Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aaron Yan & Beatrice Fang - SPop Magazine sept edition

 ( I will upload a subbed version soon- but I have yet to be able to sub so as soon as I am not busy it will be upload on our account ^^)

SPOP this time around has the brother&sister couple! Huan Huan and Tian Xing Gege...she couldn't have him in the drama but now on SPOP they've helped Huan Huan have her Tian Xing GeGe!

The issue was though haha Beatrice even though is very naturally active girl, was very shy when positioned so close to Aaron considering she never had the change to be soo close to Aaron it was quite amusing how easily she blushed around him. All the different positions and faces she made finally had Aaron expressing "I realized something, Beatrice has a body to be sexy but she is no SEXY at all~! She is only a cute little girl." 
Beatrice laughing agreed altogether to this statement, later though when Aaron was laying on her chest for one photo, he laughingly made a statement that had the whole crew telling him he was TOO OVER... (being perverted, though he wasn't it was an accident)
Aaron: I realized something...
Crew: What ? is it not comfortable?
Aaron: no . no. it's just her chest are great to lay on...wait!!1
(crew yells at him...) Aaron disabled to reply only says...
I thought I was going to be a very uncomfortable position okay... (but of course that came out weird too. -.-!!)

Later the two were starting to try out new moves and Aaron expressed how he was a pro, and while looking through last months Spop magazine and seeing Ordinary Love photos he expressed that there are different ways to choke someone for the photos.
He expressed "There are 3 ways...its all different" he showed the cameras, then tried it with Beatrice the event though started to become very funny after the cameraman had Beatrice show act like she was really being choked. 

Regardless of all the hardships that took place behind the scenes, and all the little accidents that occurred Aaron was the one cheering everyone around him up. Beatrice who didn't have much photoshoot experience also said she learned a lot from him this time around. 

ENJOY the video its adorable!

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  1. Very funny. He doesn't think before he speaks sometimes! ;)

    1. Its pretty much most the time now haha
      he just says it then wait ..hahha