Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunshine Angel PREVIEW

I'm sure everyone is worked up with Fahrenheit's issues lately the Arron haters sorry I cant do much Calvin and Jiro are really close and Arron has all of chun's parts to sing and you expect him to feel okay!!! Anyhow I know there are still fans out there that want to see Sunshine Angel...and if you read the earlier blog post you should know that the name was chosen by CHUN!!! as a true FLH Fan with no basis..I say Fahrenheit and Chun JiaYou!!!
here is the link:

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Kingdom !Previews!

WuZun and SJ's Han Geng along with Barbie Hsu who instead of going on her honeymoon chose to stay and shoot The Kingdom>>>>PREVIEWS!
***love them***I'm truly anticipating this more than anything...I love chun and han geng is probably my fav. superjunior is an idol I admire too..hmmm...100% LOVE

heres the link:


Absolute Boyfriend Preview is Out!!!

This isnt the best preview but it is a preview!!! ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND!!!
<3Jiro...cant wait to see this...Ku Hye Sun is so cute..hehe she's not beautiful and not hideous and is a really talented girl....I admire her in a way! but Jiro is absolutely gonna win fans hearts again....I hope this doesnt air at the same time as SunShine Angel though that'd be bad...they usually dont do two flh dramas at once...
I must throw in though...I'm hesistating b/c Kun Da is in this...(ENERGY's CUTIE)...Yes I love Fahrenheit with all my heart no lie...but ohh~~~ I'm probably gonna be envious till the end...huh?

heres the link:

Enjoy!!!<3 Dadong Jia You!!!...KunDa I love you....Hye Sun Hwaitting!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


 This month, of June, has been :|

 So I was listening to Rainie Yang's song, Ai Mei, and idk why, but tears came from my eyes, I guess with everything happening around me, things that make me happy, & things that make me sad, everything, that song was the song i was just listening to the right moment to me hit hard.
This 1 person in my life, is a very important person in my life. She taught me, Was there, somewhere, 4rm little to now, and in the future she will be, Weishema? now, I feel like your drifting away from me? The words that we speak, its not the same, the feeling of the way you act around me, is not the same, it doesnt feel the same, I can accept change, but then what i cannot accept is you not replying to me, or is it a part of life?
Or are you thinking something, that I dont wish for you to think, and is pushing me, so i know? There are so many unanswered questions, but can i really just sit here, and feel sorry for myself?
NO, thats why I'm pushing myself, So I know, But I really want you to understand, right, I know it's not my parents fault that I have no sister, ha, I blame myself, cause I Can't be that special daughter you want :) Or at least it feels so. I love You Mom&Dad! every much, but I want you guys to know, that in a hmong girl's life, like all you elder's always say it, a girl only borrows her parents house to stay in, till she goes off and gets married, you guys may think that, but down my life, down my road, i will always have time for you guys, just that, I'm not gonna be here forever
My dear brothers, I know we fight, we argue, but thats just part of being siblings, I know you guys look after me, cause im your only sister, but please do remember all the things we gone through together, you can easily take a person for granted, but try not to, try doing things for yourself sometimes ahha :P

Watch out life, this is me expressing my thinking for you guys to hear, read it or not, its your choice to read, dont like it, not my fault, I'm tired, but yet, I'm moving forward, You may think of me whatever, but please dont judge me, till you have gotten to know me, I have not hate-en any1 that i know of, but once you say things i really really dont like, I have learn to react fast, and but at the same time, control my temper, regarding my volleyball team, ha, let them talk, let them talk till their heart desire, but those who are strong, stay strong, and learn to fight back the right back, I know we have very little team members, but I believe, but as i say it, even if the whole world is against me, i will find a way to stand up again, I fail/doubt myself a lot, but till I gain enough confidence, I will not stop pushing myself


IDK if u guys read this, but if u did, lets get ready for a match! I'm not gonna worry about those who doesnt want to practice and doesnt show up, I'm only gonna worry about those, who DOES give me an effort, and is NOT scared to speak up to me, when they think something can be changed
I cant work around everyone's schedule, i know your busy, but you can only do what you are allowed to, to !

