Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aaron Yan "Happy Birthday" [ I am just normal post]

[Aaron Yan FB post up]

"Thank You all, on such a normal day giving me, such a normal/original person so many extra-ordianry blessings/wishes."

He is basically trying to tell us, he isn't any different from anyone but he is still thankful we give him such love and blessing, this is Aaron though. 

He doesn't ask for much, but works super hard for all that he can get.
He won't seek for help, but is grateful for any that he receives.
He talks very directly, but this way he can get his thoughts to everyone.
He doesn't hide who he is, and who he is that is what all his puddings LOVE.

Aaron is also doing a special event, he will be live on his Facebook Live- at 6pm Taiwan time. IF you are in the United States that will be 4am, some times fans record but this is a once in a lifetime chance to follow him around haha * enjoy your time everyone.

Happy Birthday once again to the boy turned man today (30!!! can anyone believe it he is 30@.@)
Watch the live video w/eng subs credit to dearaaronyan.tmblr😃 

A fan from Singapore managed to contact fans from all over and created a sing to "Aaron Yan- Loving you song" event (the song was written by puddings originally) where we joined! Have a watch, was very touching to see so many fans! 


Happy Birthday Calvin Chen - I wanted to share this video even though its late!

November 10,1980 Calvin Chen Yiru (辰亦儒) our sunshine boy entered this world. His warm smile, sweet character, cold jokes, and warm personality.
This year has been quite crazy for Calvin he has done a lot of different hosting, shows appearances and helping many individuals with promotions. All in all Calvin couldn't be happier for you!

Blessing from Calvin's friends !!! *watch the video here*
During Calvin's birthday bash, not only did he perform a lot of songs but during one song "Only You" which Fahrenheit released in 2009, as he performed FRH moments played in the background this reached out to numerous fans and everyone must say "thank you Calvin, for keeping all us fei fans so close to heart."

Wells...funny thing is I wrote this on his bday but never got the chance to post it up! but better late than never though I guess.
Been very busy lately - my apologies to everyone.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Jiro Wang took home 3 awards from HK awards show

Jiro Wang showed up for Hong Kong's award night, with only an intention of presenting awards but he was surprised by taking home three great awards to his delight. He was excited to say that he did not expect such a great surprise, the artist took home:
1. "Asia Artist Award"
2. "Asia Most Capable Expansion Award"
3. "Bloody Doll's theme song Personal Castle (專屬城堡) no.1 on the charts over 20Weeks"

All awards were very well earned Jiro ! You did amazing, fans routing for you from afar~!!

He didn't forget to take some fun selfies with other friends/celebs while he was present! Above is Jiro and Gem Tang (a HK artist who recently acclaim new popularity with her hit single "bubble").

Below Jiro took a selfie with Xin, the no.1 Rocker of Taiwan and an individual Jiro very much looks up to.  (He is also an artist in Jiro's old record label H.I.M)
Jiro didn't miss a chance to take a photo with SuperJunior's Zhou Mi also! He too released an album recently, the two are close friends along with Calvin Chen who co-acting with Zhou in the drama "When Love Walks In". 

Congrats again Jiro!!! yay!!!

(late post)

HTC DESIRE PARTY Aaron Yan performance


Aaron Yan was the ending performance for HTC cellular's desire party, and he lit the stage with his charm and songs like his new hit "No Cut" where he performed his rap live, and finished the song without his dancers. He also brought on favorites like Just You's ending theme song "Unstoppable Sun", and lit the stage with some english songs such as "Mad World" and "Yellow".
These are only a few of the many great songs that Aaron Yan performed to entertain the crowd, I personally really did enjoy the performances.



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Calvin Chen- Weibo Fans Break 2 million followers!- EXCITING PHOTO RELEASED

Leave it to Calvin Chen, to scare his fans half to death with such a taunting photo! If last times photo of FrankenCalvin didn't get to you ... how about an almost Calvin Klein model photo of him only in jeans and his Klein brief's showing do for you???

Still not, enough okay throw in his abs and newly toned biceps! *laughs* He uploaded this to thank his fans on sina weibo for his breaking of 2,000,000 followers! I mean that is worth celebrating too! haha but man~!!!!

