Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The BEST Brother Ever is Aaron Yan Yalun

In the 8th month of this year aaron yan's little sister will be going to Europe to continue her studies and the best thing is b/c their parents are retired...Aaron is paying all of his sisters expenses...(Calling for Love?-drama=mikecharlene) anyway it just happens that Wu Ming Pei(arron's sister) has a similar haircut as Aaron and they admit she had it first....they were asked out of the main actress in Ji Mo Bao Zou or Serena Fang or Gui Gui they both admitted Gui Gui...
Her fashion is amazing and they both are close but she admits "My brother will only tell the main point."
Yalun you are a great brother!

Yan Yalun's 611 Concert

The Youngest member of FLH is holding a concert soon and on top will be singing his English Songs! he has no accent barely there!!! Aaron Jia You! its late so this entry is short!
credit to Aaron's Puddings!

CocaCola 125yrs. Celebration-FLH members like to Frantically kiss WuZun

CocaCola's 125years anniversary was this year held in Shang Hai many artist were there and off those artist the 2 that caught most people's eyes were Wang Lee Hom and Taiwan's Fei Lun Hai Fahrenheit seeing they looked amazing being together as 4...they faced many questions once again and Chun answered many until one which was rather uncomfortable came up for Jiro...jiro had admitted once that Chun had soft lips now the question was would they kiss again?...They all thought and realized they have all kissed Wu Zun before except the youngest member Aaron Yan who had been kissed by Chun at a promotion. Calvin soon also thought back to all the pictures of him kissing Chun and expressed..."I think now OH MY ! how could I have done that!" but their relation is just that close...they all expressed missing Chun and that even though he is in Wen Lai (Brunei) they all still keep in Contact...Aaron who had actually been in Malaysia for a promo had been able to contact him while there....Fahrenheit still remains it will be us 4 forever...though there still remains no plans for an album this year!

Fahrenheit and Wang Lee Hom the 125yrs Anni for CocaCola.

Absolute Boyfriend Chun Out and Jiro In!!!

Some Fahrenheit Fans have been wondering will the role of Chun's AbsoluteBoyfriend be taken by Jiro his fellow bandmate the answer is yeah!!! The manga was actually written by my favorite manga artist Yu Watase (a great artist!!!) and Jiro has taken the role in Absolute Boyfriend! so now the cast is Ku Hye Sun and Wang Dong Cheng instead of Ku Hye Sun and Wu Zun but no matter though it is a sad for Chun's Fans...with the delay of sunshine angel, Absolute boyfriend was like the other wish! Ku Hye Sun who had openly admitted that Chun was more attracted then Lee Min Ho the Main Male Lead in Boys over Flowers has also expressed she is also glad to be working alongside the other Fahrenheit member Jiro! In korea Ku Hye Sun had actually expressed that not only were the Fahrenheit members all very handsome, and well mannered but they were very mischeivious young men! So everyone lets anticipate Jiro and Ku Hye Sun's Absolute Boyfriend!

The original Cast (the perfect boyfriend) Wu Chun and the lucky girl who ordered him(Ku Hye Sun)

the new couple-(the perfect boyfriend)Jiro Wang and the girl who wanted him(Ku Hye Sun)

***insert***what is up wid FLH's dramas....1st PiLiMIT-Hebe too busy so Gui Gui takes the lead 2nd MoMo Love-Aaron cant do 2 drama's so Jiro takes it up 3rd Love Buffet the Typoon so Reen Takes for Joanne and 4th Absolute Boyfriend Chun cant fit it in the schedule so Jiro takes it!!! then They arent Airing Sunshine Angel b/c Rainie's other drama Druken to love you is out!!!!***
sorry ppl...xm

Jiro Worked Super Hard for The House(aka purple house)

Working along side Tong Liya in China jiro has been working very hard but a horror movie when behind the scences is either laughs jokes or hes doing what he is a professional at sleeping instantly on his breaks...
Jiro has been questioned by many about his acting skills whether or not he is meant for this industry...but still many fans and directors stand next to him!...one director being the one who spotted his talent in ISWAK*(it started with a kiss) once again meeting up with jiro in MoMo Love the director was proud to have made it so far and still see jiro wang dadong doing his great works! MoMo Love received low ratings though dispite its strong cast...cyndi wang and jiro wang are popular idols and are adored by many so what exactly didnt attract the viewers?...many say it was jiro others say it was cyndi many say it was just the script and the actors did amazing! Taking up the Big Screen along side band member Chun Wu Zun he(jiro) admits in comparison to Wu Zun on the basis of acting..."We are walking on different routes, Wu Zun has chosen his path and I want to try my own" willing to take up any character just about Jiro Wang's Character in The House is sure to attract many(my opinion)!!!
working hard to learn his dance w/liya
careful jiro you dont take the pics others will

jiro reading script then asleep...

