Friday, May 30, 2014

Aaron Yan holds press conference for new album

5-30-2014 Aaron Yan released "DRAMA" his first part of the two mini albums Drama&Cut. 
In the first album he had a duet with Korean star G.NA the two in the MV were given back very good feed backs and many fans even want to the two in the hot series of "We Got Married Global Edition" ; the show consist of stars from Korea and stars of Japan and Taiwan. But they usually have used females form different countries and males from Korea. The only difference is that these fans said they'd really love to see Aaron on the show considering the show has taken both of his past co-stars GuiGui Emma Wu and Puff Kuo Xue Fu onto the show to participate- whether it'll happen or not is unknown but let that be heard :D

Onto the press conference though, not only did G.NA happily come all the way to Taiwan to help with the shooting of the MV of 1/2 or one out of two, she also appeared at the press conference. Aaron whom has been so busy with shooting his drama "Fall in Love with Me" has finally slightly loosened that side of his acting through acting through his MVs. 
G.NA stated that her first impression of Aaron was that he is a pretty guy, but in reality he has that Handsome Gentleman side to him too. Aaron was also very please to state that G.NA didn't actually like everyone calling her the sexy star she was and that she preferred to be acknowledged as cute, and she isn't actually that great at wearing high heels xD G.NA joked to simply state that he was also very strong which was visibly in the behind the scenes of the MV making.

Part 1: Aaron singing Zhe Bu Shi Wo That is Not Me: CLICK TO WATCH

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