Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bloody Dolls Trailer

"Bloody Dolls" trailer...
I don't have much to say about the trailer, Jiro still seems a bit stiff in areas but then again we don't know much about his character.
Enjoy...(not in the dark tho)

Wu Chun updates Chunzone

Wu Chun is back on ChunZone!!!
(Photo credits as applied)

He notes that he watched White House Down and I have to admit I also enjoyed it! Its a great movie. And similar to Chun it shows what "Not giving up" really means!

Rainie Yang Malaysia Concert Jiro Wang as Special Guest

Rainie Yang has been busy with her Love Voyage Concert covering all of Asia...
Now she is on her concert destination "Malaysia" and her special guest has made hundreds of fans so excited!
"That's Right!" 
Jiro Wang!!! After 12yrs finally released his own solo album "What are you waiting for?"
Rainie happily updated her weibo saying 
"In the entertainment industry there are people you can't help but see and there are people that once you've become friends they will always be there for you!" 

Jiro also updated his weibo:
"I'm so excited that Rainie is such a great and obedient girl, so of course I'd happily show up for her concert! This is what friends are for!" 

Rainie & Jiro on the stage together reminds everyone of the Glory days of 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wu Zun present during the screening of "Man of Steel"

During the opening screening of the superman movie "Man of Steel", Superman Wu Chun couldn't be missing! 
As a fan of the superhero himself Chun was exciting as were billions of other fans of superman for the premiere of  "Man of Steel"....
The action n script gave depth to the once only Marvel hero who later became known as leader of the Justice League. 

Chun proudly presented himself to enjoy a movie he has anticipated for a while :) 

Exclusive!!! Shower Photos from "Just You"

If its not that Aaron Yan is covered in that has you smiling then it must be that he is wet or rather maybe just because he is shirtless~!
After his full nude attempt in 2011 I'm sure majority of fans have not only realized that this young boy is now a man but a man with a very fit body.
He isn't breaking out with muscles like his fellow bandmates but he is comfortably fit and so a little exposure can't hurt! 

Settv are geniuses have Puff's and Aaron's bathing scenes separated will and can separate the ratings. In the following episode not only does the power go out but the water will two!
Qi Yi who is still showering demands for Liang Liang to find him water but knowing her luck...well the next accident isn't something unlucky... but he is her boss so seeing him shower may be a little awkward!? 
The score is even now...He saw her; She saw him...
Settv's Just You shows every Friday Night at 10pm!!!

"I will make you fall in love with me!!!!"
      -Cheng LiangLiang

"I don't like people in my company" 
       -Qi Yi 

Aaron will have a Photobook out in August!

先偷偷跟大家正式地宣佈,我已經在籌備我人生中意義上的第一本文字寫真書了喔 ! 是一本關於“台北”、關於“夢”、關於“我”的作品。除了大家熟悉的台北熱門場景,這次我也會帶領大家更深入走進一些不為人知的秘密景點,想透過文字和寫 真,用說故事的方式跟大家分享台北許多充滿我個人回憶,還有凝聚了我無限靈感的城市。總之想來台北玩的人、想收藏厲害的寫真的人、或想聽聽我的故事的人, 都請現在開始用力期待吧 !


"Let me sneakily, but officially inform everyone that I am already preparing for my first ever text photobook! It’s going to be a book about “Taipei", about “Dream" and about “Me". In addition to famous Taipei landmarks, this time I will also be directing everyone to some secret attractions which very little people know about. By using a story-telling format of words and photos, I want to share with everyone all the memories that I have developed in Taipei and also the city which had given me unlimited inspirations. It doesn’t matter if you are one that wants to travel to Taipei, one that wants to collect awesome photobooks, or one that wants to hear my story, just please all anticipate!"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aaron Yan outside of a school shooting for a Magazine

Looks like someone getting ready for another front page~issue!
Actually Aaron is just modeling for another japanese style clothesline and is having the set taken outside of a local school.

Sweet and simple is how he expressed the new look. Its relaxing and comfortable nothing to worry about and I feel great so its wonderful! Aaron still ran into fans though obviously and many of them soo very anxious as to why he suddenly showed up, of course the idol randomly shows up at many schools like last time when shooting for his "The Moment" MV...
Well keep your eyes open for Aaron! 

Just You ep2 teaser "Shower incident!"

The second teaser for Ep2 of Just You!!! 
"You've not paid the electricity bills!"

