Sunday, November 27, 2011

Calvin Chen Yi Ru Happy Birthday
(Should have been posted 11/10/11---sorry its late)
The big 30 you've past 31 Calvin still holds onto the smile we all love has become a well known show host who is welcomed by many fans and friends, his hard work has shown many that working hard and working with what you get can attain that simple smile that runs across his face!!!:) Calvin WE WISH YOU A GREAT BIRTHDAY! You are the Sunshine that makes the world seem so happy 24-7, my world would be so slow without your endless cold jokes and constant voice echoing in my heart...Thank You for being born today! Calvin We Love You!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Arron Yan Happy Birthday

Your vid just happen to be completed too late~ oops! but it came out okay i think...I think if I wasn't so busy I could've spent more time on editing and other areas but overall I did my best! Now for 'xin li de hua' (words from my heart)
26!!! I can't believe time flew so fast it feels like yesterday when I was looking at the videos taken by puddings from your 25th I look at the video of you playing the guitar in XiMenDing singing Bao Bei and I can see that the only thing that has changed is your age. Arron has mature to become someone who has shown us it's okay to show the world who you are whether it's through words or lyrics and even just your voice...Your hard work has been seen with "The Next Yan Yalun"(album) and you will forever be cherished by those puddings that see you so dearly! Now sincerely wishing you the Ultimate Birthday! Yan Ya Lun We Love You~!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yan Ya Lun

Our Precious Aaron Yan is on the top three on the music chart for the best sold album. We would like to thank all the Pudding for supporting Yan Ya Lun!


Saturday, November 19, 2011


YEAH! It's Yan YaLun's  Birthday!!! *Smiles* Everyone is Special and they have their own special day! This day in Taipei, Happens to be Arron's Birthday! So I'm here wishing ARRON a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WISH YOU THE BEST LUCK! If i could, I would say it to you personally, but Lets see how far my Luck stretches! But any who, I would say a whole bunch of stuff on here, but no words could describe, but then I am gonna say, We all truly admire you! :D Keep up the good work because you came a long way! Remember to not over-work yourself, and take care! 我們愛你!ARRON! GO! GO! GO!You sent Lots of Smiles to Mines, SO I hope you Keep on smiling! Also, including FAHRENHEIT!!! <3


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This Took me one whole day to finish it! Phew....

~唐小林, 黃好美, 和李小美

Calvin Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great birthday! I hope you always good luck! We hope you have a great year, this year's Sunshine Boy! Continue showing us your bright smile!
~ Tang Xiaolin, Huang Hao Mei, and Li Xiao Mei

Monday, November 7, 2011

Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era.

Yesterday, Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen was in Xian for a signing event of his latest book "The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen". Despite Fahrenheit's disbandment (FALSE! idiot reporter... ), Calvin Chen says Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Arron Yan are all good brothers. In the photobook, Calvin Chen went back to his former home Vancouver. He refers to this book as a "portrait and reference book", saying, "Aside from being an artist giving happiness to his fans, I also hope that my experiences can help them. I know many young people today want to study abroad, so I hope that through my book I can share my experiences studying abroad, for example, how much you money you need for stuff when abroad."

As a master in Economics, Calvin Chen is also a handy finance expert, "Everyday I pay attention to stock market trends. In Taiwan, I have investments in real estate and stocks. I also gave Da Dong a financial proposition, but currently he is still thinking about it, and hasn't started on it."

Calvin Chen mentioned that even though each one of the Fahrenheit members have their own projects, their relationship is still good. "When I wrote my book, all of them wrote some words in the preface. Two days ago, my grandfather passed away, and they all sent me condolences through SMS. Even though we don't see each other everyday, we still know what the others are up to. When I was in Beijing for a signing event, Wu Chun was also in Beijing shooting a movie. It's a pity we didn't have time to meet up."

Calvin Chen hopes that Fahrenheit will have opportunities to work together again, "At the moment, everyone is very busy with their own work, but after discussions, we want to release an album together again. If there's no mishaps, we can release it in the first half of next year."

Translation By: natyhobbit @ AF

~Tang Xiao Lin~