Saturday, September 12, 2015

X-Family 2 is to start up soon, Will Calvin Chen's well built body make show and tell???

X-Family 2 will soon be making his premiere back on the GTV scheduling and airing time is yet to be determined but GTV excited to celebrate its success with the KO-Series, has already signed to have the clash of Taiwan's popular boy-bands collide again.

Fahrenheit debuted in 2005 with their debut drama KO-One, the success started the next series to follow X-family... years would follow and more Ko series emerged then the X-dormitory was created. We thought it'd be the end to seeing Fahrenheit members appear in the KO-Series, but come on GTV created our boys, they will need them to celebrate the success behind these series.

Calvin Chen is going to appear in X-Family part 2! Lan Ling Wang's character was said to have gone missing during the big war against the demon's with his friends Xia Tian, and the leader Jiu Wu.
IF YOU WATCHED X-Dormitory the ending was a little fuzzy, but the assumption is that the war is NOT over, but rather XiaTian did make a sacrifice whether he is gone forever or  not...his good friend is back.
So, I am super excited to see his return!
Not to forget that  when SpeXial first opened up to start shooting the KO-Series a lot of people were unhappy but slowly they've proven themselves to be willing to uphold these series. The tradition will live on and gladly GTV brings up a dab of Fahrenheit x SpeXial. The comedy, the romance, the friendship, and the good vs the evil...basically if its cheesy we all love it. 

Thinking about it though, a lot of questions were shot out by the media if Calvin would take it off for the camera as he recently has been very well known for his very well built body. Calvin simply laughed and replied if the script will require it, then I will have to do as I am expected to do.

He also mentioned that he is very excited to get to work with SpeXial's new members, including his direct undergraduate (junior from SunShine Nation) EVAN. 
I haven't really met everyone yet, only Hong Zhen because we met him when he was still in Wu Hu Jiang during the ko-3-guo days.. but now he is SpeXial's leader.

Aiya...(personal note) time does fly by but I am really excited still.

GTV don't fail us<3333


  1. hee~ so excited!!!!!!!! isn't ko one 4 with jiro supposed to come out at the same time? i wish that both calvin and jiro could be in both dramas.

    1. GTV keeps moving what they are saying, KO4 won't start shooting till after X-Family is airing probably.

      I know SpeXial's sam is supposed to be back next year, the script writers are probably waiting for him still, I mean they can't just delete his character really.
      we'll see, I'll keep updating.


    2. ahhh okay :) ill be waiting for the news :D

  2. Ko 4 are already up until ep 9 i just watch not long ago until ep 9 but when is the x family 2 be coming out?

  3. Ko 4 are already up until ep 9 i just watch not long ago until ep 9 but when is the x family 2 be coming out?

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