Friday, September 5, 2014

Wu Chun- Touring with MIDO

Wu Chun touring with MIDO

Sohu TV and Mido paired up to shoot a little clip of Wu Chun while he was in Europe, and later when he appeared in Paris for the showing of MIDO's newest line of fine design watches.

Chun goes around Europe and stops in a few places to keep photos for the new release of MIDO watches but since we all know Wu Chun all of us may know that he did stop to learn how to cook some local delicacies - in one shot you can witness him learning how to make a steak and he happily says "So , this is how they make their steaks I will try it again when I return home." Looks like NeiNei & Max will have some yummy steaks for dinner one night if daddy is cooking.
Off screen on a separate interview Wu Chun did speak to some interviewers who asked him about his daughter. He expresses that though he really enjoyed his time here in Europe after spending so much time with her he finds it weird that she isn't around him. He misses her dearly, and he does bring her along when Mommy lets. (Looks like Chun is a husband who listens to his wife first :D)
The photos each looked quite appealing to me, enjoy the video as they take you along to view some very pretty areas in Europe.
(LATE POST - apologies)


  1. haha don't worry guyz, take ur time :) life is busy after all. chun's awesome; he makes us fans feel at ease and does his best at work even though he's married and has 2 kids. we all still love him just as much!