Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aaron releases Japanese single: "Moisturizing"

Click link to watch n hear Aaron's first official only Japanese single! Aaron has spent a lot of time learning Japanese and it's no surprise after such a mysterious schedule he suddenly chooses to release this single! He has taken another 180 turn in his music, it's a new style, a new language, and a different presentations.

(audio only) 


The style reminds of the earlier music genres like classical disco that started before pop/hip hop and techno took over. Aaron's single named "Moisturizing" will keep you both relaxed and anxious! 

I am quite surprised Aaron took on such an old school style, but it suits him well. The song is laid back and soothing :)  

... Oh and did I mention he is rocking the 80's favorite looks too (back in the days every idol celebrity rocked the split,even Aaron in middle school wore his hair this way!) 

Enjoy the song, and the music video... It'll lead you somewhere calmer (you will understand). 


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Aaron Yan&Selina Ren - Chinese New Year HitFM blessings :D

A&S: Happy New Year!

Aaron: This year I want to pray for the chicken, because he is always so busy during this time of year going to everyone's homes...(for feast).

Selina: He is tired, very hardworking!

Aaron: yes he has to run to so many homes, I hope he will only be blessed with luck and happiness.

Selina: Then I shall pray to Huang Shu Lang, do not keep becoming a chicken! oh Become a different type of animal and maybe we will all not need to eat all the chicken during new years.

*I am not familiar but I'm sure there is a connection to the chicken and Huang Shu Lang's and the beliefs of the Chinese new year's traditions here :D*

Selina: And do not forget to come to Hit FM ad share who you want to pray to/for during the Chinese new years!

Aaron: yes everyone keep adding oil (jia you!)!!


Calvin joins Patty Hou on CityColor-Jiro as guest?!

Calvin Chen hosting is well known in Taiwan, HongKong and in China, but he has joined a new show that has been earning a name for itself as its head host carry host like Jacky Wu, who is one of the producers and Patty Hou who is the other producer.
In the last series host like Sandy Wu and Alien Huang have taken over also, they often invite other guest on also to take over alongside a different female host.

For at least 2-3 shows Calvin did appear as a show host, it is not yet confirmed which episodes he has covered but It is seen that Jiro appeared on set, and considering the two are dressed rather nicely maybe they are on the show together.


Aaron speaks about movie character- heme event

Aaron Yan spoke up about how his upcoming movie will be a character who is working hard to become a person of the society, he speaks about it involving his character over looking his girlfriend and then becoming someone who doesn't remember to clean up himself or his environment. He confirmed that he himself is very excited and does have experience with this image of "not remembering to clean up" (implying his room) of course as fans we should all understand, he has always has this portion to him.

Now the topic that has been on the hotlist, would be marriage or as the chinese refer to it as "xi shi" or "Happy Event"... Aaron states that a lot of individuals have been getting married and he himself has lost track with who has been getting married after he finds out his only reaction is ..."ah? they got married!?!"
When approached if he will be getting married or consider dating, he only says that it is fate...but if he was to find the other half he would share his good news with everyone. 

He says according to the star signs (he is a Scorpio, and the signs show that Scorpio will be blessed for the next 10 years to come)- I watched a show review these facts so I am going by that also on this report. So Aaron is expecting his luck to stay with him through this year.

As it is Yang Nian or the year of the ram, Aaron does bless all his fans this year for good health and blessings for those they love and care for.  


(a little late but I needed to confirm some of the information---:DDDD)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jiro Wang drama "Singles Villa" -all jiro parts

Special Thanks to YT user: Teppei77- for all the hard work and effort to put all these pieces together :D~ Jiro's character this time is very touching,  he isn't like A-Jin who just stands by but he always doesn't give up protecting those he loves and cherishes.

Now enter the world of a Vet, Bo Yan- view why he loves her and how their friendship will evolve.



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wu Chun supports giving blood

Wu Chun is known for doing charity, and he has never stopped before so why stop now right? Chun is busy flying around doing all sorts of jobs, from shooting for magazines, walking down rundown shows or just going home to take care of  NeiNei and Max.

He never forget to support Brunei, his home sweet home :D

Personally, I really admire Chun for not only supporting giving blood but also the idea that not only he helps to provide this function but he too gave blood! 
Many people in smaller countries lack the source of blood in hospitals because not enough people donate or no one is there is help with the function or course of giving blood.

