Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aaron Yan- takes it off during performance [clears up internet conflicts]

Aaron Yan {perfroms This Is Not Me-takes off shirt}

Aaron Yan Performs "San Can De Yong Bao"

Aaron Yan performs "Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang"

Aaron Yan recently had a conflict online, after some words regarding an actor/artist saying that Aaron was "Girly", also making a statement that he was very disrespectful. Aaron Yan did clear the conflict saying that "I am not really sure who he is really stating, so I have not really approached this issue."

Also during the performance at the University event above, the artist was also present but the two performers were separated at different time slots- so they did not meet and both company's made statements that proper greetings were made but nothing more considering the other artist had more locations to cover in that night.
Aaron on stage stated that he apologizes for anyone who had been looking at his Facebook, and for his direct statements toward certain conflicts and/or individuals but he wants everyone to know that regardless of the situation "everyone is worthy of love".

In a short recap- the issue had to do with some mishap of a irresponsible doctor/ who worked in the hospital Aaron's father also works in and Aaron made a commentary on it leading to this issue arising.

The performance that night in the University rose to its peak when Aaron Yan while performing his final song, This is not me "zhe bu shi wo"....towards the ending he suddenly took off his coat, and shirt...tossing it towards the crowd! And it is well known, Aaron hasn't taken off his clothing in even his concerts or mini events so I can only say these fans won it!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Jiro Wang - theme song "Super Hero" MV released


Jiro Wang's self produced drama "Super Hero" is going to be released on 3/23 at midnight which will be its first showing! I have yet to do more research on what times it will be showing but I am sure Jiro fans will post up videos and I will look around to see if there are English subs. :D

First is first though, the theme song performed by Jiro himself is now available! The song itself is very upbeat, it full of Jiro's style. The drama itself seems quite worth the anticipation considering that the script itself is one that hasn't been approached in a while, I mean I recall movies like this from back when I was like...10 maybe, but its been that long!

A time warp, or a travel in time---what ever the script intends to prevail I am quite anticipating Jiro's performance this time, as it can be seen that a lot of hard work was put into this drama.

Enjoy the Music Video, it has a lot of funny parts too...I mean come on its Jiro :D


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Aaron Yan's First Movie to Star Korean Actress Kim So Eun

       Aaron Yan, in his previous years of acting in drama has been successful in attaining many praises from directors, and other superior actors whom he has worked alongside. This past two years under SETTV he has raised his standards, with dramas like "Just You" which was shot beside actress Puff Kuo of Dream Girls, and brought both Aaron and Puff to a new level in their acting careers winning them favorite drama of the year, and also favorite onscreen couple.
      In addition to "Just You", Aaron later picked up "Fall in Love With Me" where the script writer created a character for Aaron to challenge himself- acting as two different personalities in one person [LuTianXing who was a busy body and uptight artistic man of the advertisement world, and Xiao Lu who was a carefree, and approachable individual]; Aaron successful finished this drama with Tia Li (also of Dream Girls), and taking home Best Male Actor, Best Drama, and also breaking records with ratings.
      Now Aaron Yan will be paired up with Kim So Eun, a Korean actress who will have her first debut in China through the big screen. Her company has stated that this is her first project, but it will only be the beginning of Kim's journey into the Chinese industry. Aaron Yan has spoken of his character before being, Kim's Character's boyfriend who will naturally take on a more ignorant personality and in a situation they will fall out of love due to his messy lifestyle.
      The Chinese title of this movie, "昔日戀人 " which translate directly to "Past Lovers"。The english title given to this movie though will be "Sky Lantern" , in reference to Kim's character whom makes lanterns. The movie itself will be a collaboration of China&Korea- the director is Park Young Hun.
In April, Sky Lantern will start its shooting in Shen Zhen China; with the hopes to premiere by this November!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"超級大英雄"-Super Hero (Jiro Wang Produced) Aires 3/10/15--Teaser included

March 10,2015 Jiro Wang will be releasing his first self produced drama "Big Hero" or in Chinese "Chao Ji Da Ying Xiong" ! 

The script is basically covering a time jump in space&time, Jiro Wang this time not only attempts more action-type exposures in this series but also has his first experience in ancient Chinese clothing. The cast itself can be said to be a lot of old-new faces mixed together to create a great anticipation! I also believe he has a double character kind of plot, currently I do not have deep details so let's anticipate! 


Jiro Wang takes the lead while other actors like his old friend Jin Bao San (Ko series) premiere in the cast, also the female leads with some familiar faces include Nikki Xie (ISWAK2), and Lorene Ren (Selina's Sister-In A Good Way)! 

The cast itself is very different and fresh in comparison to other dramas to site this year, I am quite excited for this one~~~~^^ 
Jairo's first time producing and he has taken on such a heavy script but so far all is looking good!!! 


