Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aaron appears to wish Beatrice Happy Birthday

Happy 24th Birthday to Beatrice Fang! 

From being his beloved Huan Huan in FILWM to becoming someone else's sister in Dear Mom, Aaron Yan made an appearance to greet her with a cake. 
But due to having gain weight the company has assigned her to shed some weight. 

In Dear Mom Aaron also made a special appearance and the ratings hit a new high. The overall rating hit 2.1, but on Aaron's appearance ratings hit 2.85 the highest peak of the whole episode!

Popularity at his highest Aaron did mention on how there are no plans for more dramas yet, but possible movies are underway. 


Monday, December 29, 2014

(Chun)-NeiNei: I miss my Fans daddy.

"Daddy I miss my fans!" says NeiNei :) 
Thats right the new child star, daughter of Fahrenheit's Wu Chun has openly told her father she misses "her fans"~^^

Wu chun showed her their photos and videos while they were in Ireland -Nei Nei after watching the videos told her daddy she missed seeing everyone. The limelight may be harsh for most kids but this little angel seems to have been born for it :) 
Of course Chun has said before "... If she goes into the ent. world I intend on being her manager."

Chun also commented on NeiNei's expression on missing her fans that hedidn't  know what to do with her :) She loves everyone and misses them so much. 
Since the Daddy is back days she still ask about her friends Tian Sheng, William and Olivia ~^^ 

NeiNei I'm sure daddy will take you to meet everyone again :)


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aaron and Gui Gui taking pictures for Choco's January Cover

Aaron's first status on Facebook that he posted was 
"嘿嘿!好久不見的鬼鬼,Bo Bo Bo ,我們怎麼會合體了?!期待嗎?"
He he! Long time no see Gui Gui, Bo Bo Bo, How come we are together? Are you excited?

Translation of the video

A: How have you been?

G:I'm resting.

A:Why are you resting? Resting because...

G: I'm not filming anything so of course I'd rest.

(Aaron and Gui Gui Laughs)

A: I can't continue the conversation anymore.

G:I'm just joking, but for real, I'm taking a break because I think that people at the right time will rest a little bit.

A:Yea, that's right.

G: But I think that I have a little longer precipitate.

(Aaron Laughs)

G: Just to have a little work.



A:Haven't met in 10 years.

G:Are you talking about me?


G:Your really troublesome

A:You yell at her this way?

G:I'm talking about you.

I can't wait for these pictures to be released...too cute! Below are some previews from fans ^_^


Aaron and Calvin New Year's Eve Performances.

Aaron Yan this year will be a busy bee. He will be performing at three different places. Not sure where he is going to perform at first, but the one that starts earliest is at 1. The real question to this is, which one would you go to?

As for Calvin, he would be performing on New Year's Eve at Hsinchu City.


Happy 9th Anniversary to Fahrenheit 飛輪海

This year has been a great year for Fahrenheit. There has been so many things that they have accomplished. Anyways, we would like to wish Fahrenheit a happy anniversary and hope that they would always be successful in anything they do!

Forever Loving Fahrenheit!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Year's Eve Performance

This year, Jiro will be performing in Hong Kong during the New Year's Eve countdown during 12/31/14 evening at the Mall in Tseung Kwan. I believe the even starts at 10.


Fahrenheit Christmas Blessings

The feelings of the holidays are here!
Tomorrow I hear Zhang Jia Lu will spend christmas with everyone, is everyone here!
Merry Christmas~~ hohoho!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Have a good one!

Calvin's Neice and Calvin blesses everyone a Merry Christmas, Peace and happiness, and for all wishes to come true.

Greeting from Fitness Zone!
Our team wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy and remember to exercise after your Christmas feast ya!

7 Days to 2015! End the year Right and have a great 2015!
Our instagram: fitnesszonebrunei

My deepest apologies for not being able to find Aaron's or an official Wu Chun post.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Stay Happy, be safe!!!!

Xiao Lin & Xiao Mei

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Aaron Yan accidental fun cameo in drama "Dear Mom"

The drama "Dear Mom" currently airing everyday on Settv, happens to have a cast and a crew whom are all good friends with Aaron Yan, this is years big winner from the Settv Awards show. Not only did Aaron go visit the cast and crew but also slipped in and landed a character!

