Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sorry for the Delay on Post- (ADMIN POST)

My deepest apologies to any Fei Fans, who have or may have passed by the blog or browsed through it recently and can see I have yet to update anything new recently.

No, No, No, I am not closing this blog and no, we are not leaving our Fahrenheit boys behind us.

I've just been super busy with school, and life (work has been doubling hours, and I have yet to be able to post all the news).... now if you guys do want to know news faster, please do follow our Instagram and our Twitter; on both accounts I do post photos and little messages and updates more quickly than the blog as it is less time consuming.

FANS please give me time but I will start to post more on the boys, so no matter if you are a
Calvin Fan- Sunshines/Cupcakes
Chun Fan- Angels~

Please remember to just hit a follow and support us :D it is always much appreciated and we will try our best to update you or answer any questions or comments you may have to ask.

Thank You all again, for understanding and giving me so much time.

-Admin XM-


  1. Jiayou!
    Out of curiosity, where does Puddings and Sunshines/Cupcakes come from? I get the Rockers (that's me! :D ) and Angels I can kinda understand.

    1. I'm not sure myself but i think sunshine refers to Calvin's smile that shines like the sun and also because he won the sunshine boys competition and i think puddings refer to aaron's nickname ah bu.. and hehe i'm a rocker too!! but omg I'm in love with all four of them 😍

    2. Thanks - those make sense.
      And there can never be enough rockers!
      I have never found a group I like to listen to as much as Fahrenheit.

    3. You're welcome :D

      And hehehe true!! Idk why of all fahrenheit Jiro became my favorite...maybe its his lips lol ahhh he makes me melt <3

      Right?! :D I listen to fahrenheit and all their solo EPs everyday... Its soooo bad lol i dont even listen to the local radio anymore xD have you watched their dramas yet?

    4. I hope the admins don't mind us taking over this post? (sorry - we can email if you prefer!)

      My first Taiwanese drama that I ever watched was HanaKimi & I loved Jiro in it. Wu Chun & Ella did fine but Jiro really sold me. I love the manga and I thought he portrayed the character fantastically. Then I watched ISWAK and I was a rocker for life after seeing Jiro as Ah Jin! I died for the poor heartbroken woobie! ToGetHer is my favorite drama of his - I joined BillaSub just to help make sure that drama was subbed well, I liked it so much. I've always thought Mars seemed similar to Jiro in real-life, since it's just him and his mother. Rolling Love was the wackiest drama I've ever seen but he was so cute in it!! And I hate the story-line for Absolute Boyfriend (hate the sad ending) so I refuse to watch the Jdrama but I suffered the heartbreak to see Jiro's version. Momo Love was so stupid and cute all at the same time. I really liked Fabulous Boys but the ending felt rushed to me. I'm working on Drama Go Go now. And I've been known to watch things raw just to see him in them (all the KO dramas). ;) I've even gotten a few of his movies.

      I haven't seen all the rest's dramas - Jiro's definitely take precedence. (Confession - I used to have a hard time telling Aaron and Calvin apart. I don't know why since it's easy now.) But I've seen Tokyo Juliet, Romantic Princess, bits of Sunshine Angel & Alice in Wonder City, and then became a bit of a pudding after Just You and Fall in Love with Me (the first half was awesome, the 2nd half made me want to destroy something - lol).

      I listen to a mash of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese but I've never found a group I love as much as them. Plus Jiro's album. He needs to come out with a new one soon! Mo Mo has been my ringtone for so long, my daughter has learned how to kinda sing along. :D

    5. You guys are adorable:DDDD please feel free to chitchat all you wish:D
      We dont ever mind, let's us understand one another more.
      PS: you know Admin XiaoLin is a hard core Jiro Fan too haha


    6. Puddings comes for Aaron's nickname A-Bu , which was formed after his idol KobeBryant, and the "Bu" character shows in Bryant's chinese charactered name.
      So Bu-ding in chinese is Pudding in english:D

      And as for Calvin's Sunshine's and Cupcake's its because some time ago, Calvin referred to his fans as sweet as cupcake and bright as sunshine. His fansclub though majority use his name or sunshine for symbolism as he won a Sunshine Boyz competition before joining FRH.

      hope this helped:D

    7. Omg so sorry, i only got to respond now…its been really busy at school. This semester is just starting and I’m already dead! I haven’t had a dose of my fave TW dramas since school started :(( and aww thank you admins for letting us show our inner fahrenheit craziness here <333 i wish there are more people who knows of fahrenheit or TW dramas. From where i am i feel like I’m the only one, like i have no one to talk to about all these :( and we can email too if you want :D which one do you prefer?