Aaron Yan's character Qi Yi has just moved back to realize that Liang Liang hasn't paid the bills so the power n water are now both off! 
While taking his shower there is no more water then when Liang Liang goes to retrieve the water what incident happens next!!!! 

Jiro Wang's 3D horror movie : "Bloody Dolls" director talks

The director of Bloody Dolls has finally met with the media and taken an interview and when asked upon the difference of the horror in comparison to the others he replied positively: "Our whole storyline and scenario is different from the other horror films that will show at the same time." 

While most horror films will be covering superstitions and other mysterious occurrences this horror movie is taking a different approach! 
The script itself just follows straight into a massive  murder massacre! The average horror movie now in the markets had already taken a turn from the creepy mask and the eerie locations but this time they are all coming back! 
Foggy locations, Deadly screams, and a promising Nightmare. 
(Guys not kidding im getting chills writing this report~~!)
Jiro Wang's first horror film "Purple House" ; was full of illusions and misassumptions...A different vibe lives within this film...
A true 3D Horror... 

Aaron Yan in Hong Kong---His concert~

Aaron Yan went to Hong Kong to perform his second concert for the success of his album "The Moment"
The Insomnia Concert proceeds~ Aaron has been looking forward to seeing his HK fans for a while because of their well known passion! 

He was happy happy upon arrival! 

Ep2 "Just You" Teaser

Episode 2 Teaser
Zhen Liang Liang Mom is staying with the two now but what happens when her mom accidentlu washes his clothes with their clothes!!!
Boss Qi Yi has many issues that bother him and washing his close with others is one of them.
Liang Liang will you get caught !!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Absolute Boyfriends starts airing in Philippines

After success in Taiwan & Japan...Jiro's Absolute Boyfriend heads to Philippines

"Just You" Boss celebrates Puff's birthday!

Today happens to cross someone's birthday in Boss Qi Yi's office...who may it be...possibly...
Happy Birthday Puff!
Puff uploaded on her fb:
"Boss is so sweet! Secretly planned and helped me celebrate my birthday regardless of work hours!"

(random photo that is just silly)

Wu Chun featured in Japan Mag.

(photo credit to WuChun1010fanclub)

Settv family party~

Just You aired on 6/21 and revealed well ratings. Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo now join the late night Settv family shows. 
Lately a drama that has been really grabbing the attention of many viewers was "Two Fathers" (Liang Ge BaBa) ; the show has earned its spot in many viewers hearts but it was soon joined by another delicious hearty show "A Hint Of You" (Mei Wei De Xiang Nian) ; which concludes of a wonderous love triangle and cuisines that are promised to make your stomach growl and minds go crazy for food. 

The cast gathred together to congratulate eachother and to get to know the Settv family more, also to congrats Puff on her first time as a lead and Aaron Yan joining the company. 

"Just You" a story of two people who become owners of the same house and working together, one a boss and the other an employee who will have to do her best to make him love her....
Puff and Aaron have already faced their fill of netizens critisim but the views seem promising :) 

(Aiyo~ Aaron&Puff) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

KO3 aires on 7/5 (First teaser released)

GTV's super series KO3 will start on July 5th airing at 9pm!!!! it will show every night at 9pm with 90minute episodes on Friday Nights!!!

This is the first teaser release: 
"I am the leader" 

With a strong cast and Script that keeps the story alive lets fight for KO3!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Watch Ep1 of Just You (engsubs)

click the link above to watch Aaron Yan's new drama "Just You".

S.H.E 2Gether 4ever concert :Aaron&Puff watch it together

S.H.E 2Gether 4ever concert 
was held 6/22-23 in the Taipei Arena.
The three music queens brought back their hit classics and their newest representative songs!

Opening the show S.H.E shook the crowd with a great opening consisting of "Hua You Kai Hao Le& SHERO" following...
(a move well known by MJ fans) 
Hebe said: "Like Michael lets stand and listen to screams for 5minuted!" 
The girls stunning style was also something to take note on. Not only were the original looks and colors worn by the girls changed but S.H.E can be said to have been ONE person taking on a stage made for legends.

Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo also showed up for the concert with many other stars, all equally saying they expected the best from the three. Puff expressed: "They are a great group and I can't to see them!" 

Aaron expressed after the concert...
"I sat next to the most emotional person in the audience (puff), but watch my seniors (s.h.e) I realized I was watching not just a group of great performers but sisters that had the friendship no one can break and a undeniable power over music." 
[Photo Taken by: Puff Kuo]

[Photo Taken by: Aaron Yan]