"Yesterday my weibo followers number broke 2,000,000, no matter if it was all of you who have always supported me or those of you who only silently care for me I have put all of your efforts and thoughts to heart. Life has ups and downs but nothing has put me down that is because I am a man like steel! Nothing can beat us unless we give up by ourselves! Thank you to all of you who have followed and shared everything with me. "

昨天我的微博人數破200萬人了,一直以來,不管是大力支持我的你,或是默默關心我的妳,我都懷著感恩的心,人生有高有低,但是沒有什麼是打的倒我的,因為我是鋼鐵般的男人!Nothing can beat us unless we give up by ourselves!謝謝你們一直以來的陪伴與分享.

Calvin Chen, we love you! 


Watch "Lady of the Dynasty" - Starring Li Ming, Fan Bing Bing, Wu Chun

This is the movie we've all been waiting for, even though Wu Chun chose it due to the movie's shooting time was short, it did go through a lot of ups and downs before it was able to show.
Sit back and enjoy :D 
Also, remember if the dvd comes out everyone must support original versions!


PHOTO CREDITS: Wu Chun 吳尊吴尊FB International Fan Club
(normally cannot post much on Chun - he's too mysterious haha living up to his FRH potential but this should make up for the most part hehe)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

S.H.E 14yr anniversary sports event- TEAM Selina& Aaron Yan

That's right its been 14 years for Taiwan's phenomenal girlband S.H.E, the girls or shall I say ladies came together this year with something a little more special and meaningful to them and all those around them.
S.H.E being the senior H.I.M artist they are decided instead of a concert or party something so original why not compete on something of a different their athletic abilities?! S.H.E took up a Gymnasium and with a ticketed entrance fee all fans were able to rush in and root on their favorite teams.
All the fundings from that day went to charities to promote healthier lifestyles and other beneficial events.

The ladies took up 3 colors, PINK (Selina), GREEN (Hebe), BLUE (Ella). The competition was up and they went from sisters to rivals (not really but like in a tense haha)
The team captains also chose from their companies their co-captains;
Selina chose her good friend Aaron Yan! Who'm previously also made a guest appearance in her MV for her album 3.1415.
Hebe chose her beloved junior girlband's leader PopuLady's Da Yuan! If you've watched anything with Hebe and PopuLady then you'd see Hebe absolutely adored PopuLady:)
Ella of course chose her good friend Yoga Lin! He has just came back from this military time, and Ella having the best physique and excelling in all exercising activities proudly announced she would win regardless.
I personally rooted for the pink team haha, I mean I absolutely love S.H.E but Selina has always been my favorite. Her spirit to never give up even after all her injuries really brings tears to my eyes *of happiness of course. And plus, haha Fahrenheit's Aaron was her co-captain. (Xm's other bias Yu Shan of PopuLady was also on their team so I mean i'm for PINK)

The three groups also did a lot of agility obstacle course type games, like 3-legged races, popping the ballon after a twirl and 2ppl jump roping. 
Selina and Aaron did this very cute hop and run 3-legg race, they sorta pranced I guess if you looked closely haha.

I think all the groups were adorable during the day of the actual event. 
Yoga and Ella had great running spirit; Hebe and DaYuan were also flying to the finish.

During the group photo shoot the group happily showed their team spirit. Ella asked Hebe to do the hand stance and Selina laughing decided to put her foot on top of Ella as a sign of conquer. And Dayuan did her signature bubbly smile, Aaron showed off those well built muscle and Yoga, well haha he was Yoga. 

The two did goof around and shoved eachother and both have been working hard on their new look (muscles) but I mean come on when all the ladies join no one was watching them any more (laughs).

All the H.I.M Staff were apart of this event, and even the host were people in the company. It is a great representation of team work and all the fans enjoyed watching their celebrities goof off and enjoy themselves. 
S.H.E also ended the ceremony with a gracious line of songs (New Genesis, Magic, We were once young, Tomorrow Tomorrow, Happy Birthday) , and Hebe even did a well special very of Miao Xiao (insignificant) in her basketball hat uniform. 




Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Lady of the Dynasty" Magazine photos released fans crying hard

The Lady of the dynasty was a beauty, she is elegant and cunning, poise and graceful but man these photos have Fan Bing Bing and Wu Chun living up to their titles, still some of the greatest faces in the industry!

