Monday, September 15, 2014

Jiro - clip from action film

A new star in the making, a kick here, and punch there- Jiro has joined the action stars onscreen ;)

Watch the video that Jiro uploaded onto his IG- some sweet clips from his upcoming movie that he produced.
It's unclear what the final name will be but from outter sources I did read it may be called "Big Hero" or possibly "Super Detective" it is Jiro's first take on such action films, but he is built for it!
It's really cool to see him show this side of him- I've always felt like he matches this more than the general "rich guy" look. Honestly I'd love to see Jiro play a full on villain one day because without a doubt he'd pull it off amazingly.
-XM- (latepost)


  1. Very cool! Though, I don't want to see him be a villain! Just a cool action star is fine. I don't care for the rich guy look either. I like him best when he's a bit goofy like he was in ToGetHer and Sister Keeps Moving.

    1. I want to see him as villain not in a bad way but because I've seen Jiro pull of Gui Long such a deep and dark but still sarcastically amusing character- these types of deep character intrigue me.
      I write stories a lot so a villain is more interesting at times than a protagonist