Friday, May 30, 2014

Wuchun- Daddy Come Back (5/29)


This episode so far, may just be one of my favorites because even though poor NeiNei is sick and Wu Chun has to work extra hard to get to do certain things but she is still undyingly adorable. 

Calvin resurfaces in this episode and when Chun tells Nei Nei that Uncle Calvin is back she is instantly happy and though shows a bit of shyness it is clear that Calvin is someone that she remembers.
Ah Ken, is also someone that Chun takes Nei Nei to visit as the two watch old memories of Chun in the series of Tokyo Juliet with his long hair and in the days of Hana Kimi, with Jiro. After watching such videos Ah Ken once again has Chun ask Nei Nei who is more handsome- Uncle Calvin or Uncle Ken, and after a long pause she still says "Calvin."

The two also go into a new part of life, as Chun will witness that he will one day have to let go of his baby girls hands. Nei Nei is dressed up for the first time and goes on to take on her first photo shoot which is quite difficult but actually once Chun says "I give you candy, you want?' Nei Nei face lights right up!
Chun states that one day I will have to let go of her beautiful hand and that day I will be very scared and nervous, because right when I saw her in that dress I was so nervous already. That day is still far so he shouldn't be too worried yet but we do all love NeiNei so much :D

ENJOY the episode:D


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  1. its one of my favorite episodes too xD i began to like nei nei so much more because she said "calvin is more handsome" xD good taste, nei nei! lol.