When these photos were released not too long after the release of Lady of the Dynasty last month, many of Fan's fans were calling out for her partner Li Chen. And as for Daddy Wu Chun, many fans were just calling out how handsome of a dad he was.
But umm...I am sure someone mentioned his daughter "neinei" at least once, she wouldn't have let this one slide I'm sure. Cunning little neinei would ask him "...Daddy who is this?"
*she is so cute* (off topic sorry haha)

Regardless the netizen reviews on this movie has been great, both Fan and Wu's fans have gracefully applauded everyone's amazing performance. And even the original cast member WangLeeHom (supposed to be playing Wu's character) spoke out upon how excited he was to see this movie finally hit the audience. 

Well, I cannot wait till it is released so I can own it myself and watch it too!!!


MiniMovie(2) Qing Chun Wei Yin -starring Jiro Wang


This mini-movie is talking about the relation behind girls, and how a teacher attempts to set them on a better path than they themselves are already set towards.
It circulates around young age jealousy and simplicity of how high school girls treat one another over silly objects and how punishment that is different from the usual changes their lives forever.
1. The first girl is a young lady who is the daughter to a rich pair of parents, it doesn't matter what she wants because she can always have it. But she isn't happy. (She is yearning for love and attention and needs real companionship)
2. The second girl is a young lady who is brave but quiet and rather shy. She is a victim to abuse though, as her household cannot afford pricey things like cameras' she cannot really chase her dream to be a photographer. (This leads her to do desperate things for the wrong reasons)
3. The final girl, is the school beauty but though she is beautiful; she too is confused. She knows very well that everyone doesn't like her but she cannot blame herself as it is her family and ancestry that expects her to have long straight beautiful black hair unlike the short hair that other girls in the school normally have. (She feels misguided by all the bad things she hears daily)

And of course, our only male lead Jiro. His character is what you can say a median, he kinda flows around in the girls lives. His name is Lu Yang, the school most attractive male and in the mini movie it seems he is the only. 
For the 1st actress likes him, but because of jealousy towards the 3rd actress getting his attention she ask the 2nd actress to get revenge on the 3rd actress and in return she will give the second actress the camera she so much wants. 

This leads to a punishment where their teacher later tells both girls, to in order to apologize to the 3rd actress they must give her a gift each that she will be happy with. 
Lu Yang also again stumbles into the story of the 3 girls and falls in love with one of them. They are then a couple in the ending when the girls go back to high school to celebrate the birthday of their teacher that helped them meet and understand their faults.

The storyline is very meaningful, sorry I cannot sub the clips but it is worth a watch :D


X-Family 2 is to start up soon, Will Calvin Chen's well built body make show and tell???

X-Family 2 will soon be making his premiere back on the GTV scheduling and airing time is yet to be determined but GTV excited to celebrate its success with the KO-Series, has already signed to have the clash of Taiwan's popular boy-bands collide again.

Fahrenheit debuted in 2005 with their debut drama KO-One, the success started the next series to follow X-family... years would follow and more Ko series emerged then the X-dormitory was created. We thought it'd be the end to seeing Fahrenheit members appear in the KO-Series, but come on GTV created our boys, they will need them to celebrate the success behind these series.

Calvin Chen is going to appear in X-Family part 2! Lan Ling Wang's character was said to have gone missing during the big war against the demon's with his friends Xia Tian, and the leader Jiu Wu.
IF YOU WATCHED X-Dormitory the ending was a little fuzzy, but the assumption is that the war is NOT over, but rather XiaTian did make a sacrifice whether he is gone forever or  not...his good friend is back.
So, I am super excited to see his return!
Not to forget that  when SpeXial first opened up to start shooting the KO-Series a lot of people were unhappy but slowly they've proven themselves to be willing to uphold these series. The tradition will live on and gladly GTV brings up a dab of Fahrenheit x SpeXial. The comedy, the romance, the friendship, and the good vs the evil...basically if its cheesy we all love it. 

Thinking about it though, a lot of questions were shot out by the media if Calvin would take it off for the camera as he recently has been very well known for his very well built body. Calvin simply laughed and replied if the script will require it, then I will have to do as I am expected to do.

He also mentioned that he is very excited to get to work with SpeXial's new members, including his direct undergraduate (junior from SunShine Nation) EVAN. 
I haven't really met everyone yet, only Hong Zhen because we met him when he was still in Wu Hu Jiang during the ko-3-guo days.. but now he is SpeXial's leader.