Aaron Yan "Tiny Times" musical currently on hold

Tiny Times musical takes up this month, and Aaron Yan is not on the list of performers, but H.I.M has already came out to clear up the incident as Aaron's current schedule is too packed so in the first few performances he will not be performing, but there is still an anticipation that Aaron will featured in the year end performances.

Currently Aaron is still busy performing in many different areas for many opening ceremony/new years/ and other charity events. He will also be working on his movie, so for the time being he will be too busy to go to the practices for Tiny Times, but he is still wanting to take apart of it.

As of right now, Tiny Times has not stated anything clear about Aaron- and many fans are upset to see that the first performance does not have Aaron Yan due to many of his fans already buying tickets but the Tiny Times management did speak up that if fans wish to refund they will do so (hopefully they do not have to go through all that trouble though, I believe the musical itself will be very interesting).

Aaron Yan just recently returned from his mysterious trip to the United States, and was flown instantly to BeiJing for a performance there- so I believe his schedule is pretty much all plane time now. He himself said that the airport is now like his second home (FB), but he is enjoying all his work thanks to his parents giving him such strong work ethics to live by.

So for the time being, "Tiny Times" is underway and his movie's character has be exposed but no further details have been released, when they are I will do my best to update. 


WATCH Calvin Chen on "The Romantic" dating show

1. Wan Mei Jing Tui- The Romantic P1
6. Wan Mei Jing Tui- The Romantic P6

Most episodes are only Calvin Chen's cuts, and I believe only ep1 is the full episode, If you wish to watch the full episodes just leave a comment or mssg me. Otherwise searching the name it is easy to find it too.

This show is a dating show, where there are 4 men, and a group a girls and each week the girls are sent home as to only keep the girls the males wish to go on a date with on the show. 

Guest on the show consist of Calvin Chen, artist Hu Xia, actress Zhou Shao Han.... and guest from Hong Kong and Korea (Sherry). Other than Calvin, Hu Xia, and Shao Han I am very unfamiliar with the rest, I think Calvin is really nice to everyone personally. 

Sherry the girl from Korea, in the beginning expresses her attraction to Calvin, and he is also one of the males with more admirers. 
Later on in the show though, we will see who Calvin will be interested in :D no spoilers...yet <3




Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lady of the Dynasty "Wu Chun"

Lady of the Dynasty or Yang Gui Fei, started shooting in the end of 2013 and it did go into quite a havoc of cast switching but the female lead "Fan Bing Bing" remains. It is also one of the most anticipated movies of this year, the date to come out has yet to be fully confirmed but Wu Chun's character this time around is a little different from past as he is to act as a general/prince consort, and he had spoke how the old script actually did not have this character, after a few switched the screen writer added his character in. 

Original this movie had a lot of conflicts but considering that they have finally finished up and it will soon be released I am quite anticipating it. I still find it a little off when i see Chun in these ancient china movies but I feel he really has come a long ways and I hope to see more of him because he is improving. (go back and watch Butterfly Lovers, and then watch General Yang :DD I did!)


Jiro Wang on "City Color" - (Host: Calvin Chen, Patty Hou)



City Color is a show that invites different artist onto it's show and has them share experiences about themselves and also has them talk about their goals or dreams.
One thing I really admire is that though,City Color like any other show will approach rumored topics it only uses it like a joke and makes it clear that such conflicts and rumors are really not important because the individuals that they invite onto the show are there for a reason.

This time Patty Hou has returned to the show that originally chose her to be the main female host, because of other jobs though, they originally had a host named Sandy cover. (I've watched many of the previous episodes so I know this) 
Calvin Chen also stepped in this time as a co-host, his hosting career is what you can say at a peak, regardless of where he is... China, or Taiwan he is on the market as a most wanted host.

On the show Jiro Wang, is first introduced as someone who a handsome face and a very successful career now, but how many individuals have forgotten how hard it was for him in the beginning.

"Jiro Wang, an all around super idol. Whether it be singing, acting, or hosting he has a very successful list of accomplishments. Starting first with Fahrenheit alongside, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang has established being the perfect male lead of two seas (refers to China&Taiwan). "

Patty: so are you guys really that close?
Jiro: I believe that we can only say, I met with Calvin just two days ago.

Patty: So, this rumor of Fahrenheit not liking eachother is not true?

Calvin&Jiro: (throw up Wu Chun) saying "that one is busy having children! He is in Brunei too busy for us to always call him back."

Patty: So, that is one and there is also another one that we have yet to mention.

Jiro: Well, he is recently busy with getting ready to do his musical, so we can't call him out either.
Calvin: Oh! You are paying attention also!

*Patty the host is the one who is able to crack these jokes as she has a long history with Fahrenheit (she was the actress in Cherish your heartache and love buffet's YinZhi)

The rest of the shows go back to when he first debuted and his family history.
(I really like the information shared and am considering subbing this all if anyone would need it :D so please do comment.)