Friday, September 5, 2014

My deepest apologies!

No, we are not stopping! Our blog is still in active~! 
I just have been so busy with college and work i dont even get much sleep now, so I pretty much nap every second I get BUT~~~~ I do have lots of news to update so do not worry! 

I am going to cram my weekend with as much homework was I can then update asap!!! My deepest apologies and please please continue to support the blog! 

In addition for my missing absence , I will be holding another contest! The prizes are numerous~^^ Stay excited! I'll post on Twitter, FaceBook, and IG when i am updated! 

Thank You all! 


(My apologies) 


  1. It's ok - school comes first! (And those apology pics make it all worth while.) ;)

    1. Thank you lol for understanding ... (only the best pics can say sorry keke) -xm