Aiya...(personal note) time does fly by but I am really excited still.

GTV don't fail us<3333

Aaron Yan makes appearance for HIGH LOVE 5K Run (08-22-2015) - "Fresh Meat?"

On August 22,2015 Aaron Yan made an appearance to support the HIGH LOVE 5K run in mainland China. 
Upon his appearance though it was visible his ankle had yet to fully heal, he injured himself previously while playing basketball with his friends. He appeared in a prior exercise rally with his ankle wrapped up and obviously sprained but during the 5K Aaron did manage to stand up and climb the top of the stage with help of the staff. 

Aaron Yan's appearance revved up the competition, as he spoke to the contestants and also explained how important exercising can be to ones lifestyle. 

In the interview the media also took the opportunity to ask Aaron if he had been watching all the new idols that are being born or as the Chinese/Taiwan media are calling them "Fresh Meat", (some examples: Taiwan's Boyband SpeXial, China's TFboys, and other actors that are rising stars in these past few years). 
Aaron only laughed at this remarking question, and said = "There is so much meat."
He also added in, "I am not worried about the fresh meat but rather the quality of the meat's decisions, in other words how they will expand in the future will depend on their decisions and how they face each obstacles to come to them."

To sum it up Aaron is less than worried about all the new competition as he himself, started in the industries in his 20s' and knows that many things in this industry can change a person and that is what has made him who he is today. 

Regardless, Exercise and Eat Right! Aaron has done it so will all of us (after I go have some cookies... *runs)


Sorry for the Delay on Post- (ADMIN POST)

My deepest apologies to any Fei Fans, who have or may have passed by the blog or browsed through it recently and can see I have yet to update anything new recently.

No, No, No, I am not closing this blog and no, we are not leaving our Fahrenheit boys behind us.

I've just been super busy with school, and life (work has been doubling hours, and I have yet to be able to post all the news).... now if you guys do want to know news faster, please do follow our Instagram and our Twitter; on both accounts I do post photos and little messages and updates more quickly than the blog as it is less time consuming.

FANS please give me time but I will start to post more on the boys, so no matter if you are a
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Please remember to just hit a follow and support us :D it is always much appreciated and we will try our best to update you or answer any questions or comments you may have to ask.

Thank You all again, for understanding and giving me so much time.

-Admin XM-

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jiro is ft. in girlband 1931 music video

1931 GirlBand, is a chinese girlband based in Mainland China- their ages are between 15-20's year old.
They invited Jiro Wang to premiere in their MV Me@You.

There is a short clip below attached:
1931 musicvideo short clip


Calvin Chen FB reacts to fans- Joanna Ceng replies

When a fan writes their idol, most of them will never know if their idol ever read their notes or letters. That is not the case if you are a fan of Calvin Chen, because he made sure that everyone is 100% that he does read all the letters even those from his beloved younger fans. 

Its been a while since those Fahrenheit days when little fans showed up during their fansmeeting, and most of us like everyone has grown older with our boys. But this fan is just too lucky.

Calvin replied to this little kiddo:
Thank You, I will do my best to live strong and healthy to 100 years. 

The fans letter reads: (rough translation)
Big Brother Calvin,
Have you been well? 
I watch your dramas. I really liked X-Family and Ko-One series. Today being able to write to you I am very happy. I hope you will live a long and healthy life. 
Student Ni Ma.

Joanna Ceng, who also saw this post replied to Calvin:

So cute, this little kid. I shall also bless you to live a long and healthy life! 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wu Chun expresses Fan Bing Bing said its okay to really hit her!?!

Wu Chun and Fan Bing Bing's big screen hit "Lady of the Dynasty" has been airing since 07-30 and so far has ranked up some nice reviews.
When talked to during an interview though, Chun happily expressed how when he heard he was going to be working with Fan Bing Bing he was very happy and very excited for those 10secs of a heartbeat. In previous interviews many mentioned how his wife felt on the scenerio and he replied he is a husband and an actor but his job is only a job trust was everything in these situations.

Chun also quoted Fan on how she is a very professional actress as there was scenes where the two had to fight, and Fan told him to really hit her.

