Monday, October 27, 2014

A sweet story of a man named "won dong cheng" not "wang dong cheng"

If you all know and understand him, then you know his story. He may look like a hottie, a narcissist, a manly young man, a little boy even at times, he appears careless but is always working hard.
His name is Jiro Wang (wang dong cheng) but on one day while going out for a ride on his bike, his name became "won" dong cheng and not wang dong cheng... this little name though is filled with meaning.

Jiro was front page news when it was discovered this name came to life, not for Jiro. It came to life from a elderly grandma whom had been working hard to grow fruits and sell them by the little basket on the side of the roads.

Now the question takes place, Jiro had left the house that day for a normal cruise, he didn't shave, didn't have a mask or glasses on. He figured no one would recognize him.

"I saw her sitting there so I decided to stop and help buy the rest of the fruit so she could go home. I didn't expect her to notice who I was."
Jiro was in shock when the grandma took a glance at him and with a warm taiwanese accent said "Aren't you WONG dong cheng?"

Jiro bought his fruits, and returned home- overjoyed that he met with such an amusing situation just because he had decided to stop and buy fruits.

Jiro's weakest point is elder people, he doesn't believe they should work so hard and that it is the task of us as children to love and care for our families regardless of anything. 
So remember to just cherish time and say "I love you" to your parents once in a while.


(love story of the day)

[Event] Send Your Blessings To Calvin

Come one, Come all! Come and join our event! What event? Calvin's blessing event! As long as your following us on our blog, Facebook pages, or the Fahrenheit Account, you have the ability to post your blessings. When posting your blessing for Calvin, please make sure that you are posting it in an event or message to one of the admins or message to one of the pages. 

Everyone should know that for the past two months September, was the month that Calvin came out with his album "還在夏天呢" "It's Still Summer." well one of the most important things I would like to draw everyone's attention to this event is if you join this event you will have a chance of winning Calvin's album. So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

If there are further questions of confusions, feel free to ask. ^_^
-Xiao Lin

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vogue- Tia Li joins Aaron Yan

Tia: Aaron is so handsome here:D (IG)

(While on the red carpet)

(hmm...I wonder what they are talking about...)

(photo time)

-late update-

I thought I uploaded these guess I didn't but when vogue did their annual vogue runway event for fashion party... artist like Aaron Yan, S.H.E, Tia Li, and many other individuals showed up for the event!

Tia also happened to be wearing the same color as Aaron, the two also uploaded loads of photos of one another (above are a few)! 

Aaron and Tia walked the red carpet together and even were seated together, fans who were able to get into the event were overly excited to see Tao Le Si and Lu Tian Xing reunited :D


A-Nation Singapore- Aaron runs into Fuji Lena

Lucky Aaron, running all the way to perform for A-nation and runs into lena! If you all recall or don't Lena Fuji was ft. in Aaron's mv for "No Cut" ...the two broke the ice while chatting about their dogs :D

Happy reunion I'd say.

ENJOY -xm-

Calvin Chen on TVBS Golden Music Awards

Watch Calvin have fun with the HOST

Sadly due to some implications with H.I.M we are yet to find a link to the live version of Calvin's dance performance to "it's still summer", H.I.M won't let it leak out yet so we'll have to wait and see- maybe the next mv will have it :D hehehe who knows!

Regardless Calvin and JiaoGe (the host) are old friends and knowing Calvin the first complaint is... "Who come last time when Aaron came, he got to have Janet touch him everywhere and I don't?.." then he laughs and says "I guess I'll have to give this job to you Jiao Ge."

Then Jiao Ge reminds him that today he is not just a host, or a comedian he is suppose to be an artist and for him to find his idol baggage! haha So cute~!

Regardless Jiao Ge did praise Calvin on his well built new body, and that he was very impressed that now even all of them (frh) have such nice body's to be proud of.

Calvin Chen's song "its still summer" remains still on the charts on no.8! This was last weeks performance when he was no.10!


Aaron Yan's performance on TVBS Charts STAGE

Last weeks 1st place winner, thanks to all fans for voting for Aaron Yan! His 3rd hit single "The Unwanted Love" was voted as the top song of the week and Aaron also sold on top of many charts last week with his "The Aaron Time" DVD box set :D

Aaron Yan performs "The UnWAnted Love" above. Enjoy this skit/dance version in HD live :D


Populady show- invites Aaron as guest


Recently PopuLady has started their own Popu-Show, a fun show where they are the host and they get to try out different things such as interview other idols and share their music, talk about their own personal secrets- or simply run out on a very odd mission of cooking for their Senior.
In this case- the senior is Aaron Yan. Working in the same company and having worked alongside Yu Shan of PopuLady, Aaron is quite familiar with his younger juniors.

When it comes to cooking for him though, his healthy eating habits lately have made him quite the picky eater :D 
Who's dish will it be? PopuLady's or the chef himself ???


Monday, October 20, 2014

Jiro Wang solo poster released for "MYSTERY" (2nd trailer linked)

Below his Dadong~^^ Looking handsome as ever for the upcoming movie "Mystery" - of the tombs...

Jiro is partaking alongside Ady An and other great artist/actors in this new sci-fi mystery thriller.
Shooting finished last year but due to the changing of names and no slot opening it hasnt aired till now.


