Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wu Chun- Royal Brunei Airlines Press Conference and Signing

The CEO of Royal Brunei Airlines and Wu Chun along with other staff and two airline flight attendant ladies appeared for the meeting: located in Shanghai China.
The CEO spoke out on how he was very pleased to have Wu Chun be chosen as Royal Brunei Airlines Ambassador he states "The ambassador should be someone who is a good civilian, kind hearted, hard working , and gives back to the world. Wu Chun is this person, a good gentleman and of high popularity in China, and other areas of Asia." - His addition to the Royal Brunei Airlines will be a great representation of what Royal Brunei strives to be- helpful, hard working, and loyal.
Wu Chun himself states that "...though I have done endorsements and been an ambassador before, most the time it's for clothing or for accessories and never before has it been for my own country. A country in which I was born and raised within, this makes me very happy to be able to represent my countries airlines." ... Chun also stated that he is excited for this experience because his connection with Royal Brunei Airlines can be said to last over 30 years. "...I've been riding these airlines since I was a child."
CEO of Royal Brunei Airlines also makes a quick statement that "...Chun being from Brunei itself, and also being very interested in our tourism of the country helps to enhance the Airlines images and we will work to live up to his image as well."
During the Press Meeting, Chun was also addressed on his daughter NeiNei's popularity lately- he happily express"...there is no such thing as being jealous for her, I mean everyone loves her no matter what and that makes me happy as a father. Plus when I go out a lot of children ask for photos with me so they can say they met NeiNei's father and its something to be proud of."
Congratulations to Chun and Royal Brunei Airlines for moving up another step.

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