Lollipop's Ah Wei and Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang DaDong-are gym friends?

A lot of people would think that two of Taiwan's faster moving boybands Fahrenheit and LollipopF would be more like enimies and not friends?...well people should probably rethink that thought because even though Fahrenheit Jiro Wang spends 3hours at the Gym a lot he isnt alone....his sometimes gym members just happens to be his high-school band mate Xiu(who is so adorable) and LollipopF's AH WEI!!! LollipopF has worked hard to bring out their man appearance as well and who knew Ah Wei would be the one to be with Fahrenheit's Growing Muscle Mania(sorri my lil nickname for jiro---chuns=Mr.Muscle)....in the GYM!..well jiro fans we dont update much about jiro ever since Aaron's debut but here ya go and there is more to come b/c he and calvin are coming out with more things too!Chun's movie is also going to be out and soon he should be working along side F4's Vic Chou!(i<3them)!!!
~xm......check the pic...mmhmm

Sunday, May 29, 2011


There's many things that I've lost. There are also many things that I have found too...I think I've found something that can make me happy for ever...something that I've never gave up at looking for...Like how I said...Friends plays a different role in your life...I've never really believed in the best friends thingy...but then someone changed my views...I guess I found two...its...HAO MEI AND XIAO MEI!
HEHE...Wo ai ni men...I, one day hope to find my last one...I think its obvious who it is but then I shouldn't speak too soon...welll...
jia you at everything you do...hao mei...xiao mei...jie ni...and fahrenheit!

~Xiao Lin~


SIGMA-after Judy Chou Ding Wei couldnt do so perfect as a soloist so they company packed him with the two other members to make SIGMA!!!
and as Fahrenheit's juniors they arent bad....


This new boyband JPM-xiao jie and wang zi and his lil bro mao di is not bad....i prefer them over LollipopF....
its like a male S.H.E...haha lol...anyway I prefered wang zi and xiao jie so when they dropped out I was like oh no Lollipop bye bye!!! but originally Mao Di was okay then I heard him sing and wow this guy isnt all words...
Wang Zi is a prince and Xiao Jie's music skills dont need to be asked about let alone his dancing skill....
WellZ They were good enough to be compared to Aaron so...jia you

Calvin's(chen yiru) BOOK!!!

Oh my goodness Calvin Book!!!

look isnt he F-I-N-E!!! yes!!! shoutout to lovers of fei lun hai and calvin be sure you know you must get this book b/c he did all the writing and only had help with the picture taking and a little setting up!!! for one of his promotion a little intimidated by Aaron's clothless MV-EP!!! he showed off his wonderful body as well and even expressed that the ladies/staff that usually help then change are even shy now b/c all 4 of them are so well lets say..FIT....love love love em!!!Jia You Calvin-Big SALES!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yan Yalun Want Everyone to see the Sunshine boy he is not the Walked out of the JP. Anime guy!

on Jiao Ge Peng You...Aaron expressed that actually wanted everyone to see past the "Hua Mei Nan"-anime man, and see the GUY in him the Sunshine boy!!!
Aaron I think its pretty obvious you are like a sunshine boy also...
on this show they also....said his piano skills were good enough to beat CHINA's/American Mix Celeb Idol WANG LEE HOM!!! wang lee home eh!?!
sorry it caught me off gaurd...but sunshine boy or just plain arron ...yan yalun we all love you still....

