Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aaron Yan and Tia Li - 5 hours in the rain "Fall in Love with Me"

Wanting nothing but perfection for fans to watch these two have been busying all night long trying to get only one scene perfect! 

Aaron and Tia, having the storyline go downhill with tears as Xiao Lu disappears and Tao Zi heart broken the two have a scene in the rain. Lu Tian Xing goes to find Tao Zi but she refuses to face him and ends up fainting. 

This one simple scene thought required two heavy trucks of water and the sprayer being too heavy made it hard for even Aaron and Tia to see, allowing for continual NG takes. The scene started shooting from 5pm and didnt end until 11pm, with Tia and Aaron actually repeating the same scenes with wet clothes and only drying off enough for it to not be visible on camera. 

Both of their hard work will be seen on Episode 9 of "Fall in Love With Me"


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