Monday, September 15, 2014

ZE:A no.1 band is Fahrenheit Kpop views Cpop

When cpop artist are asked about Korean artist, they obviously know who they are talking about and who are their favorites, because like many other parts of the world K-pop is dominating the music industry.
What if we switch it up , and asked Kpop artist about their favorite Cpop artist though? How many individuals can be named out?

Did you all know that actually in Korea even still now, Fahrenheit's popularity has yet to drop! ZE:A a boyband from korea even stated that "Fahrenheit's every single song are all No.1!"

also named were artist like Rainie Yang, Jolin, AMei, By2, S.H.E and Show...Looks like even though cpop isn't the no.1 selling music of the industry they are still living and being supported tremendously by other industries artist.
For example like when Lollipop F was invited to perform in Korea on Running Man, or like when By2 was invited to perform for Korean artist while he was on tour... many cpop artist today are still working hard to live up to their kpop friends but as of right now... the only thing in my head is...

Fahrenheit was voted no.1 one of the most liked cpop artist! :D



  1. Of course they are! They are still my favorite Asian group, too. I like them better than any jpop or kpop artist I've ever heard. :)

    1. me three! i never liked anyone so much before or after fahrenheit. and good for them! XD i still believe in fahren4heit~~~