Monday, February 28, 2011

Knowing Love Buffet Ending...

Not exactly 100% sure but as a lot of fans will feel they will want Reen (xiao feng) with Arron (Ah Yi) rite....well what if I said the Manga says that its DaYe she ends up with!!! Not happy at all she is supposed to be with Ah Yi!!!....not satisfied

Arron's New Album-XM

Yan Yalun's solo album is coming out ahhh i'm so happy and excited my brothers getting it for me... Oh...and I dont see my brother very often so I'm hoping on seeing him soon!!! I really miss him and the rest of my far off family!!! Arron's solo album is something I have been anticipating on since his birthday concert...not that I don't love all the members voices but if each one was to come out with an album my goal would be to buy each one and then get a signature...hahahaha...(i'm such a fan) but no one can blame me They are Just too cute not to love....especially are Charming Winter Prince Arron Yan-Ah Bu your too Kawaii (hee hee random japanese word)!!!
Arron Yan Wo Ai Ni...I Love You...Ti Amo....Sa Rang Hae....and last but not least Aishiteru!!!
hhaahaa I love you in 5 language...i can do some jap. and Korean but my chinese is best still....its in my blood...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confidence Increase

I slowly have matured I'm so happy! It was hard when Wu Zun left I realized he has taught me a lot and I have also matured a lot, there are a lot of things I realized I should cherish....The other day I was in History class and saw a video on WW2 and when I saw all the ppl that were hurt and died I suddenly felt...what if one day those I care about disappear....So now I have built an amazing strength to stand up and I'm more independent than I use to be....I'm half way to my goal of going to Taiwan...I may go to China this year!Grandpas 90th Birthday!!!

My Brother is gonna buy me Arron Yan's Solo happy I Love Him!!! both of em arron and my ge ge!

no pain no gain

fans of chun
i know it's very hard to accept that chun might not be in the entertainment industry but just remember what he said
he still might come back cause if thats what makes him happy he'll come back
he just needs time to think it through, what he wants to do
JIA YOU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fahrenheit no matter even if u guys separate, you guys will always still be #1
forever and always!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Wu Zun!!!

My heart was broken once when I found out my little sister got a boyfriend b/c I feel like she's my Tao Hua my little sunshine...then it broke again when I finally let go of a one-sided I swear even after my birthday for 2 days It has Broken AGAIN!!! I'm pretty sure I cant take it for much longer but I think Chun's doing whats only right...he did a great thing leaving Brunei and coming to Taiwan but I've always understood that he would need to head home one day...its just so soon....why?!....Still Wu Zun you are forever...I hope to be able to support you in everything...JaiYou in Life...and the Future that You will live...

Friday, February 18, 2011


ahhh jie ni and xiao mei's birthday just came by recently
it was the most fun
they got caked sooo bad :)
how is everyone doing theses days?
have you guys heard that arron is coming out with a solo album pretty soon?? YAY! haha lol im so excited!
its gonna be coming out march!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Xiao Mei and Hao Mei Maturning....

Xiao Mei-n-Hao Mei Maturing...
I can still recall when I was younger and since I was really as my cousin said it "too nice" I was usually picked on...I liked hang around with guys though so I often would come home with scratches from climbing fences or running too much and tripping... I suddenly without my own acknowledgement grew up.... I was taught by my parents One Day I will need to be independent and be able and be responsible...but I never knew the day was so close...I know after my first heartbreak I found in myself... I was exactly what she said..."too nice" I also made it really hard for me to move over something...then I guess I chose to grow up and accept things....I recall going places and ordering food for others even though I was the youngest (I felt like Mama), and seeing things differently from others, I realized I'm just someone who likes being independent and depend on others when feel lonely... I am now seeing my friends around me grow up slowly...Hao Mei Jai You the path is hard ahead but I'm will to face it with you forever...I will be your Jie Jie...forever...If anyone I mean anyone tries to hurt you my shoulders are broader so I can share your pain and my strength is endless (hello known for her crazy man muscles!) so I will hold you up forever....the day we go to Taiwan I will also support you to the end....
This quote is one I created:
"If you can face reality you can definetly move forward!"
-I realized this when I too became a fool, I faced the facts and I am back on my feet strong as the 'moon' lighting your way in the dark...
*I used moon because I feel Hao Mei is my Sun! So I'll be your moon hao bu hao?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

HHhHhHhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii EvEryONe!

heyyy ahh so Valentines day is coming up, i want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!
to all the couples out there, may god bless you guys forever and ever, may he bless everyone though :P
but to the single pple, ur'll find some1, maybe its just not ur time...thats what i tell myself, i mean i've been single 4 my whole life....:D nahh dont feel bad, im taking my time hehe LOL
u guys to be safe
we love u guys LOTS!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ni hao! :)

so many things going on in my life, but i'm learning 4rm them, :)
well snow days are sometimes a bore so anywho i wanted to do this a long time ago ahah but never did so here they are now, some pics 4rm me to share :D

my most treasured book of FRH, cause i made it :) sry i took it 4rm an angle ahha and rotated the pic so it looks odd
please dont take these pics without asking, cause they are my pic that i took and it is my property...
this is the front
this is the back   

well this is my super hot album that i order a while back ahha oh how i <3 FRH and guess what, they signed it!!!! ^^ the front!!
the back!! :)
ahhaha anywho maybe ill share some more some other time
:) but thats all 4 today! hope every1 is doing well!!!!!
i cant wait till what the weekends has to bring 4 me, hopefully after the weather is nice and i get to go see my buddy xiao lin and wish her a happy birthday and give her a hug! ahah
this is by Hao Mei :)
"smile always"

Sunday, February 6, 2011


since of the snow we had the past week, school was canceled, i think im ready to go back...haah lol but anywho how is every1 these days? i know that maybe there's been up and down's but its okay, you have to get pass it and learn 4rm it cause thats part of life :) don't need to force yourself to do anything u dont wanna to eheh
i cant type much today
but my left wrist hurts so i cant force my hand that much so i cant type as much as i want to but i guess ahah JIA YOU EVERYONE!!
-hao mei
pic to share today hahah :) flh 4 ever :)