This character he has yet to perform! A Mafia leader! I know right, like what! 
But let's be honest they don't come out this handsome, of course Aaron wanted to have an accent, the scars and even the full fledge mafia look of course the crew told him they wouldn't risk his image that much,
Aaron's reply: I have no image I wish to uphold, no idol baggage at all!

The crew happily replied: We have idol baggage~ 
Winning this years Best Actor award usually follows with Cameos occasionally but with no plans to shoot any more dramas currently as he heads to China to work with the "Tiny Times" cast in the making of the musical, and later some movies it may be only at the end we'll see him again on Settv. 

Aaron enjoyed this experience though, working again with Ceng Zi Chao, whom was originally the female lead in Love Buffet before replaced by Reen Yu. And lets mot forget Jia Gai Xian~ "FILWM" all over again! 

Many complimented Aaron on his amusing character and pulling off his image of a Taiwan Mafia so well, so lets all anticipate how this will work out! 


Update on Bloody Dolls

Jiro Wang has a song for his horror movie, Bloody Dolls. He did once perform this song live before in the video link below, however I just forgot to post it up. This song is called " 專屬堡壘 Zhuan Shu Bao Lei Exclusive fortress"


To me, the beginning of this song is similar to a heart aching or a panicking mood, but overall Jiro's voice is very soothing.

Bloody dolls will be released December 31st in 3D. I really want to watch this movie because I love horror films. 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Calvin keeps close with fans (ShangHai)

(All photo credits given in photos-thx to all the great fans)

Calvin Chen recently held his fansmeeting in Shanghai, China - a close and personal with his long time followers and lovers <3 
He shared songs from his album featuring "Hai zai xia tian ne" , "ai lai wu yang"... ect and talked about how much he missed all the fans, since its been over 2years from the last time he really had a up close and personal fans meeting with everyone. 

Later some lucky fans were able to run back with Calvin to HIM in shanghai and even get a close up singing and conversation with Calvin!!! A risky task for an artist but Calvin wanted to show his sincerity and this sure did it :) 


Aaron Yan performs for Christmas/New Year Festival

(2:48:19) Aaron Yan's performance

Aaron Yan was the second to last performance, bringing to the stage a lot of improvement and a lot of charisma. 
His performance of "No Cut" is probably his best live version yet ;) And he just keeps shooting out these charming glances so beware haha <3

Before him are performances from artist
2. Xie Bo An
3. Wei Li An
4.Bai An
5.Xu Jia Ying
6. Li Jia Wei

and after Aaron Yan is the finale performance by Show Luo.

This Christmas/New Year festival basically is celebrated to bring happiness and healthiness to everyone who joins in:) It is quite unique and a very cute celebration.

This year Aaron performs:
1.No Cut
2.That is not me
3.Unstoppable Sun
5.The Unwanted Love

He also had a little surprise for everyone  during Unstoppable Sun by getting off stage to throw candy out into the crowd.
Aaron is joined by his junior Yu Shan of PopuLady  as she assist him in performing 1/2 by him and G.NA (she isn't singingin the   same vocal range as Yu Shan's voice is naturally not as strong, but for last minute she did great)!


Watch Jiro Wang's Tomb Raiders

Jiro Wang plays an orphan, and Ady An is also an orphan....
Their families are tied together because of tomb raiding, and misunderstandings.

She believes he is a good man, but is he?

Watch and find out (btw this is a recorded version so not high quality but watchable) - Also the movie may have skips in parts :) 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Netizens ask Aaron to be next years SETTV AWARDS SHOW host

This year SETTV AWARDS SHOW went by very successful, not only did the viewings stay above 1.5 but they also raised to a high at 2.3 in ratings. 
Over thousands of voters joined in all around the world and helped their beloved idols vote, and as fans watched the videos online, and watched the live streaming (link is below-for ceremony) the views all around the world stayed at a relative high.

The three highest peaks were when:
1)Lego Lee's opening act performance
2)Aaron Yan & Tia Li presented the BEST KISS AWARDS
3) Puff Kuo & Liu Yi Hao presented best couple award

Not only were all the fans happy to see so many actors together but also many fans of the SETTV series commented on one individual specifically- the big winner of the night : Aaron Yan.
Aaron Yan became the focus point after taking home "Best Actor" but before that he already stole the attention with his great charisma- on stage and off stage with the news media.

