Wednesday, September 10, 2014

寻找北极光 Searching for the Northern Lights Press Meeting-focus is on endorsement issue

Jiro Wang, Zheng Luo Qian, Nichkun

During the press meeting the three appeared to be happy, and very excited for the upcoming drama as Zheng Luo Qian takes on the character of a mother with a child, but has not father. Jiro plays a wealthy lad, who is looking for himself and his ways of life, Nichkun plays a talented younger man who has lots of creative and likable aspects but doesn't have as much riches. 

Both pursue Luo Qian in the drama...but who is going to come out on top?

Jiro Wang, showed up with the cast for Northern Lights- what was originally known as "WishList"!
But during the beginning portions of the press meeting, the focus wasn't exactly on the new drama going to aire in mainland soon, but rather the latest dilemma that has been sweeping all the media for some odd reason- "Should the celebrities use what they are endorsing?" 

This conflict is directed towards Jiro Wang's "Zi You Dian" (woman's product) commercial. Jiro himself replied "I do have my family members use it, but of course I am a man...I don't have that chance to use it. But a lot of people do ask me if I should try it...I can only say I do give it to my family members and friends who are in the need of this product." 



  1. Endorsements are a paying job, so to me it's silly to expect them to really use the product. Unless maybe it's a sponsorship kind of thing, in which case they should for the length of the deal. As for the drama - who will she end up with? I don't like not knowing! ;)

    1. I honestly have not seen a script yet nor have I had anyone tell me who will she end up with I'm guessing its not finished yet because they're still shooting :D

      -xm will update when i know