AHHHH! I can scream my head off, my shoulder are stressed, but hello world, i'll met you soon!

I may feel like pple are drifting away 4rm me, but I'm Not giving up, w/o a fight!

Wu CHUN!! JIA YOU! i know maybe not everything is turning out how u want it to be, but please do remember your health okay!


Wu Chun Official Out of Fahrenheit-June 22,2011

HIM announced in an official statement on 22 June 2011 that Wu has left Fahrenheit and the group will continue as a trio! Since 2006 until 2011 Wu Chun has been part of HIM with Fahrenheit our hearts only four now we look and it seems as though they are not complete but no one should hold grudges because he hasnt left us entirely he will be there for us on the BIG SCREEN! Wu Chun your decision is final and the company has let you go and we as fan are even more sure now that Fahrenheit still will not disband but we also believe a TRIO can work!!! MALE VERSION of they can represent Fei Lun Hai these 3 character that actually mean nothing together in chinese(*note* Fahrenheit is wen du in chinese FLH was a homophone)
SIGMA now rising and Fahrenheit now taking on solos, and with S.H.E's recovering I wish HIM the best!

Calvin Chen Feels What We fans we want the smile on his face back!

This picture is the one calvin chen used to express his feelings of Fahrenheit right now...or express his feeling of missing Wu Zun and the 4 of them together...on his weibo post calvin posted:

Cannot be undone, that each of us stood on the stage and shined, together we laughed and together we cried, is it not?

Like it is a memory only to him our sunshine boy we wish you well.....Everyone quickly Calvin's Smile must remain...ok ok i'm exaggerating a little bit but really Chen Yiru do your best we will support you all the way!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yalun's JP The Next Yan Yalun 45 sec. preview

Everyone fell in love with Fahrenheit's youngest member when he came out with his album "The Next Yan Yalun" with his first primary song in which he stripped without to exhibit his taking off the idol look so we see im not as a pretty boy from a manga but as Yan Yalun himself an artist with the heart and passion to sing!!! We love you Aaron Yan and of course he will not forget his fans in Japan!!! Thats right ladies and gentlemen he's taken yet another step that even Tian Fu Zhen (HEBE) has not...a Japan EP/Single??!!?? Who knows...but for now after "Stay With You","Treasure","Only You" with Fahrenheit Aaron Yan presents to us :
"The Next Me" Japanese Version
here is a link to youtube-

**credit on vid to-99yuchi**

note:i chose this video b/c the sound was better and the vid was awesome hehe lol!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Buffet-still the ultimate heart breaker-lil clip on the past

I've been thinking and thinking and I really want to know exactly which group has more if your following our blog or ever come across this please answer my question...
Who do you prefer in Love Buffet
AhYi and Xiao Feng or Da Ye and Xiao Feng
out of all dramas I've seen this is definetly the one that made my heart beat so much that I almost couldnt breathe, actually in Ep.5 or 6 I thought I was gonna go crazy b/c I couldnt see the next me crazy but the ending did kill it was the most random thing in the world did she end back up with Calvin*DaYe* No offense I love em both...I truthfully would want someone more like Aaron's character I guess the problem though was...1. AhYi is a nice guy who has a bad mouth lol  2. AhYi loves with full heart and never gets it back and 3. AhYi isnt Da Ye the first one Xiao feng fell for....hmmm okay sorry its just I see more AhFeng fans than DaFeng fans..(hehe petnames) wellz...sorry everyone but I watched this drama again and still went...BABUMPBABUMP...NO BREATHING...BABUMPBABUMP...NOOOOO!!!!
and I knew wat was coming....Xiaomei is so weird....Okay anyway if anyone who has followed this blog hasnt heard then heres something funny-----

