Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aaron releases "THIS IS NOT ME" MV- A THRILLER

Aaron Yan- This is not me...
opening statement:

From this moment on,
I am no longer me,
You are no longer you.

This MV is super creepy okay, but it is amazing.
They decided to use director Huang Zhong Pin again, which I wouldn't mind at all because he is amazing with his work.
Aaron's theme for a Drama within is just brilliant, so say they cannot link the song and the MV so let me go over it real quickly okay~

1. Aaron and Tia's characters are already to be a couple basically
2. Aaron's take on the stage with Tia , when he pulls her out of the suitcase is to stand and speak for the title "This is not me" meaning onstage this man who he is portraying is no longer him, but someone in this case that has an obsession over Tia, he cannot NOT have her so she is to be ONLY HIS. *which no one would mind ahha jk*
3. The clips inbetween with Aaron as a statue and in his red uniform is for a the ideal album "DRAMA" as many know that performing arts itself is always so mysterious with not much movement only gestures.
4. The ending, is telling everyone that the show is over now back to reality. and that is where you can conclude that they two actually love one another.





  1. It's a lot less creepy that I expected since it's a drama within a drama. The ending was very pretty with all the bird cages hanging. But did I miss it - I thought there was supposed to be another forced kiss - I read somewhere that Aaron and Tia weren't pleased with how the one in Fall In Love With Me turned out and were wanting to try again.

    1. They did, but I'm thinking it was cut out. The news coverage and bts may show it if H.i.M post it up. I was anticipating the kiss too...
      But I had to admit that the creepiest part was Aaron and those Hands lol


    2. The hands were so odd and random. lol