      Mine is quiet a long story lol my first TW drama was Meteor Garden and boy did i get crazy about F4 too hehe then i watch ISWAK/ TKA and boom... i was forever hooked to TW dramas, I watched so many since then. Idk why but i didnt fall in love with Jiro back in ISWAK yet or Hana Kimi. In turn, i fell in love with Wu Chun haha so i watched Hot Shot and Romantic Princess but that didnt last long. Many other dramas later… Just You happened and i got hooked to Aaron lol i tried watching Fall in Love with Me but after Huan Huan fell off the cliff, the storyline just fell right with it and i couldn’t watched it anymore plus i was a big aaron/puff fan so it was hard to feel the chemistry between aaron and tia, they’re cute together though, i just didnt feel it. I also watched Alice in Wonder City :D

      So fast forwarding to how i fell in love with Jiro lol…My love for Jiro started with Fabulous boys! OMG there was just something about how he portrayed Tai Jing that got me! and that was also the very first time that i appreciate how amazing his voice is *faints <3 but you’re right, they rushed the ending :(( i feel like they could’ve added a few more eps without dragging the story. After FB, i just couldn’t get enough of Jiro so i watched Momo Love (this was soo cute!), Absolute Boyfriend (the ending made me so depressed), ToGetHer (one of my jiro fave, chen momo is so cute, she's just like me and omg the ending just made me melt….his version of MoMo was just ahhhhhhhhh), Drama Go Go (i liked it but not my fave), and Crossing Hero (Loved It!) and after that i just rewatched ISWAK/TKA haha and I got some of his movies in too hehe (I loved "Broadcasting Girl”)

      I was gonna start the KO series but school was about to start so I just started watching Love Buffet (this is when i started to like Calvin, and oh his solo EP is amazing too) Maybe now we can say they all became my boyfriend at one point haha but Jiro has forever taken my heart <3

      I never found a group as much as i love Fahrenheit too! i have all their albums and they are probably my most played on iTunes lol even if i dont understand a thing (i wish i do, I’m even taking mandarin this sem haha), i know the lyrics by heart and can even distinguish who’s voice is whose :D And you’re right! He needs to come out with a new one ASAP! all his new songs are beyond amazing! have you listened the bloody doll ost? He sang it and he was so hot in the MV hehe

      I’m sorry if this was long. Sorry to the Admins too :(

    8. I know what you mean about feeling like the only one. I got my mom & sister hooked on dramas but they are in separate parts of Florida and I am in South Dakota. We try to watch an episode together once ever few weeks but getting us all home at the same time across 3 different time zones is tough!

      Did you watch Tokyo Juliet with Wu Chun? It was one of my first after HanaKimi and ISWAK. I liked it a lot but I remember being mad that they made me feel bad for the "bad guy" cause I just wanted to hate him freely. lol I think Just You probably hooked a lot of Aaron fans. He & Puff were so perfect together and the chemistry was off the roof! The smoldering looks he gives her in certain scenes - wowza!! And that's about when I got really annoyed with FILWM, too. The first half was sooo good and I was feeling the chemistry, too, though not as good as with Puff. But I think it started to derail for me when she really fell for him as Shou Lu and he went back to her as that character. When he kissed her as Shou Lu, I was very disappointed in him. I was expecting him to really up the charm and make her fall in love with the real him. Shou Lu was cute but not very manly, you know? Maybe it's just me... And then everything with Huan Huan just got worse and worse and then he really seriously married her??!! I was done! (Alice kinda grossed me out when they fantasized someone else while they went at it.) I guess I take my dramas too seriously sometimes! lol

      Fabulous Boys followed the kdrama pretty well (but better). and then the last 2 or 3 episodes they hurried for some reason. They had to condense a lot and it made me sad. But we got way better smooches than the kdrama, that's for sure. ;) I'm on episode 3 of Drama Go Go and he's had a long shirtless scene in both of the first two episodes. Makes it very distracting from the subtitles! ;) And I had to get this awesome screencap - hahaha, what a face!

      Should I check out Love Buffet? I haven't heard much about it. Yes, I like the bloody doll ost and mv. But I wish he wouldn't make scary movies cause I don't like to watch them! Though Purple House really wasn't very scary, I thought.

