Friday, September 12, 2014

Calvin Chen releases album 9/19

After so long, its been almost 10 years for Calvin Chen. His debut in 2005 with Fahrenheit in KO-ONE series is now a long ways away but Calvin himself has yet to give up on his hopes and dreams of singing.
Starting from joining the sunshine boys competition in Vancouver Canada, and returning as a champ to Taiwan and signing with H.I.M - after the Fahrenheit boyband days Wu Chun has become a dad, and one of the first line actors on the big screen and a director. Jiro has left his mark on the big screen as well -making movies and even a few drams left and right; releasing his first work "What are you waiting for?" and now forming his newest piece in mainland china. Aaron the youngest of the boyband did not wait, and release his EP "The Next Me" first to show everyone this was a new side of him following he released "The Moment", and after having a big hit with "Just You" and "Fall in Love with Me" through SETTV he released both mini albums "Drama" and "Cut". Everyone has been so busy but what has Calvin been waiting for?

Calvin fessed up that he was wanting this 10years to be memorable and wanted his first work to be special. His waiting and fans waiting have finally ceased!

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 - (09/19/14) Calvin releases his first EP&Photobook "It is still summer"

There are even two different versions to the packages- One is the Summer edition covering the simple pleasure so vacations and exploring. and the other the Love edition...well, a little piece of summer and the spicy tid-bits that come with it.

After working out so long-Calvin is now known as the "C-cup" chest muscle man. His chest muscles are no joke, though Calvin may still look somewhat smaller than the Chun or Jiro, his chest muscles have earned him a name in the company. When others were asked if they've seen them, everyone only exclaimed that its overly exaggerated and very built.

Well, its time and I've already pre-order. (There will be a contest when I receive it and his birthday follows) stay tuned and remember to still buy your copy of his album!!!!
1. Hai Zai Xia Tian Ne (It is still summer)
2.Ai Lai Wu Yi (Meaningless Love)
3.Ba Hua Shou Kai (Speak Clearly - technically means to clear the words of misunderstanding)
4. Wo Yu Ni (You & I ) - 3 peas in a pod theme song
5. Qian Qi Qi Wu- [Open to the fight] Lucky 7 drama Opening Theme
6. Jiao Huan Ren Sheng (switching lives) - Lucky 7 drama ending theme

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