Aaron-Calvin-Reen excahnge #s

Turns out when Love Buffet started shooting all the people on set exchanged numbers well when Aaron Yan Yalun and Reen Yu Hong Yuan exchanged numbers it turned out that they already had eachothers numbers! They later figured they had met before through one of Aaron's friends....oh and on set the director commented that the three are like they seem in the drama...playful Calvin and Aaron teasing Reen and her trying to get him back and Calvin/Aaron both picking on her...haha wat a happy trio...I wouldnt mind seeing these three again...but lets switch the storyline okay?:]

Monday, June 20, 2011


Time, Time can simply change it all
In a matter of time, you can be somewhere else, far far away
Far away 4rm the pple you love and cherish
but do the pple whom known you for life really do cherish you?
does it seam to you, like they take you for granted?
Family is a big part of life, yes, you can love them a lot, they mean a lot to you, but at times, you take them for granted huh?
Being taken for granted, is not fun, and not at all
It hurts

It seams like everything, they want you to do, and it seams like that to you to
when you do something wrong
you get blamed
when they do something wrong to you
all the can simply say is sorry, or not even say is at all
at times, you want to disapear, but you know you cant
you have to move forward

do you believe in the statement, "some were just meant to be alone"??

I wish i could lock away my tears, if only i knew how
I wish i wasn't so soft heart-ed  
I wish i could do things better to suit your liking
I wish, I wish,
its only words,
But thanks you, for letting me learn
for everything
I know I'm not good enough for you,
But I'm simply me,
ha, I'll try my best
But i'm only HUMAN,
i can only do so much
forgive me, cause im not #1
my efforts went to waste, but i hope some will stay, if only...

~Huang Hao Mei

Hao Mei was HEre!

the saying
"it never hurts to ask"
i do not believe. I've asked and asked, at times, you never answer, then in the end, you say something i didn't expect, I once did believe that statement, when i was younger, but now i know, it does hurts to ask, depending on the subject, ha, i guess its life
what i don't want, i have but what i need, i don't have

I need an inspiration to play Volleyball !
Of course I am very excited to play and everything, :) totally cant wait, but sometimes when you sit down and think, you feel outta place, you know what i mean?

I also need to loose weight, yes i know xiao mei, and xiao mei
you guys can yell at me all u want, but i do feel, chubby then the rest of u ahah
HAO MEI'S just hanging in the corner

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Purple House Cast Main Leads...chemistry is well for the two good friends

Jiro Wang and Tong Liya both showed up for promotional activities always handsome and beautiful, the two wishes everyone to enjoy their hard work in Purple House...Jiro Wang who was one of the most wanted male leads has taken the step into Purple House with the mood of a Horror movie which the set he describes is the opposite more of a Comedy movie?! The anticipation of "The House" or Purple House grows as the date of the premeire nears...SEPTEMBER!!!

Jiro (dadong) & Tong Li Ya looking nice in white!

Jiro&LiYa the day they spoke of The House airing in Sept.
**credits to weibo**

Aaron Yan Yalun 6-11 Yi Chu Ji Fa Concert~touch and go concert Pics update

Yan Yalun showed up dressed handsomely in this full pitch black outfit...with the feeling again of someone who walked out of a manga...sorry but really he look to me like one of those superman idols here...hehe

He opened his concert this time showing us that ROCKER not only exist in his bandmate Jiro Wang's hand and heart but also his own...the music loving Aaron brought his Rocker to the stage!!!6-11

The mood was just perfect when the song "zui hou yi yen" "just one look" showed up and the special guest of the night Olivia Ong appeared....She complimented Aaron on how he looked so handsome that night Aaron hilariously answered "I know." (hahaha)

Aaron Yan Yalun and Junior Olivia Ong

Just One Look @ Aaron Yan and Olivia Ong

Later that night Aaron didnt stop his charming...he brought out his "Charming Prince" in White...playing his last song in the album-"The Truth That You Leave"


After this great concert Aaron Yan Yalun Admitted "I'm still feeling so excited!!! I finally acheived this dream!"
And those who have supported Aaron these past 5 years should also know that he has always had the dream of standing on the stage and singing to us...

