Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WuChun live on radio with his daughter

Wuzun has his daughter this time LIVE ON AIR~^^ 

he wanted to share her with all of us sooo lets all say 
Happy New Year~ 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wu Chun hongkong book signing held at disney land

Wu Chun decided to hold one of his book signings in a placs not many celebrities would take into consideration. The super idol gone super dad chose Disney Land while in his Hong Kong stay and signing he caught up with not only fans but many many children! All of which knew this great super dad~^^ 

Jiro Wang's surprising "Ancient China" Look

Jiro Wang reposted a fan made image of himself stating 
"I am not going to lie this photo has its secrets, 2014 has many possibilities" 
Jiro himself has stated the possibility of accepting an Ancient Chinese role this year , as he has already been confirmed to premiere in the remake of Legend of the Condor Heroes using Michelle Chen.

Fans who have become fond of Jiro's Ancient Traditional Chinese look have posted many images online.
Here are a few to browse at : 

Wu Zun continues promotions for "Ignite Courage" book

It's been a while but he isn't done yet, the newly proclaimed father of two Chun hasn't stopped in his tracks yet. 
After the television come back of the Kadaichi Case Files show resuming a second season Wu Chun returns to his promotions! 
Though he gave a shocker to his fans about his marriage and his children, his book is still selling amazingly and rather many fans though feel lied too have chosen to support him.
That is evident though only because they see how truly happy he is when he is interviewed about his children.  
Chun himself cannot hide his bliss when he is confronted on news about his wife and children, he happily points out chapters in his book speaks of how when he had all his struggles it was his wife who stayed by his side.
Chun happily still greets his fans with a smile and gratitude though now there are many more notions going towards his family as well!
Wishing him the best! 

Aaron Yan Finale Concert Malaysia Success

Insomnia has toured Asia and has finally made its finale stop in Malaysia last night. Aaron Yan, Yu Shan and their crew have been working hard and finally called it to an end for this round, but everyone is assured there will be more performances after another release! 
Aaron Yan's fans packed the auditorium as he lightened the stage with his songs and finally had the display of a little drama again with PopuLady junior YuShan. The two happily pranced about and finished their performances before Aaron carried on the rest of the night.
A little extra special he threw in this time was when H.I.M also sent in Rookie james to assist Aaron in his performance. The duo did amazing and Aaron surprised the crowd with a new song on the list called listen. He told everyone that this song has accompanied him for many years and he wanted to share it.

With his countless interactions with Fans, they didn't hold back and still teases him calling him and "Old Star" ; he happily replied everyone to claim his youth by saying "I am still young!" 

Fans rejoiced to his music and in the finale Aaron expressed his gratitude to everyone who has assisted him to come sl far, from his family friends fans to even the staff members and musicians that accompany him.  

Upon return to the Hotel everyone got together to celebrate their last successful concert and hope for more in the future! 

Calvin Chen& Ai Sha's chemistry builds along with their show

Calvin Chen and Ai Sha have been working together for some time now and the two have definitely built a good amount of chemistry~^^
Also their show slowly makes its way up the chart in both Taiwan&Japans MTV showlist~ 

Wishing them the best in ratings because they are still having fun fun fun! 

A time of love- Aaron Yan <japan drama series>


02/16/2014 - A Time of Love 
The series itselfs begins sooner but Aaron's story will not begin until the 16th.

He has already done personal promotions on his facebook saying things like "The heart is more beautiful and that is all that matters."

After working in japan for Alice in Wonder City and for his mini-movie from his previous album "TheMoment" Japan edition this is Aaron's third time working with japanese directors, staffs, and actors/actresses; it isn't much different and he has been enjoying himself. He flew into malaysia after finish his last scenes the day before yesterday! Let's all anticipate!  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aaron Yan's Malaysia Concert

Everyone is cheering and awaiting Aaron Yan's Finale Concert!

Yu Shan flew in from Taiwan today, and Aaron flew back from Japan. Let's cheer them all on together~!
Insomnia Aaron Yan<3

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Calvin's weibo updates

"Has everyone been watching Lan Ling Wang or finished it? Can you guess which character I am?"

"Working on the new designs and looking up the orders for FactorySe7en's newest line!" 

Weibo Updates Calvin

Calvin's Niece ~ Selfies

Stolen from Calvin's Facebook!!! I had to share!

He is once again showing off little TongTong (his niece)

Jiro Wang- Weibo Updates

"If I had wings where would I fly?"

"After you've loved, you have lived. A book of lessons thanks to Kang Yong Ge."

Jiro Updates Weibo 

Aaron updates "No Sleep"

"Been up since 4am~ Sleep just isn't possible these days!" 

Aaron Yan FB Update

3Peas enters Malaysia

The following list shows where in Malaysia 3peas can be seen!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jiro Wang's "Broadcasting Girlfriend" movie to premiere in May

Qi Wei and Jiro Wang Dong Cheng have finished shooting My broadcasting girlfriend (Wo De Bo Yin Xi Nu You) ; It has been announced to be released on May 5,2014! 

Qi Wei and Jiro have shown great chemistry behind the scenes and durinh the promotion runs for the announcements and media gatherings. Qi Wei and Jiro are sure to bring some surprises to such a romantic script.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Calvin fills Instagram with kids

once in a while he shows off his adorable nephew too!
Its starting to show uncle calvin wants to have a little family of his own now too!
He is all smiles and laughter with his sister's kids!

Jiro completes shooting "My broadcasting girlfriend"

He has successfully finished shooting! 
Congrats ! The book itself had very good reviews so when it was proclaime Jiro would be starring in this lead the script itself is interesting so it will be fun to see him express this character.

Sina Fashion Icon Male Winner : Jiro Wang

In Fahrenheit he wore the outfit that fit his rocker character, when he is outside it doesnt matter if its the nightmarket or if its the airport he is flaunting his personal brand and also many other looks. 

It is hard to find Jiro Wang not on the male idol fashion icon list, he did start off learning fashion and design after all <3

Winning by a landslide~ Jiro Wang