Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aaron Yan's Song for the drama “I am Sorry I Love You"

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Hello to all viewers of Youku, I'm Aaron Yan. 《你幸福就好》 (literal translation: It's Enough if You are Happy) is sang by me and is the ending song to idol drama “I am sorry, I love you”. This song is a romantic and sad ballad. This ballad has been written to express what the main actor in the drama has said, that 'promise' should be a gift, and not something that's used as a lock to tie up each other's hearts. When fate has reached its peak, quietly guarding and sending blessings to one another is something that's very romantic. Regardless of now or the future, I hope for everyone to 《你幸福就好》 "be happy and that's enough". — Aaron Yan

Hello 各位優酷網的朋友們大家好,我是炎亞綸。《你幸福就好》是我為電視劇《我的靈界男友》­所演唱的片尾曲。這是一首浪漫而且帶點感傷的情歌。這首情歌有故意寫成男主角說的承諾­應該是一份禮物,而不是拴住彼此的枷鎖。在緣份已盡的時候,默默的守候祝福著對方也是­很浪漫的愛。不管現在或是未來…只希望大家《你幸福就好》。— 炎亞綸

If you haven't heard the song, it was playing on the radio in Taiwan. (Below)

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL..... ;A; honestly i have not loved an aaron song THIS MUCH since 原来 came out. of course all his stuff is good but this one is going to become a sure favorite. can't wait for the official song/mv!!! and ill make sure to catch the drama, of course :)