Monday, August 3, 2015

30 Second Teaser for Aaron's New Song 你幸福就好

Aaron's  new song is going to be used as the ending theme song for the drama "I am Sorry, I Love You." The Chinese name for this drama is "我的灵界男友" The full premier of this song will not release till August 05 on HIT FM.

Aaron's New Song for the Drama "I'm Sorry, I Love You."

Here are the lyrics

Credits to: tumblr dearaaronyan


  1. it's so beautiful.... honestly i haven't liked an aaron song so much since 原来 and 挡不住的太阳。 brings me to tears ;A; i hope an official mv of the song will be released soon! i will definitely be sure to catch the drama :)

    1. The premier finally came out yesterday on the radio.