Aaron Yan and his Behind the Scenes President...hehe lol funny story everyone should know already...

[from left to right]
yan yalun's sister, yan yalun's mother, Aaron Yan Yalun, yan yalun's grandmother, I havent seen the last man in this picture but i'm sure its his relative....

  炎亞綸你有加油!!! 我們都很愛你!!! 一觸即發成功!!!

***credits goes to***weibo,fb,yes entertainment


Xie Xie Xiao Mei for making me cry! Darn you! but yea, im back home! so we can soon talk again!
But really Thanks for Xiao Mei and Xiao Lin for always being there! you guys are really the best! and i miss you guys! wanna talk, and see you guys soon! <3 <3 <3 <3
As for my mom, i know she is strong. but im not strong enough ahha..

Love Hao MEi!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hao Mei Jia You

When you fell SHE helped you up
If you ever needed something SHE was there
Everytime you were sick SHE took care of you
Through the years you tend to not think of HER
There will be times you can not stand the sight of HER
Occasionally you dont want to hear HER voice
But you know deep inside you SHE is your one and only loving

I know you know well how important she is to you and even if you dont know it your mother is HECKA STRONG honey so dont worry too much b/c sadly I KNOW that Huang Hao Mei's Mama will never fall till the day she sees her daughter having her own family and she is all old and wrinkly to the point where she cant even say "Do the Laundry" without taking big breathes in between YOUR MOM is a SUPERMOM I want to say....

HAO MEI JIA YOU:] not only is she gonna be healthy forever but she will be with you forever<3

my beloved mei mei, please let me know when I can talk to you again....I miss you and I wish you and your mother well...forever loving you XiaoMei jie jie....

thank you for caring about me jie jie....I will be fine dont worry too like to think and it makes you unhappy so...I wish you a thoughtless SUMMER~! Ai Ni oh~!<3

Wu Zun out of FAHRENHEIT!!!

The bad news has arrived Yan Yalun (Aaron) not wanting the media to change anything came out himself and spoke to the public at a movie premeire that Chun Wu Zun was no longer in Fahrenheit...he expressed even though it will be new to have only 3 on the stage instead of 4 the power of 3 is different and excellent still in its own way....
The news may take Fahrenheit's fans a while to accept but...Chun's father isnt doing very well and he is very happy with his career even though we wont see him with his brothers in the next album but we can anticipate Chun's booming career in the Movies...and who knows he may make it real big and end up in the states....!<3....
As wu zun's Angels...Chunnie we love you and will always love you...If you are a real FLH/Chun fan you will support their decisions...I support you all...forever only my heart I know I will love you more and more Fahrenheit-飛輪海 加油加油加油!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

xiao lin says

I'm getting really annoyed with all those rumors....wishing fahrenheit the best and all my good friends! Words for Hao Mei. I'm wishing you the best right now! Hoping that your mom will get better! I know that she will! Jia you on everything you do! I honestly dont wanna think about volleyball until i get my drivers...i feel very pressured...dont wanna make you pressured too!
Xiao Mei! dont push yourself too hard ok?!
Good luck you two!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hao Mei !

ahhhhhhhh! whatever happened to my spiking skills! god, i know i suck, but what happened to them?! I must learn to get it back, practice, push forward! JIA YOU!
team members, i need team members, but the thing that really really sucks, is Xiao Mei wont be here, 4 not even 50% of the practices, -___- also jeanine! I wonder if i can take on, Captain is not even gonna be here, weishema wo?
I'm not good enough to lead the team! but you know what? b/c of something my mind told me, i will push forward :) cause whoever that person, that wants to form a team against us, ni jia you, b/c my will power is growing haha!

please get well, i know im not the best daughter, not good at everything, like you want me to be, but please get better, no 1 can replace my you mommy, today, what u said in the car, hit me hard, but i rather not think about that! because i know, my mom, is a strong lady, she'll get through this, and get well, cause she's my mom, and idc what u say!

