Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Event] Birthday Blessings To Wu Chun&Nei Nei!

Hello Wu Chun and other Fahrenheit Fans! This year's birthday shout out is not like the past years that we created. Why? Because the birthday shout outs are for Wu Chun and Nei Nei! For this event, we will share is to Wu Chun through Weibo and we will be posting this event to our blog! As long as your a Fahrenheit Fan, you can join! Feel free to invite any friends!

All you have to do is write a post wishing Wu Chun and Nei Nei a Happy Birthday.

想要給吳尊 生日祝福嗎!別忘了還有可愛的NeiNei喔!別忘了哦〜^_^
下面請留言你想要對他們兩說的祝福 我們會負責 把它放在影片讓後傳給吳尊哦!

Here is the link to the facebook event! 

Links of ways to contact us

Admin accounts

Feel Free to ask Questions! We are more than happy to answer them! ^_^

-Xiao Lin

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