Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aaron Yan New Drama- Female Lead not going to be Puff Kuo

Aaron Yan is to start shooting his next Settv drama "Loving Both Of Me" (Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo).

The issue though is that his ideal actress Puff Kuo, who last year in their drama "Just You" won the hearts of many, may not be able to complete this drama with him. When the script was brought up and given to Aaron he nodded and agreed quickly as the character will be similar to Qi Yi in Just You but rather he will have a day life and a night life- both sides of his character are said to have a dramatic difference.
I personally don't believe this will be very hard for Aaron considering he is a hard working actor, also after watching "Death Girl" his performance as Shen Qi and Gao Chao the same drama allowed me to understand even more that he is doing his best to act out every character he meets.

The issue this time though did occur on Puff, considering she has just recently accepted to do an assignment for the Korean Show "We Just Got Married" (that if I may note: Gui Gui also did, and just happened both ladies both won best onscreen couple with Aaron Yan) ; I have a feeling he will make another name cameo for WJGM, but regardless Puff schedule is too packed to accept a new drama that requires shooting right after Deja Vu ends its season in a few weeks.
There has been news leaked out that Dream Girl's other member, Tia Li (Li Yu Fen) might pick up the script considering that if Puff does turn down this script then Tia would be the next pick.
Tia who has been improving very well in her acting career but only manage to get second female lead parts has been waiting on a female lead role. This may be her chance but she only replies that she has seen the script, so it is still unconfirmed that Tia will or will not accept.

Dream Girls after releasing their 3rd album has had many dilemmas over Puff&Tia's popularity regardless it be dramas, advertisements or singing - personally I believe that both ladies are very hard working individuals whereas Puff is a little more outgoing, I find Tia more poised and elegant and a quiet girl in nature.
On a personal note, I believe Tia's acting is matured to a point she can try a female lead role (she has acting in dramas like Summer's Desire, Miss Rose, Office Girls ect.)

Whoever Aaron gets to work with I'd be willing to give a chance too, because his acting does seem to bring out the best in many actresses and he has a way of starting them off on their new paths. 

"DreamGirls" (L-R) Tia Li, Puff Kuo, Emily Song

Tia Li & Aaron Yan
Personal note:They are both very attractive 




  1. can't wait to see it. and lol, ikr abt the WGM thing (WHOS AARON YAN... i really wanna c smth like that happen again. with heechul ;D) tia li is prtty. jia you, aaron!

    1. I too am looking forward to both shows.

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe sometime in the future they will rejoice the guilun days.

  3. i wish that it was hebe as the main lead… been waiting forever for that day to happen where aaron and hebe will collaborate.

    1. I agree it would be nice to see Aaron and Hebe collaborate in a drama, but currently I don't think Hebe wants to do much acting. But perhaps they may work together in the music field who knows for sure? ^^ but anticipation always helps when we as fans want to see new groups.

  4. i am surpise aaron yan come out top actor..thank you

  5. i just hope that puff will be his leading lady again.. im still addicted in Just You,, any way.. Goodluck to his new show :)

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