Calvin Chen- Having fun but injuries are inevitable

Recently Calvin has been competing in the new adventure filled show- The Amazing Race

which takes different groups of super stars and their friends, families, or partners and has them complete different task to complete each mission taking place in any part of the world! 
Calcin joined with China's Lin Chi Ling, Zhou Wei Tong on a team and the two are taking on other groups in ridiculously dangerous stunts but for the two exercise lovers they say its hard but worth the fun and challenge!

(Calvin sadly did get slightly injured in one. Bruises are normal though and he is tougher than that ^.^!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wu Chun contest (WIN A Wu Chun magazine)


Wu Chun contest.
Finish the quiz
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Good Luck to everyone.


TVBS Golden Music Invites Aaron Yan to perform

Aaron Yan's Performance

TVBS MUSIC CHARTS recently has been very hot, currently Aaron Yan is still on the charts with his newest release "The Unwanted Love"
This was a few weeks ago tho, when he went on the show. He was performing after his song "NO CUT" hit the charts for three weeks.

Late post 


Jiro Wang- New Movie "Mystery" to release next month

Originally I only realized he had two movies yet to premiere, somehow in the clash of things I missed this one! But regardless there isn't much news on it and it seems it's biggest selling point is the strong cast they chose for the movie, consisting of Any An Yi Xuan, Jiro Wang Dong Cheng, and two more actors from mainland Yu Heng Yu, and Guo De Gang, also a star from singapore Ms. Chen Xin.
Opening Trailer to movie

This is a fanart-which I really liked DONOT REPOST ANYWHERE

I do not know much about the script just yet, but I am willing to say that it seems to circulate around tomb diggers, and some ancient stories. So we'll have to wait till it releases to find out more.

hoping for a longer trailer soon.

Wu Chun and Family Celebrates Birthday

Lucky for Wu Chun, him and NeiNei share a birthday. Lucky for Mrs.Wu her and Max share a birthday...Lucky for the family it just happens that their birthdays are set up : 
"Wu Chun & NeiNei- 10.10"
"Mrs.Wu & MAX-10.11"

Yup, that's right so why celebrate separately, actually if you all didn't know before Wu Chun spent a lot of effort to make sure all the birthdays would fall onto the same days. 
Wu Chun even asked off from the company so that this year he could go home and celebrate with his whole family! Look at all that cake of course only many close friends were invited but it was a "FROZEN" themed birthday party regardless for little NeiNei who turned 4 this year. 

Dressed as Elsa, though no photos of Max were shown - it makes one wonder did Chun make him OLAF? or a little Superman? 


late post but still full year of blessing for their family. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Calvin Chen appears on Showbiz
Calvin Chen makes an appearance on ShowBiz, hosted by MC40 and NaDou today. 
He performed "Ai Lai Wu Yang" live then jumps into the many different topics of the MV itself- the female actress they chose to use Joanne Ceng, and also how the MV was shot.

Calvin talked about how half was shot in Dubai while the other portion with Joanne was shot in Taiwan. 
Its a simple storyline, we are ex-lovers and her boyfriend currently maybe isn't treating her very well, so she calls me to come help her move because she wants to leave behind all this sadness. After helping her clean everything though I realize she has kept our photos and then towards the ending I get to choose whether or not to answer the phone. Its an open ended story because no one gets to see if I answered it or not. 
Later on into the show they also chat a bit about how Calvin went to Japan to hold a mini fans concert with the fans in Japan. Calvin talked about how he would go every year to see the fans and have a fans party as an actor/host but this time he is a singer so it has to be different. 
I wanted to make a change so I insisted on a mini-concert. I performed 20 songs and hal of them were japanese, some from Fahreheit's old singles too.

Calvin also stated that if the sales are good they intend on celebrating with a mini congratulations fans party. So fans get to determine the close contact with him.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aaron takes all sales last week in 1st place

Talk about a full fledge winner- Aaron Yan claimed all the charts with his DVD package release of The Aaron Time!

2 disc dvd package and also kala versions of each MV so fans can sing along and the contemplation of all 4 eps of the online real life of Aaron Yan.

Claiming all charts Aaron is still on the charts in the top ten!


Aaron Yan photo uploads have fans blushing

He may have been sick a week ago but he is up and going and back in the gym again now :) 

Uploading countless selfies and warming the hearts of fans quite quickly too by rooting on everyone who was taking midterms and also rooting for a healthy lifestyle <3 

(this one is adorable - duck lips)


Friday, October 10, 2014


Celebrating Autumns festival back at Aaron's house, the whole crew piled up on Calvin's balcony and rejoiced for the festival night!


late post

Calvin- Sharing is Caring

His new album is released and he has always had a lot of friends, plus sharing is caring so why not lend it all out.

Releasing two different type of the same album Calvin has been busy, but not too buy. Still had time to join Dylan Kuo work out and give him some albums to share!

Eh...look at that! It's Romantic Princess all over again. I recall seeing these two for the first time they were just so sweet and simple. Well they both have released their new albums so it's only right to share. Plus Calvin always finding reasons to meet up with such pretty girls (just kidding or am I) haha. Genie was very happy to see Calvin again too.

This next artist I am not very familiar with her but she released a photobook I believe and Calvin came as a friend to promote and support her along with sharing his album. (cough cough pretty lady) 


have you got your album or are you waiting to join our contest!