Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jiro Wang- Time Flies Northern Lights finishes shooting

Its still an undeclared storyline, but about a week ago "Northern Lights" did finish shooting. 
Jiro said his goodbyes to the crew and the rest of the cast. 
"Jia You Dadong~"
Finally a new drama to watch! Haha!

Cant wait to see him portray a more daddy like successor character ! Share your thoughts below!



  1. I'm excited for the character. I just wish we knew who the otp was!

    1. Has it come out yet? It has been nearly a year...

    2. He shot this drama in Mainland, and I've seen post around it. But most mainland dramas cannot aire until DongShengTV or Hunan TV are willing to use them.
      So nope, sadly not yet.
      I will post more when it is done.