***quick mini entree for dadong***
Purple House (also known as:The House) Jia You...Tong Li Ya you are one heck of a good actress!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunshine Angel got its name from...CHUNNIE

This is a cute blog post by our dearest Superman Wu Ji Zun!!!
As most of you know, the name of this drama was supposed to be 阳光小妹 but it was later changed to 阳光天使! Guess who’s the one who suggested for a new title? Yeah, it’s me… haha! Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of having the words ‘小妹’ thus after consulting with Ah Ken and without thinking too much, I thought of the words ‘天使’ and said, “阳光天使都好过阳光小妹啦!“ And who knows he agreed as well and supported with my decision… haha! Well, it may not be the most ideal name for this drama but since I’ve always treated you guys as my ‘天使’ , this sure is meaningful to me :-)
Turns out Sunshine angel was really from Chun...And I hope everyone knows that the MV script creation for Cherish your heartache.=(xintengnidexinteng)---was also by Wu Zun

If 如果

(如果) if only, i took the time to get to know you, we could have of probably been good friends by now...wo shi zhen de ben dao for not talking to you! Yes i do regret it...i hate how i always let my chances slip away! Im such a chicken! what is there to be so scared about?

if only i haven't let my chances slip. wei shen me?如果你回來我承諾,我會盡力去認識你!Yes right now im really hopeless...小美! 好美!請幫幫我吧!

~小林 xiao lin~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


why? why is life unfair,
why does hao mei keep thinking of you
why do you have to appear in my head
why again, will my summer be alone, again, like in the past
i wanna do so many things, but yet i cant

congrats to CALVIN! 4 having a girlfriend! :).

Monday, May 23, 2011

how is everyone doing?..

how is everyone doing? i havent been on in the longest time ever
im doing okayish, not that well, but right now as im sitting here typing this, im also begging myself, my teachers to let me go, on the last day of school, to let me go see my cousin 4 the last time, my week has been sooo busy, i've learned so many things this month, but there are some things i miss, and will miss, but i want my cousin to R.I.P and if there is really next life time, i want to met him again, i've cried for you, I'd making a slide show for you, stayed up nights making it just 4 you,even when i had school the nest day and also because i was asked to by some1 special to you, but in the end, my slide-show for you, just got threw out, went down the drain, because a cousin showed up, and took over, im noting bragging or anything, but the pple who saw my slideshow like mines better....a lesson learned 4 me? i think so, being taken 4 granted, is not every nice, but ey, its not the first time that is happened to hao mei right?  im sry Cousin, Rest In Peace, and dont worry about your parents, true familys are there for each other, even when 1 is left out, some1 will remember....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How's everyone doing lately? Hoping that you guys don't work too hard!
Just wanted to check up on you guys!
Well, there's been a lot of things going through my mind!
A lot of best friend stuff...wondering if there's anyone there in my world already.
I've been feeling mixed emotions lately.
But then,
Jiro is shooting in Absolute Boyfriend!(OMG!) Jia you!
I'd like to say Jia You to you all.
Jia You!
Huang Hao Mei!
Li Xiao Mei!
(wo zhi dao na ni zuo bu dao! but then Jia you! shi mei you guan xi shen me shi hou wo men jue nan guo...mei ge ren you ta men de times...hao bu hao!)

~Tang Xiao Lin~

Friday, May 13, 2011

eh? wo shi she me?

Xiao Mei isnt going to even translate this...
wo rang ni men jue de hen nan guo me? wo bu gu yi de...
I have confindence dui bu qi...fei lun hai Jia You!!!
I wished I can do more to make wo de hao peng you feel like they are the most special ever...
dui bu qi wo zuo bu dao...dui bu qi
I'll be here...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

what i am hoping to see in the future

I was watching fahrenheit's world tour and this just popped up on my head...knowing that fahrenheit is really busy and everything...but then here's something that i would like to see out of them...Ya Lun!(aaron) i'd like to see you make an ancient movie! Calvin! I wanna see you make a drama and become the guy main lead. Dadong!(Jiro) can't wait till your done with shooting " the house!"  I would totally find the movie and buy it! maybe get a copy for Hao Mei and my cousin...pretty sure that hao mei will get there before i can though...and for Chun...i wanna see a vampire movie...
also wanted to make a shout out to everyone!
Jia You!
~xiao lin~

