Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aaron Yan's concert

Taiwan singer, Aaron Yan held his “Insomnia music concert” in Hong Kong on 13th July at Star Hall, attracting a large number of fans, amongst which some carried “BuFu (Aaron +Puff)” posters. Recently, he and his co-star Puff Guo have be rumoured to be dating. Unfortunately, Aaron did not appreciate it, telling fans to stop randomly pairing him up with others. For this show in Hong Kong, aside from intensely learning Cantonese, he also sung a cover to Leslie Cheung’s “Chase.”

Blowing kisses to fans as remedy Aaron Yan invited Popu Lady’s Liu Yu Shan to be a special guest at his concert, the two sung and danced on stage together, causing fans to be jealous and yell. Unexpectedly, during the singing and acting performance, the fake kiss actually turned real, Aaron said on stage, “Aiyo, I got Liu Yu Shan’s lipstick on me.” Fans immediately complained loudly, he joked that he can invite everyone on stage for a compensatory kiss [LOL!!! I can’t even], in the end he sent flying kisses to the fans, saying “you are all my dearest, Love you!”

When Puff Guo is mentioned, he could not stop smiling. After the concert, Aaron attended the celebration party, as for the accidental kiss, Aaron explained, “originally the headset should have blocked the kiss, but this time it accidently slipped down, causing me to unintentionally kiss her, it didn’t feel too bad, since at that time, I was too involved in the song, but I do feel very apologetic towards Liu Yu Shan.” He admitted that he was scared that fans would get jealous, he hopes that everyone can understand. As for fans who support “BuFu” pairing, Aaron said, “this time Puff Guo did not attend because she is busy with work in Taiwan, hopefully she is able to come next time. (Did she show her support?) She left a message telling me to Jia You. When filming, she would always be singing Xie Jie Yan’s “Jie Jie,” causing me to get that song stuck in my head, I was scared I would accidently sing it out loud on stage." When Puff is mentioned, Aaron could not stop smiling , he is afraid that fans will get jealous but expressed that he will not use that as a reason to not film intimate scenes, he hopes fans can understand that it is for his work.

Original source: Hong Kong Sina Enterainment

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