Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aaron Yan - Insomnia

It was 3 am in the morning and the artist whom just finished his insomnia concert uploaded a photo after shooting started for "Just Want You To Love Me", that he was having insomnia again!!!

Fans all told him it was time to rest up and sleep!

Calvin Chen releases the "7" design

The "7" Design is in support of Calvin's newest drama "Lucky Touch" 
7, is Calvin's lucky number so he also has an infinity with this design! 
the symbol of hands draws a 7, no matter which way read. 
Female Design

Malle design 

(**model** is actress from Calvin Chen's mini movie) 

Calvin Updates FB with handsome photo

Calvin Chen updates his Facebook!!!!

Shen Chuan friends and students I am back! Boys on the right Girls on the Left!

Aaron Yan photo updates as The Boss [Drama: Just want you to love me]

Aaron Yan's newest drama Just Want You To Love Me, with Dream Girl's Puff Kuo. This is Puff's first time starring as the lead actress, something I noticed about Aaron is that he always has fresh new lead actresses like Gui Gui (PiLiMIT), Reen Yu (LoveBuffet), Serena Fang (DeathGirl) or even Alice in Wonder City (Lara or Zhou Cai Shi)!!!
Aaron Yan's character is named Gao Yi, many fans are already calling him by his new name and saying Boss Gao Yi! In the following photos everyone can enjoy Aaron in his get-up as the boss! 
Aaron made remarks on his facebook with the photo above about how everyone should brush their teeth after eating!
Many fans made remarks that he brushes his teeth before a kissing scene always! 

Aaron was all ready and headed to work above.
Does anyone think this look reminds them of Gao Chao (his second character in Death Girl)because I think they look alike!

Off hours now! Aaron Yan heads home after a long day at work and he happily says to Puff (who he calls ah-fu [her name: GuoXueFu] ) good night!

Another day at work! And he is looking good! 

"Lucky Touch" or 我愛幸運七 premieres soon

Taiwanese new drama "Lucky Touch" or 我愛幸運七 (I love lucky seven) ; will be airing in June 9th, at 8pm. 
The drama will cast Calvin Chen and Cai Huang Ru (dou hua mei), The two first time together as co-stars but the preview clips have shown to be amazing and bring great anticipation! 
Calvin who promises everyone with new songs also now discloses with the opening and ending theme songs all his! His opening theme: "Guan Qi Qi Wu 關七起武"[Close Seven From Nothing (roughly translated)] 
"Jiao Huan Ren Sheng 交換人生" [ switched lives] 

HIM Int. also bagged up all the other OST. bringing in Fahrenheit's Love You More and More song; Tank's If I become a memory; S.H.E, Hebe and even Anthony Ni An Dong! 

Great songs ; Great Acting Crew; Great Script!

Wo Ai Xing Yun Qi! Jia You! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jiro Wang Special Appearance in Dandelion Love ep 36-38 幸福蒲公英

The Next TV newest drama "Dandelion Love " ( 幸福蒲公英) has a new special guest! And he is rather close to the main actor Danson Tang, thats right after so many dramas together its not going to hurt to see Jiro Wang show up once more! 
Jiro makes a special cameo appearance in episodes 36-38, he starrs as a man who has got in a wreck and lost a special part of his memory he keeps looking for that memory and upon stumbling upon these people he sees JiaJia (played by Alice Tseng) he believes it is her and asks to be her lover!

commercial link above to see Jiro's charcter. 
The drama has progressed quite a bit but its pretty much easy to say everyone wants Danson to be with Alice ,so its debately with Jiro's random appearance what will happen! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Aaron’s upcoming drama; 就是要你愛上我 06.24 Update

  • Temporary official drama poster ↑ (but without the title?).
  • Possible English drama title: Just You.
  • The drama’s official SETTV blog is now LIVE.

Credits to:xsweetwhispers

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calvin Chen New Song (Solo)

Calvin Chen sings the ending theme to his upcoming drama- Lucky Touch!!

His voice is so much more different compared to Aaron and Jiro's. They both sing with a heavier emotion and louder tone, Calvin rather still as always is Sunshine Boy his voice is gentle in this song and brings forward a lot of warmth and comfort! Enjoy it, the simplicity. 

WATCH Fabulous Boys 原來是美男 EP2 !!!!