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Xie Xie

xie xie xiao lin, really, but i know what u mean, not believing that best friends are not real, but if u really believe, & give it time, i believe, u soon will believe that best friends can be real :) Like u & me, i consider u 1 of my best friends, cause i can tell that u are a good friend, really, but its okay, just give it time, :) ill always be here, and always a phone call away to! hahaah lolz, thanks 4 giving me courage, and u to have to JIA YOU!!!
wo ai ni & xiao mei & fei lun hai & etc! ahhaha lolz

Hao Peng You

Never really had a best friend....dont believe in it. I also dont think that im that much of a good friend either.
Never that good at expressing my feelings. I wish that I could be, but then I'm a person who doesnt have any confidence in myself. No matter how much i try to look for those " best friends" i dont think that its true. I've seen many people who say they have best friends. Makes me really envious.
On the other side, although i didnt find best friends, im getting there. Found good friends which just takes me a few more years to gain trust...hopefully...
Huang Hao Mei! ni shi wo de yi hao(good) peng you! wo bu xi huan kan ni xiang na!
I am very serious. Never really had anyone other than one of my cousins to talk to about my life. I see many people at school who has their best friends to hand out with while im always alone. Always wishing for that best friend to come and comfort me and make me laugh really hard that it will make me cry. Calling me most of the nights, and makes sure that im having a good life. "living life the fullest" is what people always tell me, but then how could i do that whenever there's no happiness in my life? I'm always someone that who sits with my classmates and they end up moving...am i that horrible?
Huang Hao Mei,
ni bu shi yi ge ren hao bu hao! Even though I'm far away, I'll always be here to support you! I'm just a phone call away. Even though you see a friend stress out and is not able to help, its alright to say things, this shows that you care. There is a view two to things, the negative and the positive view. I know that its hard to look at the postive view, but then try looking at the bright side. I Promise that i would never let you have the feeling of being alone whenever im there!
Jia You Huang Hao Mei!

Xiao Lin

Friday, May 6, 2011

shi yinwei wo bugou hao

right, shi yinwei wo bugou hao, a person can only take so much stress, once they are pass their stress line and it went over, they fall, hard, not knowing how to move forward
when a girl cant take it no more, at a certain point and time, they cant do nothing, so the tears just fall out, like no other, theres no way to stop it, but just to cry a few mins, even an hour or so, but just letting it out, can be best, at some point
Hao Mei bugou hao
being the only daughter is tough, working, all the time, sometimes, i just wish some1 help pitch in, and actually do something without being ask, instead of depending on me all the time, have they ever though, what if im not here no more, what if one day im gone, whos gonna do all the stuff 4 u guys when im gone huh? Im a girl, im bond to get married, someday
Im not that great of a friend to ehh,
I can only watch some of my friends suffer, and do nothing to help, only can watch them, because if u say something or do something, ur'll just make it worst, so all u can do is stand by her/his side, and stand there
Am i easily appealed by my peers, can i only wait, till some1 does something, then 4 me to do? Does my mouth say things its not suppose to, and make it look like i have no manners?  Am I being to selfish?
shi de, ji mo ji mo jiu hao
one of my view of life is, im always willing to be your friend, as long as ur'll willing to be 1 back ,
but i guess, not every1 is very friendly
im always willing to forgive, but to a point, i've lost my trust..but that wont bring me down,
*sigh* im sry, i just had to write 4 a bit, but i guess this is only some of what im feeling, but i should get going,
Remember you guys, no matter how much heavy load u put on me, ill find a way back, somehow..
ANYWHO, bye!
im sry guys, ~XIAO MEI, XIAO LIN, & JEANINE!
even if im not the best friend ever, i hope u guys 4 give me, but i dont blame u if u guys dont :)
~Hao Mei

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hahaha everyone! i fixed the lyric page!!!
muhahhaha lolz ahah anddd soo i was looking at xiao lin's thing she put down, ahha i like it! haha but guess what?!!!
ahhaha wellz, if u look at mine and xiao lin
ahah they're not that long
ahah look at xiao mei's
ahahha lolz okay okay, my bad ahah i was just in the mood to make fun of her :P
haha okay
outta here! 4 now!
bye everyone!
also xiao lin and xiao mei and ji nie

Monday, May 2, 2011

whatsss up!

hahaha lolz u guys, i would like to introduce u guys to xiao lin
another 1 of xiao mei and me! also 1 of our very good friends!!! shes awesome! ahaahh lolz!