Monday, September 22, 2014

炎亞綸 Aaron Yan 多餘的我 The Unwanted Love MV


Click the link above to watch the's quite simple but very deep.

Two Aaron's and one is unwanted... how to solve this issue - easy... simple execute one.

The idea behind this MV has yet to be cleared or spoken of but I feel that it's quite simply going with the theory of the lyrics Love is inevitable but there are times when the extra one appears in your life and they are only extra when all parts of yourself have started to stick together what happens to that side of you that is no longer need...
That side is tossed aside and betrayed... Many humans do this some do it to their conscience some do it in a lighter matter where they choose to not face one issue or a conflict that they'd rather avoid.

An artistic video though, with Aaron portraying himself in two different ways. The Dark and Light makes the question very clear- who is the dark and who is the light?


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