Friday, July 17, 2015

[Movie] Lady Of The Dynasty

Wu Chun Behind the Scene

Wu Chun newest onscreen premiere "Lady of the Dynasty" with Fan Bing Bing comes out 7.30.2015. 

Many people have been anticipating this movie as it has been a while since Chun's appearance on the big screen (the last one was "Saving General Yang") The fans that were able to get into the opening premiere did make statement about Chun's ability to bring his character to life. And many praises went also to the leading Lady (Fan) for her strong ability to adapt to such a long shooting period and even carrying out the chemistry when actors were switched around.
For those whom do not know this movie did go thru a lot of ups and downs, but finally made its way thru to be shot. In one scenerio Chun's character the general was originally to be carted to Wang Lee Hom, and due to some schedule conflicts the characters were recanted expect for Fan's character as the leading lady.

A new look, and new script we are all anticipating what these two have in store for us. Also heads up fans many people gave it high ratings but it's supposed to be a teary ending!

*apologizes for any spoiler*

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