Saturday, December 29, 2012


Vote For Aaron Yan Here

Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang Fans! ATTENTION
You can use your facebook account but Aaron is in the top close he just needs your votes daily go vote for him!

JIRO is lower down but I believe he has enough rockers out there willing to give him some booster votes!


Wu Chun Best Actors Awards Top Ten Red Hot Stars

Wu Chun won an award at the Top Ten Red Hot Super Star awards. With his outstanding performance in My Kingdom [Da Wu Sheng] , alongside Han Geng and Barbie Hsu.
After his breakthrough  into the movie business he has been grabbing onto work non-stop.

Congrats again!

Christmas Concert (Arron&Calvin)

Calvin was one of the host that day in New Taipei City where he was accompanied by Xiao Sha, and Sa Sa to celebrate Christmas with the great tree of lights. 
That night every super star was excited to see the lights, Artist that perform that night included AaronYan, Amber An, S.H.E , Cyndi Wang, Rainie Yang, SIGMA, and others.
Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen, though reunited on the stage and all the fans were so happy! The Calvin and Aaron Fans even were set together in the crowd! LOL so sweet of them!
As Aaron got onto the stage Xiao Sha ask the two of them about their relationship and Aaron said : We are good friends, Calvin said: Not bad not bad...they two laughed and said it had been a long time since they'd seen each other.

Towards the end of the video Aaron throws out his warm packets to the crowd then instantly says: its so cold! So Adorable!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Fahrenheit

Its been offically 7 years now...Fahrenheit is officially 7years old as of today.
Any true Fahrenheit fan can remember that after the success of KO-One and Tokyo Juliet Fahrenheit was put together. These four guys each representing the mean of the 4 seasons.
Jiro Wang ( Wang Dong Cheng): Summer / 95
Calvin Chen ( Chen Yi Ru): Spring/ 77
Wu Chun ( Wu Zun): Autumn/ 59
Aaron Yan ( Yan Ya Lun) : Winter/ 49
Each one of them had something in them that help them to create this group, Jiro Wang had tried and tried over again to find his dream as a singer, finally after so long he signed on to be the first member of Fahrenheit. Aaron Yan a natural talent just waiting to burst, his manga like looks gain him many chances to enter the entertainment industry and all thanks to his blog he became the second to enter the group, Fahrenheit. His father sent him away to Canada with hopes that he would do good as a banker overseas but soon he returned to Taiwan after winning a Sunshine Boys competition to join the boy band, Fahrenheit. Finally the beautiful man who had a gorgeous face and a breath-taking body, a model who just simple went to Taiwan to look around and was pulled into the industry to star as the lead in a drama even though his chinese wasn't even fluent, the shy-boy from Brunei who wasn't afraid of anything gave Fahrenheit a chance.

They have accompanied many people through many things and now we have all slowly changed and grown up with them. Happy 7th Birthday Fahrenheit!

We celebrated their birthday again, and it was a good break for us too! We loved the amazing cake and we kept trying to blow the candles out but just like our love for Fahrenheit they kept burning and wouldn't die!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


On our other post, we posted about our shirts however wrong didn't know the price of the shirts yet. But we have confirmed that the shirts will cost $15! Thanks

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Love FRH!! Shirts!

As our 2 year anniversary we are making shirts! Of course we can't simply give these to you guys but we will be selling them!! The front simply says:


&& as for the back, it says:


小林 小美 好美
Xiao Lin Xiao Mei Hao Mei

We would like to know who would actually be interested in purchasing one.

Overseas purchases for our shirts will be half price off, but you will have to pay for your own shipping.

As for how much the shirts actually cost, as of right now, they are undetermined.

The prices for the shirts will be determined as soon as possible.

*HOWEVER* There must be AT LEAST 20 or more shirt orders for us to place an order. :)

The 30th of this month will be the last day to actually place an order. Theses shirts must be pre-ordered. :)

If you would like to order more after-wards, please contact us. :)

Please write down what size you would want!

Thank You for your participation. :)

♥ Only4Adm. XL-XM-HM

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us! Thanks!!


想要告訴全世界你最愛 飛輪海嗎?! 那就要把它穿在身體上阿! 哈哈
我是說真的! 我們為了慶祝我們的部落格2年的生日 要賣"我愛飛輪海"的T-shirt
如果你們有興趣, 親告訴我們喔!

You can also place an order on here if you dont have a facebook, just make sure you post it on our page, and or message us!! Thanks!! !


Pictures of shirt is located on facebook page! <3

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jiro&Calvin's Mini-movies

Jiro Wang's mini movie "Seeing"

Calvin Chen's mini movie "Making Happiness"

Both these mini-movies are great! Calvin's mini-movie is more light weight and simple but it is really appealing, plus all the luscious bread makes you hungry, but also tells you that cherishing the beauty around you and love those who love you will always complete you.
Jiro's mini-movie pulls more at the heart though, it talks about looking past the mask on everyone's face and really at who they are. There are a lot of impaired people out there but they dont ever forget that happiness is very simple.

Two great mini-movies and two brilliant lessons. Fahrenheit has done it again.