Thank You Chun for teaching everyone how to be so giving :D


Selina Ren features Aaron Yan in " 致分手 To the Broken Heart" MV

Aaron Yan is selected to work alongside Selina Ren, who is now his junior. Why? Well, this scenario is actually because Selina has released this album as Ren Jia Xuan her chinese name and not S.H.E's Selina. Being her first album this makes Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian Fu Zhen, and Calvin Chen all her seniors!
For this confusing statement Selina did state: "

H.I.M is a very simple and confusing record label when it comes to our greetings haha!"
When Selina was asked about the difference between hugging Aaron and her husband, Selina laughed aloud before saying : "His waist is smaller!" 
She also made a comment that she is very happy to get to work with Aaron consider how he is now one of the most popular male idols on demand right now (referring to drama male leads) and that it made her really feel like she was dating all over again. 
*Selina is so silly*

The final scene is very touching... I enjoy Selina and Aaron's inner emotional scenes.
There were a lot of things that this music video brought out in Aaron's acting that cannot be seen in his normal dramas, for instance:
The scene where Selina sits beside him, and he is supposed to be crying but holds it back.
Or the final scene when he avoids looking at his ex, as she gets married right next to him.

below is a part of the lyrics I really enjoyed:
時間 是聽眾
又壞 又溫柔
答案 被藏在幾年後 

Our audience is time,
both aggressive and gentle,
the answer is hidden in the later years...

Regardless, of how anyone will view this music video- personally I enjoyed Aaron Yan's performance here, and also Selina Ren's album was worth all the anticipation I had for it.
(PS i am a HUGE SELINA fans haha)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Aaron Yan: [FB]
Good Morning everyone, I'm on my way to ShanDong. I wonder what you all are preparing for your loved ones on Valentine's Day. I am not prepared anything because I'm waiting receive them from you all! Just kidding, in fact it will do good with a sincere kiss😘

Calvin Chen:[FB]
Happy Valentines Day!

Jiro Wang: [Weibo]
Happy Valentine's Day, can't wait to see everyone.

Wu Chun [chunzone]
Angels, Happy Valentine's Day! The video blog area has videos of my trip in japan during their FM radio promotions, do not forget to check it out! 

(sorry I do not have a chunzone/it requires a fee so I currently cannot upload the videos/recordings)

"Happy Valentine's Day to all FeiFans, regardless if you are a pudding, an angel, a cupcake/sunshine, or a rocker... remember that the day of love is not just for couples but for the close loved ones we all care for in our lives!" 

Love always Admins,


Aaron Yan and Tia Li reunite to visit "Dear Mom" cast

Aaron Yan made a friendly appearance in ep.9-10, now he is back....not alone though! He and Tia reunited to join the cast in friendly get together while they were doing shooting prior this week.

Aaron Yan, and Tia Li dropped by together to see Huan Huan, Leo Ge, and Jia Gai Xian haha the family of "Fall in Love" is rejoiced. But a lot of fans noticed more than that, if you look close enough the cast itself is full of Aaron's past companions from many past dramas.

Like "Alice in Wonder City" Xiu Jie Kai and Aaron Yan worked together- in 2012
or ....
"Ko-Series" and "X-Family" and "Fall in love" = Fu Bo/ or A Gong! (2006-2014)
then we cannot forget the "Fall in love" family of 2014- Tia joins with Beatrice, Li Yun Qing, and Jia Gai Xian.

Qiao Qiao also worked on "love buffet" with Aaron prior to being switched out when she dropped the project and Reen Yu picked it up. She is also part of H.I.M now so she is family^.^!!!

Everyone just seems so close and adorable!


Calvin Chen on "The Queen's Study"

Watch Calvin Chen challenge the new game show "The Queen's Study", based upon the ideals of a queen who comes up with random questioning rounds for the seat of knights (or the guest who come to win prizes for viewers). 

The idea is you answer the first question to enter the palace, the Queen appears and then the questioning happens. How far will you make it though is a different thing, as Calvin is known for his performance in "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'... how far will he go :D


Bloody Doll Movie- support Jiro Wang

Bloody Doll (Jiro Wang Horror Movie)

Though this is a direct link to the movie, I have yet to find a subbed version.
I will continue to search for an English subbed version and upload it here, the story line is pretty simple to follow.

There may be some parts that are confusing, if you are confused and do want to know what is going on, you are free to facebook message me, or you can directly leave a comment below and I will answer your questions.

I would sub it myself but currently I am busy, if admin xiaolin does download this movie and I have time I will do my best to sub it personally. Perhaps I will just upload it here, instead of youtube because of copyright conflicts that often may videos become block.

****SPOILER**** (just my review/rating) STOP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!

"The ending is kind of confusing but the final words are making a statement, that the issue ended up with two severely injured and the main protagonist female reported the issues, so I am guessing the story was from a true story... though the story is twisted, I do give it at least a 3.5/5 (Jiro's character is logical...and quite acceptable but towards the end you will understand why I gave 3.5 not 4/5)."