Aaron Yan cracked jokes, and made silly comments all night long- staying in a good mood and teasing Tia Li all night long along with not letting go of her hand making them the most 
"SHINING COUPLE" of the night with everyone's eyes on them. 
The reason Aaron was the topic of the night after though, had nothing to do with his awards though, but indeed with his charisma charm. "Why doesn't Aaron Yan host next years SETTV AWARDS"
-fans and netizens posted all over and retweeted constantly Aaron Yan should be next years host as he was practically the one sharing the lime light :D

Congrats again to the big winner, and hey since he may not be shooting a drama for sure next year- why not host next years SETTV AWARDS? haha we'd all support!


炎亞綸 現在開始 MV Aaron Yan "Starting From Now" MV releases


Aaron Yan releases his MV for Starting from now. This song was written by F.I.R's A Qin, and is the first song after "Unstoppable Sun" to be leaked to the public- the song itself wasn't heard till it was released in the album itself though. 

The music video collides all of the hard work everyone behind the scenes and Aaron, did to make every part of the albums Cut&Drama possible :) Enjoy its a very smooth but creative video!


Jiro's Christmas Eve Performance

Jiro Wang is going to be performing on stage 12.25 on Christmas Eve in Ningbo Tianyi Square. Please support Jiro! ^﹏^



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Single Villa Update

A person walking alone in the world, have to find another person along with catching the old, will not live powerless and guilty. Is there NOT true a touch in your heart? Watch Single Villa
At 22 o'clock on January 4, 2015, Hunan Satellite TV there or be square ~ ^_^ ~

-Xiao Lin-

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Last year, Aaron Yan took home the most wards of the night but he didn't get the one he was working the hardest for "Best Actor of the Year"....this year is a different story however; Aaron Yan's work seems to have proven useful! 
had a total of 10 different awards, and their are 3 different parts to the voting process: 
1. Online fan(s) voting online picking their fav. idol/drama (30%)
2.News Media/SETTV staff voting - the ppl working bts (30%)
3. Official Judges- actual filming experts (40%)
After the voting is concluding the results are calculated and this year "Fall In Love With Me" took home the most awards including:

1. Aaron Yan- Asia Favorite Sina Weibo Entertainer
2. Chen Bo Zhen (Fu Bo-butler) - Favorite Older Actor (Older Women Killer aka)
3. Aaron Yan- BEST ACTOR of the YEAR!!!!! 
4. Fall in Love With Me- Favorite Show of the Year (fans vote)

3 trophies at hand! Aaron Yan's popularity isn't a joke.

Winning Best Actor- he is excited and his face speaks for him!

Congrats to Aaron&Tia [Fall in Love With Me]

Aaron/ Tia Aaron  Red Carpet/ Aaron

Aaron Yan joking with Puff&LiuYiHao for winning "Best Kissing Scene"

Closing for the long event <3

Leave it to Aaron to make Tia laugh while presenting "BEST KISS SCENE"

Aaron Yan performs 'This is Not Me" 

The night ends with Aaron Yan, leaving hands full of his trophies and also with his Tao Le Si-Tia (who he happened to be holding hands with throughout the night- news media leak haha) ; This year was a great year and next year we have even more to expect of Aaron Yan as he has been leaked to be joining the "TINY TIMES" series that is being made into a theater act :D in mainland China! 

[The videos are not yet uploaded so once everything is uploaded I'll share more photos :D and also stay posted because I'll be sharing videos for all the prizes if you were curious] 



Monday, December 8, 2014

Pets Ceng invites Jiro to be Male Lead in new MV


View Pets Ceng and Jiro Wang together again but this time she only can be with him as a friend protecting him and caring for him as a friend.

The song itself is very touching how you lose yourself after sacraficings so muvh, but regardless the Mv was very well done and Pet's songs are always so soothing. 

Jiro's acting is very acceptable, I say acceptablr because you cannot argue why you would not love this guy too. He is your best friend you think the feelings are mutual then out of nowhere you realize its not.... no spoiler haha. 

Enjoy these two adorable dorks <3 

Jiro character is totally lovable and Pets is in every girl's shoes...