Saturday, September 12, 2015

MiniMovie(2) Qing Chun Wei Yin -starring Jiro Wang


This mini-movie is talking about the relation behind girls, and how a teacher attempts to set them on a better path than they themselves are already set towards.
It circulates around young age jealousy and simplicity of how high school girls treat one another over silly objects and how punishment that is different from the usual changes their lives forever.
1. The first girl is a young lady who is the daughter to a rich pair of parents, it doesn't matter what she wants because she can always have it. But she isn't happy. (She is yearning for love and attention and needs real companionship)
2. The second girl is a young lady who is brave but quiet and rather shy. She is a victim to abuse though, as her household cannot afford pricey things like cameras' she cannot really chase her dream to be a photographer. (This leads her to do desperate things for the wrong reasons)
3. The final girl, is the school beauty but though she is beautiful; she too is confused. She knows very well that everyone doesn't like her but she cannot blame herself as it is her family and ancestry that expects her to have long straight beautiful black hair unlike the short hair that other girls in the school normally have. (She feels misguided by all the bad things she hears daily)

And of course, our only male lead Jiro. His character is what you can say a median, he kinda flows around in the girls lives. His name is Lu Yang, the school most attractive male and in the mini movie it seems he is the only. 
For the 1st actress likes him, but because of jealousy towards the 3rd actress getting his attention she ask the 2nd actress to get revenge on the 3rd actress and in return she will give the second actress the camera she so much wants. 

This leads to a punishment where their teacher later tells both girls, to in order to apologize to the 3rd actress they must give her a gift each that she will be happy with. 
Lu Yang also again stumbles into the story of the 3 girls and falls in love with one of them. They are then a couple in the ending when the girls go back to high school to celebrate the birthday of their teacher that helped them meet and understand their faults.

The storyline is very meaningful, sorry I cannot sub the clips but it is worth a watch :D



  1. This was really cute!
    FYI, I heard Jiro sings the ending theme song for Nicky Wu’s most recent drama “Advancing Towards Happiness”.


      Are you referring to this song? yeah, it was released some time back, never had a chance to post it up tho :D