performers takes turns filing through for the performance of 6/1 tonight :) 

Every year there is always a special performance brought to the audience by different artist. Last year it was classic songs that were voted on by fans, This year the topic songs will be performed by Aaron Yan, Claire Guo, and Wang Da Wen. 

All three artist are known for their passions for music, and their collaboration will be one worth watching consider all three artist are made of such great musical backgrounds :) 

Aaron having won last years "Most Anticipated Male Artist" will be giving this prize this year to someone else , not too sure who was voted in for this year.

HitFM Taipei Arena

<3 HITO~~~ 


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