Something has been bothering me lately..but idk, i know something is, but idk what that thing is...
*sigh* for get it

Monday, June 13, 2011

The latest on Aaron Yan's Concert

I was on the web and figured maybe no sites will have anything on Arron's concert since its only been a few days...Lies! I found a ya go!

The video only shows a little bit here and there but Fahrenheit sent flowers to Arron unable to be present! Arron's Mom,Grandma, and Ah Ben of Choc-7 did show up for his concert...he came out in all black a new visual for many..manly and charming YES! but for his piano track "the truth that you leave" it was the Charming White Prince!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aaron Yan likes to wear larger size underwear then his size?!

the red underwear!?!?! to go with his hong(famous/red) album!
For support on his concert on the 9th of June his fans gave him a "RED UNDERWEAR" the reporters then asked it he minded and was the size was right for him...Aaron openly expressed that he actually wears a larger size then he is..."I wear a M in underwear but I buy L to its a habit."(LOL) Aaron made some fruit juice for his beloved lucky fans and has been given the name Taiwan's "Da Tian Wang" (Big Sky God) ...wondering if he feels really happy being know to have yea...*sorry cant write it* but anyhow he only replied..."Happy?...more like what Luo Zu Ren and Ho Da Ge(Peter Ho?!) said "Mom gave birth to me well!"...then he said he was glad to go to Korea again b/c Fahrenheit doesnt get to go there very often they brought up that when he doesnt talk he looks grumpy and unhappy Aaron came out and said " Really I think majority of the time I'm 80% happy!" Aaron Yan Concert on JUNE 11 Sucess!!!

Wang Dadong

Well Wang Dadong's trailer of The Purple House. Seems pretty good to me...I likey...Cant wait to see this movie!


I want to believe, but you showed me not to
I want know so many things, but you dont tell me so
I want
I want..
But what about My need?
I need your support, So I can believe
I want to know, So I can improve
I need
I need...
for you to understand
not criticize,
but, i have fail ehh?
maybe in your eyes, i have failed to you, thats why, I quit trying,
but its okay, even if the whole world turns up against me,
I'm still me
everything i do, is simply my way, if you dont like it, then i wont try, so you will like me, cause there's no use changing, 4 someone.

Its b/c I'm not good enough
To everyone else, they praise me,
But I dont believe
Because, the person I want most to, doesn't, so I choose not to

Becareful, you can kill a person, by your actions & words

~Hao Mei 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The new picture

My friends shouldnt mind too much that I put my picture up...I sent it to Jiro on weibo(chinese twitter) but my responses were pretty good...I'm glad! anyhow though I would like to share that this picture is to bring back that memory of Fahrenheit during SUPERHOT when it came out! I feel that a lot of fans are worried about whether or not Fahrenheit will break up...I want to assure you we as fans give them the power to be together they are all grown MEN now...(well yalun's a kid at heart) however they made their choice to allow wu chun to go home and take care of his ill it wrong of Chun to care for family....NO! no matter how famous you are please think of your family it keeps you sane and human!!! So Fahrenheit no matter what will NOT disband I BELIEVE in then no MISUNDERSTANDING will get in the way of my SUPPORT for taiwan's hottest boyband!!!
so jia you flh!

xiao lin xie xie ni I'll jia you and do my best to fly us to taiwan!!!
friends are here for eachother I really hope one day we can all record together and I wanna tell you
"You are a special girl who cherishes more than I ever have so please look after yourself more, jie jie you always tell me to look after its your turn"

...xiao lin's mind

Was thinking about what my best friends life...I feel like i'm always pushing their boxes... -___- I feel so useless...what kind of friend am I?
what kept coming to my mind isn't at ease because my friends aren't either...
Everything can be expresses so beautifully...
Even the most sweetest things can soon be sour...that's why you must cherish it...
I really wish for my BFF's to have the best luck in their life...
I'm always here to support ni men! jia you!
good luck to everyone!
~Xiao Lin~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 11 anticipation