Regardless of my reviews and ratings, enjoy the movie

OH! WATCH IT IN THE DARK! hehe much more dramatic I promise.


Monday, February 9, 2015

GuiLun reunites on Choc Jan 2015 edition

CHOC MAGAZINE - January 2015

"Friendship Followup"



Personal Questioning

Aaron "No matter if its acting, or acting I've met with an obstacle."
Emma "I wish to experience all of life's emotions. (happiness, sadness, struggles, surprises)"
Aaron "thank you for everyone's support, I am sure from here on out there will only be better."
Emma "As an idol or an actress these two areas can both affect each other and add up to more."

Aaron & Emma 
"The secret between us"

Aaron Yan and Emma Wu first met in 2008 through the drama series Pi Li MIT (Mysterious Incredible Terminator) Late Aaron Yan fans or Emma Wu Fans may not know much about this couple but in those year Gui Lun (unison of Aaron and Emma's chinese name) was the idol couple of the year. 2008 Aaron and Emma took on their first times as being the male and female lead of a drama series. The series itself was more a thriller than just a regular love story. 
Many individuals questioned the couple's chemistry, what happened afterwards caused PiLiMIT and GUILUN's popularity to show through in not only Taiwan but also in Japan, Korea, and even Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. 
After the booming couples like Rainie and Mike from Devil Beside You and Joe and Ariel from It started with a kiss, this couple took another take on their love story and claimed 2008 "Best Onscreen Couple Award of the Year" .

It has been 7years and Aaron Yan and Emma Wu had gone on their own routes, Emma after leaving Hei Girl's and going into a silent disappearance from the ent. world made a comeback through mainland dramas, and movies before rejoining Taiwan's industries. She gained even higher popularity with her joining the korean show "We just got married global edition". Aaron Yan after releasing his solo album "The Next Me" in 2011, followed by earning best newcomer of the year and following released "The Moment" and "Drama", "Cut"   (2012-2014). Aaron rose in popularity becoming one of the lead male icons after his portrayal of Just You's boss Qi Yi and in Fall in Love With Me's LuTianXing/XiaoLu. 
They have both restated wishes to work together again, as the two really are friends, though they each established some new couples but true GuiLun lovers will never forget...
"007&Lucifer (TianMoXing" love stories....

7years later...they have rejoiced let's await a new drama hopefully :DDDD


[apologies on the late posting]

Wu Chun- New Endorsement (Photo shoot in Paris)

"Pan Coat" - has Wu Chun as one of their endorser at the moment, and this as stated in my other entry is a quite a fitted choice. This designer line is from Korea, and endorses to parts of Europe and Asia.
They carry cute and comfortable athletic wear for men, women and for kids :D

Take a look if you are interested, below I just included some little images of Chun jumping around during the shooting of Chun modeling for Pan-Coat's designs while in Paris. Where he later made an appearance for another clothing line as a viewer. (he also ran in Xiao Gui Alien Huang there, it was quite a reunion considering the two have not met in quite some time *sorry I do not have a photo tho.)

(ENJOY- sorry for posting late)


NeiNei back in the spot light

Wu Chun, brought her out to the spotlight once again, and NeiNei is keeping it cute and classy :D
Actually Chun has recently picked up more endorsements, this time its was for a line that also makes children's clothing and the theme was to have parents with children blow up the runway.

The brand's name is "PanCoat" it is a Korean Designers Line, and they endorse through sides of Asia and Europe. There online site pancoat-store is link here, if you would like to view some of their designs.
The brand carries different designs but the most eye catching thing that I noticed was that they carry children's clothing with a stylish touch, and even their adult clothing is very simple but so adorable as their icon's big eyes are to die for haha (its just so cute).

This may be NeiNei's first time walking down a run way but with Daddy by her side, she is well protected and very happy to see everyone, many fans who were able to get in to view the session praised NeiNei on how she was such a natural. When Chun was approached again with questions about her joining the industry he just laughs and said it all depends on how everything folds out, I am happy to just be able to spend time with her again.

From the moment Chun carried Nei Nei in everyone couldn't help but see that they were dressed like a couples attire ( a twin affect) taken on by daddy and his beloved daughter. I must say for such a fit gentlemen, Chun wears children's design quite well, the sweaters look adorable on them. I am sure Chun had fun too, as he is all smiles with little NeiNei's little blushes. 

-xm- (sorry for late posting)

[MV] 汪东城Jiro Wang - Zhuan Shu Bao Lei《专属堡垒》Ost.Bloody Doll

Jiro's music video only makes me want to watch Bloody Dolls more and more.