Thursday, August 28, 2014

FILWM celebrates - Aaron&Tia's final kiss

The ending of ep20 left many fans happy with the Great Ending of Tao Zi&Tian Xing. But the real party started with the crew and the cast came together to celebrate the ending - Fans also gathered in the banquet hall cheering after the two (tia&aaron) came together once again on stage and finally had their true "Final Kiss"

Everyone huddled together and tears were shed, laughs were shared and everyone expressed that these passed few months have been nothing but great moments. Though there were a lot of hard obstacles to come over , like the character Huan Huan for Beatrice Fang to get over considering she went from a sweet little sister character to the antagonist, or Tian Xing picking up a third character of how he sacrifices everything to make everyone happy, or possibly even Tao Zi who slowly grows to be more and more courageous towards those she loves and cares for.

And of course a lot of drinking did take place, everyone going around and toasting the crew and the cast for their efforts, without everyone behind and in front of the camera nothing would be possible :D
So Fall in Love With Me~ good bye it's been great can't wait till next time to see you again maybe~!
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  1. The first half of that drama was so amazing but even all the kisses and half-nakedness couldn't save the rest for me. :( I had to rewatch Just You to make myself feel better!

    1. It did turn into a story line like that of the long dramas that aire daily but the orignal script was much better than the one aired :D
      they ended up with twins in the real script one looked like Tian Xing and one like Xiao Lu.

      too many loopholes but I still enjoyed the drama...the acting was better than some of the actors in Just You so that;s what saved it for me.