Well since June is here its only right if our blog post something new say a concert is about to happen like say that concert includes...our Beloved Winter Prince Arron Yan Yalun!!! He is gonna hold his concert for his new EP! The Next Yan Yalun (Xia Yi Ge Yan Yalun) He has held one other concert which was on his birthday 11/20/10 of last year this year he will be on the stage again and who knows what our beloved Prince will bring us...will it be his Cute expressions...his matured Voice....his Mezmerizing eyes or will it be The Next Aaron... A side all of us would of never have seen before...He intend to sing a few english songs also because 6 songs just isnt enough...performance shall include 1.Xia Yi Ge Wo (the next me) 2.Zhi Kan Jian Ni(I can see nothing but you) 3.Yi Chu Ji Fa(Touch and Go) 4.Hu Ran Zhi Jian ( Suddenly) 5.Zui Hou Yi Yan(Just one glance) 6.The Truth That You Leave(Piano) 7.Mad Day 8.Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You 9.Yellow....and possible songs are 1)Ru Guo Mei You Ni and some Fahrenheit songs...Who Knows We can only anticipate...everyone Wish Aaron all the Luck you can have!!!

Quote for Aaron:
"Those who sing songs with Heart&Passion hold the most amazing voice of all...."-李小美
Aaron Yan your voice is amazing....

***credit to:Aaron's Pudding***

Friday, June 3, 2011

Message from Xiao Lin

Hi! How's everyone doing lately? Well there's nothing really going on, but thinking about Xiao Mei...and I am so excited to play Volleyball with Hao Mei, Xiao Mei, and Jie Ni! I hope it turns out well...cause my summer is always so boring. Wishing Xiao Mei could come soon and to be able to see Hao Mei soon....
Jia You everyone!
Hao Mei
Xiao Mei

Thursday, June 2, 2011


If ignoring a person is the best way for them to know that there is not gonna be anymore further relationship then being friends, will you do it?
after time and time, if the guy keep trying, but in the end, fail, because that girl is not willing to be his girl anymore, if you were that girl, what would u think ehh?
letting go of someone may be hard, but welcome to reality, if that person is not meant to be, then you have to move forward, it doesn't mean to completely erase him/her from your mind, its just facing reality. of course you can think of him/her from time to time, but learn that there's a limit, after you exceeded over that limit, you have to stop, because after pushing that limit, may cause you to fall hard.

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you fail, you gotta learn to get back up on your feet, and thats why in this world, there is such things known as BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE! :D ahah really, but anywho

Volleyball =]

Xiao Lin is gonna get to play with us! I'm so EXCITED! but i also wish for her to have LOTS of confidence, because i believe in her, i know she will pass her driver's license, remember practice makes perfect :) and also over-becoming a fear, can add lots of experience and knowledge

As for what i heard, sure someone wants to play, form a team to go against us, I'll admit, your pretty good at playing volleyball, no lie, but i just want to tell you that, as for our team, even if we loose when we play against you, know that we wanted to have fun, so thats why we played, wanted some time to hang out with friends, and play a sport that we all love, we may not be good at it, but as long as we had FUN! :) but im just saying, even though i dont know you well, i somewhat know you, and that counts. ahha, im not doubting out team XIAO LIN&XIAO MEI! im just SAYING! :D
we all have to JIA YOU! cause i want to play a good game :) ahhaha lolz

Xiao Mei !
you have to remember to COME BACK SOON!! :'( you cant let your mei mei all alone in the summer ehh?! and also WE GOTTA GO PLAY! come back SOON! so we can go PLAY VOLLEYBALL! and HANG OUT! :D im not kidding, dont let us wait long! really, waiting is a BURR! XIAO LIN&HAO MEI ARE WAITING TILL THE DAY U COME BACK!
we're so worried about u!so take care of yourself and  remember to EAT!
remember what we said, if u come back and ur twice as skinny, thennnnnnnnn WE'RE GONNA SHOVE FOOD/FAT up ur mouth, ahhaha nonono, its not a threat, its a friendly suggestion! HA!
wellz, this is it for now!
- <3 -