Monday, May 5, 2014

"Fall in Love with Me" ep5 RANT!!! Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo~

Episode 5 :D

I haven't ranting on this since the first few episodes but it has been very good! personally i loved the last episode because Tao Le Se if finally realizing that Lu Tian Xing isn't as bad as he seems. After being locked up a whole night in the garage the two's relationship is well, not doing great but better haha!
Aaron's character Lu Tian Xing is obviously crushing hard core on Tao Le Si, he wants to see her 24-7 and in the beginning of this episode he does the same things he did as Xiao Lu, helped her tie her shoe. But upon leaving Tao Le Si doesn't think of LTX rather she is thinking of Xiao Lu!!!

Uncle Fu and Lu Tian Xin run into constant trouble in this episode as well as the last few, Huan Huan is busy and out of the way now but everyone is getting more and more curious about the newbie Xiao Lu... like Where exactly does he live???
Well, you can't take everyone to Lu Tian Xing's house as Xiao Lu, this leave Uncle Fu up to finding a new house and renovating it fast enough for him and everyone else to go buy some food and celebrate for Tao Le Si's birthday bash!
Not too long afterwards though, the series of issues occur.
Xiao Lu decided to take Tao Le Si to relive her memories with her brother. Though she refuses to ride the merry-go-round Xiao Lu has Uncle Fu help with making fire works and them also making it look snow like with confetti.
Returning home though, Xiao Lu fall ill from getting wet while playing games earlier. The next day he is unreachable leaving Tao Le Si to go check on him and taking care of him... later that day once his fever is done the two finally realize that they are more than friends.

Also the level of rivaliary is also happening now, as Miao Miao is making a step forward towards expressing her feelings to Leo, and acknowledging Leo's feelings for Tao Le Si, but what if Tao Le Si likes Xiao Lu... But what if its Lu Tian Xing who also has feelings for Tao Le Si!!!  

Everyone just left the new house, who is back??

Uncle Fu: haha While you're having fun with the ladies, I am doing the work.

Tao Le Si: Good, you're fever is gone now.

Xiao Lu: Tao Le Si, Happy Birthday I am happy to share this moment with you.

the drama is getting better and better <3 I can't wait for next week!

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