Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Northern Lights - Jiro Wang Photos only

Just sharing some more photos of Zheng Luo Qian and Jiro's newest drama "Northern Lights" 

The aurora borealis are actually a rare sighting and one that is rare to be forgotten... 
The factor that they chose this name itself makes me wonder... who is to be these northern lights? 
Is it the single mom?
...her daughter?
One of the two businessmen who confess their love?
... or is it like their love, shining and rare.  
I honestly have yet to see a script or anything in relation to the storyline but I know i just cannot wait till it premieres :)  
Jiro using a fan bts.

on screen- a pro.

during the screening shining in deep red 

Silence in red is a deep beauty.

(xm) enjoy late post sorries  

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