Monday, September 15, 2014

Aaron Showbox Concert (Puff and Tia appear as guest)

The Aaron Yan Show - Celebration Concert

When you shoot one successful drama with one goddess and then shoot another successful drama with another goddess, release two albums- there must be a celebration :D
Tia & Aaron
Aaron & Puff
    You want an exciting concert to be filled with guest who will shake your crowd, in this case Aaron successfully chose the right ladies to bring onstage with him. After releasing the dance version of  "NO CUT" Aaron&Puff announced their performance live for the first time as dancing partners would be during his Aaron Show concert to celebrate "Drama" and "Cut".  Once upon stage Puff and Aaron both exclaimed that it was amusing that the two would ever dance because Puff openly admitted she is the worst dancer in Dream Girls. Even Aaron laughed and says "I knew that, and that's why I chose you. I am also the worst dancer in Fahrenheit." (<--I feel this isn't the issue because Fahrenheit did have a robot dancer lol)
   Not long after the two finished their performance they also told everyone that they did another MV to remind everyone of the "Just You " days- Shooting the "unstoppable sun" Mv. Aaron wore only his boxers and Puff was to walk around while giving off an affect of light. Aaron said "It was quiet awkward I shot the whole MV in my boxers!" and after Puff left, and Aaron performed a few more songs he suddenly was surprised by a special guest.
   Behind the scenes she said " You really like to pick me up and carry me." - Aaron laughing replied " So you're not Beatrice Fang!"... after receiving several clues he had an idea and said "Let's all welcome Tia Li!" She approached him with roses and congratulated him on his concert, but she didn't forget to tease him and even tell everyone some of Aaron's weird habits. "He loves to sing old Jacky Wu, Eason Chan, and other people" as they named the songs Aaron quickly responded by singing each song. Aaron finally pranking Tia back said "Didn't you say you wanted to sing [wu ding-rooftop] by Jacky Wu with me!"
   Tia laughing replied she was ready if he was, because she was only joking and so was Aaron but the keyboard player started the song- Aaron directly went into his comedian side and since the notes were so high he went off tune and broke but he laughed and everyone joined in with him. Tia on the otherhand performed perfectly fine. As she was leaving Aaron mentioned one last time " sexy, did you guys she her dress." (fans answered no some didn't) Aaron being as funny as he is replied "..well she's gone now. Sorry. haha I cannot do anything."
Aaron grabs Tia's hand while performing "Wu Ding"
                                       click to watch- tia & aaron singing Wu Ding
He performed dances for "No Cut" ; "The entertainer", "The unwanted love" and sang an unplugged version of "I want to tell her" [hao xiang dui ta shuo].

Puff & Aaron perform "No Cut"

Tia laughs as Aaron stretches for his notes.

Lost in his music while performing "I want to tell you"
The final pose of "no cut"

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