Saturday, August 31, 2013

<夢遊私台北> Taipei Dreaming

Aaron Yan had his signing session for his book Taipei Dreaming.

Some videos of him singing~LA~~ ^_^

Have you bought one of Aaron's book yet?! Hurry and go buy it on YesAsia

Thursday, August 29, 2013

As I Am Jiro 2013 Asia Tour Concert

This is the first poster that's exposed for Jiro's Asian Tour Bejing Railroad Station Tour. The location is still going to be in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center on September 7th.His tour is called “As I Am Jiro 2013 Asia Tour Concert” There would be no guest for this tour, everything would be all on Jiro. He wants to try his best to satisfy his fans. Hoping that everyone will like his performance. He would also be playing several roles. Jiro has been working hard for this concert. Jia You Dadong! “I wish I can come to see you perform.”

Some more pictures from Jiro~

Credits to Weibo

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Calvin&His Niece

Calvin's sister a little girl not too long ago but because uncle Calvin is too busy she doesn't recognize this handsome man! 
Calvin updated his facebook saying this little princess doesn't recall him!!<3

Such a proud uncle he is!!

AaronYan Facebook countdown

Aaron as a count down to his day of officially selling Taipei Dreaming, decided to do exclusive photos n share on facebook...
(Yu Shan~Populady)
MeiMei ~his puppy
Puff Kuo&Aaron Yan (LiangLiang&QiYi)
Ni An Dong~ Anthony is out!!!

Qi Yi's fb images of his hair setting

Aaron is...adorable~^^
He took step by step photos of how to do his hair~

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Jiro 32 Yrs Old (Video)

Happy Birthday Jiro~!

please check out the video that admin XiaoLin made for Jiro.
She is a Jiro Bias but also a hardcore FeiFan~! Send ur blessings to him thru our videos~

(Im still super busy but I'll update when I can)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today Aaron talked on KKBOX

Today Aaron talked on KKBOX during 4PM. This lasted about one hour and a half

Quick summary from aaronyupdates on tumblr.
  • He says he’s in company today, not filming. He’s enjoying afternoon tea with his company friends ^^ He hasnt drank milk tea for awhile.
  • Boss Qi is “working” at KKBOX today.
  • He would try to visit everyone all over the world if he can, he’s busy filming right now, so he might not have time.
  • His new book would be released on 30th August, there’s autograph session on 1st sept.
  • He promises to consider different venues in Taiwan for autograph sessions, Aaron says whenever a venue is chosen it is always discussed with the company first.
  • Boss Qi jokes that his “company” here at KKBOX has the same rules applied, you can’t date here either! :P Not even on typhoon days!
  • Aaron asks if fans are starting school yet (Its summer vacation in taiwan)
  • He’s working hard to produce the new album.
  • Aaron misses all the puddings worldwide. You can write a letter to him, he promises that he’ll read all of them. (Send it to HIM International to get to him)
  • He secretly tells us that the pre-order version of the photobook has more benefits included.
  • His leg injury has recovered but he can’t play basketball yet.
  • If the photobook’s popular among every country, the company might consider arranging Aaron to travel to different countries for autograph session.
  • He has another job scheduled on later on so he had to leave on time.

Basically, he played most of his album songs, Junior and seniors of HIM’s songs (Yoga, S.H.E, Hebe, Oliva, Anthony etc), his drama songs (Just You songs, Alien’s song and the duet with Genie) and some english songs during the KKBOX listen to.

Credits to aaronyupdates

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3PeasInAPod 2Minute TRAILER (CalvinChen)

Nov. 14,2013 
Perry and 
Will be on screen to see everyone!!
Singapore fans clap your hands and world fans lets start hoping for some high reviews because this movie may be Michelle Chong's best one yet! 

the 2minute trailer leaks so much...Penny's love for Perry, Peter's love of Penny, and Perry's jealousy of Penny&Peter....
Its the last days...How to say goodbye?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Saving General Yang - a masterpiece

Ronny Yu is definitely Ronny Yu, he did not disappoint me. Saving general yang this story is a familiar one that is always remade in ling series, being a movie it is hard to move forward the story of the Yang Clan but Ronny did it with amazing screen play.
Wu Chun performance this time let me see that his role was fit for him, you can see and understand that he is not a character of war but of love and peace. 
I also took my time and examined both Vic Chou and Fu Xin Bo, and I may say that I was surprised by Fu Xin Bo's excellent performance of the seventh son. He pulled out to show a lot of character but not to an over bearing snotty kid like the other series I've seen, rather just simply hot headed. Vic, on the other hand did not let me down. His character is very silent but all the features in his physical performance and eyes. The other brothers also all exhibited outstanding strengths in emotion and combat, the father himself I believe was chosen very well; he naturally carried a weight of his job to his country in the aura that surrounds him.
All around the imaging, and screen play were great and I'd say this movie was a simple masterpiece. It was just too short, the climaxes made me want to keep watching forever~

-xm- (Totally worth my money!