Ep2 RANT----
Well, let's just say the drama is slowly progressing to a new point as the episodes carry on and it's only Ep2 but the drama is good. Go Mi Nan's character lacks the strong points to make her a man, but I think it makes her more cute. And that fact that she is a girl living with these guys and being nervous about it shows very well.
Jiro also takes a very nice, steamy shower and when her comes out, I may say he looks amazing in navy blue!!!
Cai Ming You though, definetly had the cameras on him and the spot light of all the viewers!!!

Everyone continue to watch on!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Aaron Yan [Just Want You To Love Me] Drama Theme Disclosed!!!

Forbidden Love is the theme of [Just Want You To Love Me] , and the story describes Aaron as the boss of the company. Puff Kuo and Aaron Yan have among fans earned the title of a "Very Attractive" couple. Considering both are well known for their looks and their break through with their acting skills many fans anticipate the best! 
Settv the broadcasting company to release this drama also played a practical joke on the employees of the company by posting a notice saying "No More Office Love!" on May 16, it just ironically happen that this was the situation to take position in the drama [Just Want You To Love Me]. After about 5 days Aaron Yan appeared to tell everyone after his fitting that SETTV is simply playing a prank on everyone. The small prank though earned many netizens love and compliments-- some stating that SETTV is very creative.  
Aside from a creative way to stir up news with the media over SETTV pranks for the drama [JUST] Aaron Yan also disclosed he has picked up working out again with a striving goal of the human fish tail [this is a detail that can find after abs have been set in]. The human fish tail muscle has been very famous in Taiwan latey and Aaron says he openly want to just give it a shot.
The storyline/theme is said to have Aaron Yan's character a boss of a large company post up the notice toward no love/relationship in the company, and Puff Kuo's character purposely to go against him openly courts him.  
This happens to be Aaron Yan's first time working with SETTV and during the media conference when asked about "Forbidden Love in the Office" what would he do? He replied : [I think its unreasonable, if it were me I would have went straight to my CEO or director and said so, or I would have secretly dated the girl I liked anyhow because once love has arrived it doesn't matter what anyone does it can't be stopped.]
Also during the fans meeting Aaron is questioned about whether or not he will have another break-through ?
He replied: [ Whether or not there will be a break-through everyone will have to watch and see! Figure wise, I am working out regardless if I'm overseas or back in Taiwan, so their may be a break-through there!] Aaron every time asked about the human fish tail line, he only says [Give me another week it'll appear.]
Aaron was later asked on his impression on Puff Kuo?
He replied: Puff is a very realistic and un-fake girl! There was a time while shooting our photos that she slipped off the sofa and just laughed at herself, I realized at that moment that she is very cute and realistic. I haven't had any scenes with her personally but I do have a very deep impression of her many commercials. I am looking forward to it.
credits to: 記者吳志偉/台北報導/ xiaomei 

Aaron Yan as Zhang Qi Yi! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jiro Back In Recording Room for Scary 3D movie OST??

Jiro Wang has returned to the recording studio now and is recording new songs. His last scary movie was his debuting movie "Purple House" which represented himself in the movie-acting industry for some time. 
Now he is working on his newest scary movie that will also come out as a 3D horror! The english title is Bloody Dolls, but the original title for publishing hasn't been released. (Im going with Bloody Dolls for now) 
Jiro uploaded the photos below making many fans guess is he back in to record for the soundtrack of his new movie. With the camera effect setting most likely he is going to have an opening or closing theme...anticipation rising in all the DongFans!!! 

Calvin Japan Fanclub Meeting!

Calvin Chen after Fahrenheit leaving the music market of Japan hasn't met any decrease in his fan base, rather just like his fellow band member Aaron Yan the fan base has grown! The japanese fan base is growing so well due to his recents works like "When Love Walked In" and hosting the MTV show "K/J-pop craze" , Calvin went to Japan the last few days to celebrate with fans! ---the Japanese Calvin Smile Club was launched!
Fans from all over Japan flooded in to see him and hear his performance if some songs. It was disclose that soon Calvin also would release an album or EP into the market after Aaron and Jiro's Albums were launched. Hoping this year we will see it and hear it!!! 

some small presents for fans that attended! 

Calvin with his many many fans of japan! 

he was showered with presents for him and also his new niece! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

AaronYan Travels to Vancouver

Aaron Yan is put under a tight schedule lately, He has been to Japan, HongKong and Mainland simply in the past week! 
Now he prepares to make an appearance in Vancouver Canada! 

Canada Puddings! Take care of him please! His leg is still under recovery. 

Wishing Aaron a safe trip!

Wu Chun---Charity Photo ShowCase

These photos were rather special, the effects and prospects were different compared to his previous works!