Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Event] Asia Music Festival

Full Asian music chart awards ceremony will be held Jiro Wang 

Jiro's recent challenge is the show "Shui mian ji xian." Soon again he will send a blessing for the whole Asia Music Chart Annual Festival with a new image appearance and postive energy. The Asia Music Festival is said to be on August 15th in Guangzhou International Sports Arena with Jiro and many more Chinese celebrities along with Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Min Soo, Hong Hongxing, and B1A4. The time for this event would be 7pm-9pm (19.00-21.00)

Credits to http://music.yule.sohu.com/

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[Television Show] 精彩好生活 Wonderful Life


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


"Wonderful good life," is aired on Zhejiang TV joint Shanghai millipede culture media production, will be held June 14, 22:00 Sunday night broadcast.

"Wonderful good life" is to create the first file Zhejiang Satellite TV stars living large experimental program.This program allows star experience in all aspects of the lack of basic necessities, the importance of life reflects those humble things, let the stars back to nature, away from dependence, play new tricks. The stars will work together to complete the life experiment, the program calls on the side most likely to ignore the human concern things to find the most simple little happiness. Anyways, this television show consists of Amanda Qin (秦海路), Jiro Wang(汪東城), Wei Chen (魏晨), Yi Yi Deng (伊一等), Sun Jia Qi (孙佳奇), and Gao Yi Xiang (高以翔). 

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Pictures below from episode 3 ^_^

Credits to ZJSTV Youtube Channel.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Milk Awards Taiwan 7/11

2015 MILK AWARDS Coming Soon
The 2015 Milk Awards ceremony is on its way back to Taiwan. Last year MP PowerStation had the audience of stars dancing on stage all together, this year let's see who will be carrying the dances on the stages. [Keep in mind Jolin is back! Taking home her Best Album of the year awards from the golden melody awards, and Show Luo is also running around keeping up with Jolin in the furious fights of dance offs! MP and 83Tian also have been charted as some of the most raving performances of the year]
This summer, everyone cannot miss what these Fashion Fabulous Idols have to bring to the stage. It is also the 4 year anniversary of MILK's fashion fusion iconic demise ;P
This years voting on sina-weibo will start off on 7/5/2015 all fans who have a weibo vote your heart away for your favorite idol. Many of the previous years idols are expected to show for a night of fun and fashion on the black lit stage!
[Previous Years Idols included: Janine Zhang, BY2, PopuLady, Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, Aaron Yan, MP PowerStation, Wilber Pan, and numerous others... let's all keep guessing who is supposed to show up for this years events- any fashion icons you all want to see? Share in the comments :D]
2015 MILK AWARDS 正式開跑!
每年夏天最不容錯過的潮流盛事, 集結眾多潮流藝人與時尚品牌歡慶MILK四週年!

年度藝人獎項票選即將開跑, 7/5前上新浪微博「2015 MILK AWARDS」專區完成所有票選, 為你的偶像投票應援, 就有機會得到夢幻潮流逸品及7/11 2015 MILK AWARDS入場卷, 和你的偶像近距離HIGH翻潮流夜!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Calvin Chen Fans Replace his BMW logo :) Absolutely Adorable

So, some time ago the logo on Calvin's car had gotten stolen when he was parked in a parking garage. I do not know who would or why they stole the logo or what use it'd be, but its happened before and then he got a new one...well just a few weeks prior he got it stolen again!?!

The sweet part of this occurrence happens now, fans were actually able to go and buy him a new logo and they had it mailed to him. Calvin uploaded the post onto his facebook, and thank the kind fan as he wasn't 100% sure whom it was. (Hey, maybe it was a car dealership manager? or a car sales man? or just a kind young woman? who knows/ only they do^^)

Photos uploaded by CC/PhotoCollage Xm

Well sunshine boy if anything you have a bundle of angel's cherishing you and your car and all your possessions. As you all remember he lost his favorite hats in Japan and fans were actually able to get those back to him too! Calvin Chen you are simply a lucky man and very blessed too. 

We all love you Sunshine!


Aaron Yan & Bii perform together for HITO Music Awards," Aaron Wins HITO STAR Award"

Aaron Yan & Bii Performance (TTV Version)
Aaron Yan & Bii Performance (SETTV version)
Aaron Yan & Bii Perform "KaiMenJianShan" (CTV version)

Above are links to Aaron Yan & Bii's performances. The two performed their own songs and a song by AMei Chang, Kai Men Jian Shan. A heavy Rock song that had the whole crowd screaming, I'm pretty sure it was because these two were on stage together though, that made everyone scream their heads off *haha*

Aaron Yan opened the performance with his dance single "No Cut - Yi Dao Bu Jian" , Bii using his own korean written lyrics broke into the song with a rap to relapse the original song's rap - the stage takes on another vibe when the song switches to Bii's Action Go Go!
Aaron and Bii swarm the stage with this upbeat song, taking it all the way down to the center of the audience and then transitioning to Amei's Kai Men Jian Shan.

If anything I'd say the chemistry between the two men were amazing, consider that they are from different company's and really haven't had that much time to practice their chemistry. The dance moves were just adorable, Aaron's suit and Bii's suit gave off a complimentary vibe. Both were black and white, but Aaron wore a more high cut jacket whereas Bii's stood up with his long coat.

HITO STAR - Aaron Yan Backstage Media Coverage
HITO STAR Award- Aaron Yan accepting award

Congrats to Aaron Yan also for winning his 2nd HITO Star award! The rising star, hopefully will take home a Male Voice award soon:D We are all waiting on it. He has improved and even the DJ's that night spoke a lot of about how he was the only artist crazy enough to release two mini albums in such a short time span. I mean he only gave them like a month each to sell?!....
Regardless Congrats to Aaron on such wondrous albums/awards/performance.

(Backstage Interview) Aaron, Ella, Popu Lady
Aaron Yan & Bii Backstage Interview

The final jump was adorable, and so envious of the fans whom were able to go in and see this performance themselves. 
Below is a photo off Aaron's FB, the media even commentated that the two almost could past as brothers especially almost twins from their side angle! Which is amazing odd, as I never took notice as to how these two looked so similar before. 

Well a good performance run, Aaron did make a lot of comments on how at first he didn't know how to react to how Bii would address him as his "elder" but Aaron finally just gave up and said "Well, its true and I do have more experience in this field...I mean I look at Bii and see me when I was in Fahrenheit it's been almost 10 years." 
To conclude this post, just wanted to link a few other links that other fansites were so nice as to organize out. and share a photo of AARON <3