Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aaron Yan " Unwanted Love" MV teaser~!

Watch Aaron Yan's "Unwanted Love' MV TEASER

Calvin Chen released his new MV but he isn't the only Fahrenheit member working on his album, Aaron is still going. He has been busy overseas with promoting his albums in Japan, and lately his sister did get married but just because he has other task to finish doesn't mean that he won't be able to complete other task :D

Aaron Yan is releasing an "Unwanted Love" MV! This song was a huge hit when "Fall in Love With me" released their first teaser clip and the song was used. Afterwards it has become one of the songs that many fans claim to be their favorite of the album (even though every song is awesome haha)

The mv teaser is very short and every fan is asking who will be the female lead lately since he's used Dream Girl's Puff Guo, Tia Li and he was had the appearance of Japanese Model Lena Fuji and also brought G.NA over to perform 1/2 One out of Two.

 But inside the clip it seems that this time it's Aaron and another man and only smiles to look at him over a clip (green screen possibly -of the Grand Canyon). Who is it? No one knows!

The premiere of the MV will beon 09-22-2014!
So ~ prepare yourselves we have another Mv to enjoy in a week!

Don't forget also to support Calvin's new album to release this FRIDAY!



  1. so curious! wonder who the man is? it really seems like a man cos the arm of the person is pretty muscular. haha the first thought that popped into my head was "chun?!?!?" xD cant help it. and i LOOOVE calvin's new song. watched it many times over already. its got beatbox, it's got calvin's beautiful voice, his rapping... but best of all its got his gorgeous, amazing smile. i love it! can't wait for all of their albums!

    1. I'm laughing so hard bc it was Aaron and you said CHUN! but so true their physique is quite similar. Also I love Calvin's song too and the newest release too.