Fan lauged at this remarke and stated, "Its better for him to really hit me, and not have him act like he did, its just not very realistic and also that means a scene that can be done in 1 or 2 takes will take about 10 takes." 
She stated that it is due to Chun being so polite that she knew he wouldn't dare to really hit her on the first try. 

Everyone support LADY OF THE DYNASTY!


Jiro was the original cast for Drama "Moon River"明若曉溪 Ming Ruo Xiao Xi

Does this couple look familiar to you all? yes lol its the famous love triangle of DONG-TING-JUN! 
or otherwise DONGTING (dadong&leiting) vs LeiTingWanJun. 
The post here isn't about this trio though,but rather a story behind it that I found quite interesting so i decided to share. 
But FIRST because I know how many fans are out there willing to stand up for their idols let me first say, this post is just a translation of an article with some opinion and I personally enjoy all these actors so I mean no harm in this post. Okay, so with that out of the way... has everyone heard of the upcoming drama starring Pets Ceng and Lin Zi Hong {speXial} & EVAN [speXial]. It is called "Moon River or Ming Ruo Xiao Xi. A story based on a martial art's expert protaganist who ends up getting in a mess with some of the most dangerous pretty boys on the school grounds. *this is like a F4 meteor garden story with a touch of martial arts* 
But the topic here is that, Lin Zi Hong is very lucky. Sadly, the rising star was second pick for his male lead role. If anyone has seen his performance in KO 2 or 3 or Angel'n'Devil and also mini-drama Jack's grandpa then you all know ZiHong does have potential. Sadly ComicRitz *producing company* original pick was for Pet's to pair off with Jiro Wang.
Dong Ting's popularity is undeniable and the company took this into consideration and aside from this Jiro is also a favorite for such roles. Sadly, Jiro also decided he did not want to stay strapped down by continually playing such roles and wanted to venture out and play other types of characters. He left Comic Ritz later in the year after denying the role. 
The second hit couple from the KO-series LeiTingWanJun, was saved by Jiro's final decision and also gave Zi Hong a chance to star as the male lead. 

I won't lie, I am sure that Jiro and Pet's would've gauranteed great pairing chemistry and some good ratings but Pet's and Sam (ZiHong) are also adorable together. I mean I enjoyed the chemistry Pet's pulls out in both guys. :DDD 
Well, it was an interesting news article to run across so I decided to share it with you all :D 
Jiro may not be starring here but I am anticipating as ComicRitz does do well with taking scripts from novels or comics and bringing them to life. Plus it's PETS she is so adorable and such a great actress.



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aaron Yan releases Trailer MV for new song

Aaron Yan has released a trailer MV, the drama is starring Jasper Liu and is a story about a man who leaves the woman he loves behind due to an accident. 
Aaron's song is called Your Happiness is my happiness. 

Enjoy the music video, it does add even more emotion to the song.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aaron Yan's Song for the drama “I am Sorry I Love You"

Translations by, 

Hello to all viewers of Youku, I'm Aaron Yan. 《你幸福就好》 (literal translation: It's Enough if You are Happy) is sang by me and is the ending song to idol drama “I am sorry, I love you”. This song is a romantic and sad ballad. This ballad has been written to express what the main actor in the drama has said, that 'promise' should be a gift, and not something that's used as a lock to tie up each other's hearts. When fate has reached its peak, quietly guarding and sending blessings to one another is something that's very romantic. Regardless of now or the future, I hope for everyone to 《你幸福就好》 "be happy and that's enough". — Aaron Yan

Hello 各位優酷網的朋友們大家好,我是炎亞綸。《你幸福就好》是我為電視劇《我的靈界男友》­所演唱的片尾曲。這是一首浪漫而且帶點感傷的情歌。這首情歌有故意寫成男主角說的承諾­應該是一份禮物,而不是拴住彼此的枷鎖。在緣份已盡的時候,默默的守候祝福著對方也是­很浪漫的愛。不管現在或是未來…只希望大家《你幸福就好》。— 炎亞綸

If you haven't heard the song, it was playing on the radio in Taiwan. (Below)

Sources :dearaaronyan youtubedearaaronyan tumblr

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aaron releases new song "Your happiness is enough" 你幸福就好

Aaron Yan has returned with a new song, named Your happiness is enough or ni xing fu jiu hao. The song is has returned to his original style of soft ballads and today in taiwan Hit Fm released the full version of the song. 
It will be used in Jasper Liu's upcoming drama, my ghost boyfriend [rough trans, i am unsure of the drama's english name.] in the drama the love story of three individuals will be uncovered, as Jasper's character loses his life and must rely on another man's help to communicate with his girlfriend I am supposing according to the trailers I've seen.

