Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jiro Birthday celebrated on set of Northern Lights

AUG. 24 was Dadong Ge's birthday and many of you all send in your blessing for him, feel free to go watch the video again!~

Dong Ge actually spent his day this year with the cast of Northern Lights, celebrating on set!

The whole cast came together and since it was very easy to put together a huge Japanese style feast JIRO got to eat away with all the crew members and the cast :D

Fans also appeared outside the hotel he was residing in to give him presents and shower him with blessings!

-xm- (LATE POST) 


  1. I just noticed that the "About Fahrenheit" page doesn't mention their heights?

    1. Because they're growing but rationally
      Chun's 5'10"
      Jiro's 5'10'
      Calvin 6'0"
      Aaron's 5'8"