Friday, September 12, 2014

Aaron Yan- Becomes little fan on Angelina Jolie's IG

So, Angelina J. posted up some comment about following her followers if  "SOME" of them were able to name some movie that starred her haha, little does she know she has a little fan in the small island of Taiwan who I quote did once say "He'd gladly lone his sperm to her for children" haha anyhow ...a pudding tagged Aaron and his response was....

I'm an artist from Taiwan I'm desperate for your follow back, I watched every movie you starring, You're my inspiration! Please! I'm @aayan1120
Absolutely adorable~! haha but whatever idol there is...what ever fans there are. All so cute.


  1. Aw!! Too cute!! So did he get a follow back?

    1. I'm not quite sure yet lol
      -xm I'll have to look into it

  2. My Name's Aaron, Angelina would be a great mother to NE1