Aaron's song is featured in the dramas trailers and is said to either be the ending theme song or a insert song for the drama. 
The link below is a news coverage over how Aaron singing the theme song has already made this drama the second hottest gossip topic all over weibo. Everyone is continually reposting anticipating this song, and this drama. Personally I am more excited for this song, as its been a year since Aaron released a new song but the script of this drama also looks pleasing and a TW is always nice to enjoy :D

give it a listen and give it a watch :D


Monday, August 3, 2015

"The Crossing Hero" Ratings

The Crossing Hero gained 4.33 million views on the day it was premiered which places first among the web-based dramas. It was the first web-based series which was read more than 56 million times and had over 80,000 discussion threads, which increased the rates in just two days! Congrats to Jiro! This was the first drama that you produced! Looking forward to more things that you produce in the future. 

30 Second Teaser for Aaron's New Song 你幸福就好

Aaron's  new song is going to be used as the ending theme song for the drama "I am Sorry, I Love You." The Chinese name for this drama is "我的灵界男友" The full premier of this song will not release till August 05 on HIT FM.

Aaron's New Song for the Drama "I'm Sorry, I Love You."

Here are the lyrics

Credits to: tumblr dearaaronyan

Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 MILK AWARDS- Aaron Yan is the big winner of the night!!!



Ms. Milk:蔡詩芸 {Ms. MILK CAI SHI YUN}
年度風尚人物:炎亞綸 [Fashion Idol of the Year Aaron Yan]
年度最佳演員:謝欣穎 [Best Actress Nicki Xie]
年度潮流藝人:黃鴻升 [Popular Design Idol Alien Huang Xiao Gui]
年度風格新星:周興哲 [Most Styish Newcomer Eric Chou]
年度人氣團體:Popu Lady [Most popular band PopuLady]
年度聚焦人物:安心亞 [Hottest News of the Year Amber An Xin ya]
最吸睛封面人物:李唯楓 [Most attractive cover model  Coke Li Wei Feng]

MILK AWARDS came and went by like nothing, but the MILK t-shirt idol party was booming as Artist like Aaron Yan, PopuLady, Amber An, Modi, Joana Ceng, and Coke Li showed up for a night of fun with music and fashion lovers all over Taiwan. 

The awards of the night were handed out and (see above for results) Aaron Yan stole the night by taking home double trophies. When interviewed though, the young artist didn't show his fashionable side rather he took a different approach sending out a sweet smile and posing cute for the cameras. He even joked about how 7-8 years ago, our hairstyles were frozen and didn't move as boybands had a desinated look, but today I did a more bouncy and free style look. when questioned about what his thoughts were on fashion and what is in he stated "its about being yourself, Fashion is an attitude. Keeping your personality and letting it shine that's important."

MILK AWARD 2015, opening act was Amber An, and later followed by many others such as best newcomer Eric Chou, popular group PopuLady and even Coke Li performed. Aaron mostly rocked along with the crowd having his own party :D


Friday, July 17, 2015

[Movie] Lady Of The Dynasty

Wu Chun Behind the Scene

Wu Chun newest onscreen premiere "Lady of the Dynasty" with Fan Bing Bing comes out 7.30.2015. 

Many people have been anticipating this movie as it has been a while since Chun's appearance on the big screen (the last one was "Saving General Yang") The fans that were able to get into the opening premiere did make statement about Chun's ability to bring his character to life. And many praises went also to the leading Lady (Fan) for her strong ability to adapt to such a long shooting period and even carrying out the chemistry when actors were switched around.
For those whom do not know this movie did go thru a lot of ups and downs, but finally made its way thru to be shot. In one scenerio Chun's character the general was originally to be carted to Wang Lee Hom, and due to some schedule conflicts the characters were recanted expect for Fan's character as the leading lady.

A new look, and new script we are all anticipating what these two have in store for us. Also heads up fans many people gave it high ratings but it's supposed to be a teary ending!

*apologizes for any spoiler*