      Oh - speaking of being an F4 fan. I've seen quite a few of their movies, too. In fact, I was recently trying to clear some space on my external so I watched some older dramas I hadn't gotten around to watching, thinking they wouldn't be very good and I could delete them. First I watched Wish to See You Again and Zai Zai cracked me up. I write a it so his being so eccentric really tickled me. So I couldn't delete it. And then I watch Down With Love really expecting to dislike it since I'm not a huge Ella fan. And Jerry totally hooked me. And I discovered a new drama trope I love, too. I've always loved the drawn-out physical tension when the OTP always get interrupted and don't get to kiss. (Smiling Pasta does that well! It's one of my faves.) But in Down With Love, he spends so much time desperately pining after her, epically in love and unable to do anything and it was awesome. And there goes another drama I can't delete unexpectedly. I guess I just need to buy a bigger external instead!

    9. It just feels so lonely being the only one :( That’s why maybe i talked so much in my previous reply (or maybe even this one haha) cos i finally got to released the joy i get from watching TW dramas haha but aww that’s good you have your mom and sister :D i really dont have anyone. But I understand the struggle with the time zone! I bet its just as hard.

      I get what you mean by feeling bad for the bad guy haha i hate it when that happens! but i haven’t had a chance to watched Tokyo Juliet yet. and omg YESSS! i can’t wait for them to have another drama together but i dont think that’s gonna happen soon :( Yup! the first half was good! i was actually enjoying the show until everything just got ridiculous! and just a few weeks ago, i finally got a chance to skip through the later episodes and omg their kisses are steamy!!!! haha but i feel the same way! i would rather have her fall for the real him! And it took time for me to like Alice. It’s not a drama for everyone, its very dark as it deals with depression but aaron yan did an amazing job in this drama!! the episode where he totally lost it and isolated himself from everyone broke my heart so much!! he couldn’t even let anyone in, not even the person he loved the most. He also has great chemistry with Lara there. but you’re right that scene was weird haha

      I can’t imagine anyone better than Jiro to play Tai Jing in FB, he totally sold me the whole show! I always see him as comedic character and he just totally transformed to a different person here. i think thats when I admired him even more. i like his comedic roles better though cos i feel like that’s more like jiro <3 and haha YESSS gawddd i would want to be in Ruby’s place there haha and aw i can’t view the pic :(

      Love Buffet is full of confusion. I mean who wouldn’t be? Any girl choosing between aaron and calvin would have a hard decision to make. Even i was in a tough position lol I was so in love with Calvin’s character in the beginning then aaron then back to Calvin then back to aaron and so on. Then, I finally figured out who i want her to end up with but got disappointed. I wouldn’t spoil on the details cos just in case you want to watch, you can decide whether you’ll like the ending or not haha Its a really good show too! and haha SAME!! I can’t watch horror stuff :| but I seriously love that song! and the theme for single’s villa :D

      OH i haven’t watch Wish to See you Again yet. I watched Zai Zai in black & white and that show is just as amazing as he is lol and OMG i love DWL!! that was my fave when i first watched it! Besides Jerry, Xiao Xiao Bin got me hooked in the show too lol and aw the STRUGGLE! its so hard to let go of a drama that we already learned to love hehe

    10. If you want a tip, I have found I can addict anyone to Asian dramas if i can just get them to sit down and watch the jdrama Hana Yori Dango. It's guarateed! ;) It's getting them to sit down and try it that is the tricky part. I had a local friend I hooked and then she moved away. My only other close-y friend refuses to watch something subtitles cause she claims it gives her headaches. :(

      The kisses were awesome. Though I thought everything when they were locked in the warehouse was just as steamy, too! It'd e awesome if Puff & Aaron got another drama together. I tried watching her cooking drama after but, cute as Jasper is, I just couldn't take the romance seriously. He seemed like too much of a little boy! I'll probaly give Alice another shot sometime. After I catch up on my backlog. ;) I liked Jiro's serious side in ToGetHer, too. He did that drama so well. Oops - I forgot we can't copy links on this site! Is this short enough to write down and copy? I'll try making it a real link, too, ut I don't know if blogspot will let me...

      Now you've got me curious about Love Buffet, lol. I'm very curious how it ends now! Black & White is amazing. My husband won't watch my dramas 'cause he thinks they're too silly but he got very close with Black & White since it starts out so awesome. But then it got a little silly and I lost him. I think if I could get him to sit down and try Mars or the kdrama City Hunter, maybe I could finally hook him, too. lol Oh - another thing about Wish to See You Again - it's like a tourism drama for Taiwan - you will definitely want to visit after you watch it!!

    11. I tried so hard to get my friends into watching asian dramas but they're just not interested :( but thank you! i’ll def try it next time hehe

      i think one of the reasons why the kisses are steamy is because aaron is a very good kisser!!! and omg i did watch that one too! i liked it but i never got a chance to finished it. After their first kissed I’m just like mehh it was a hot kiss but i was starting to like her with the second lead lol OMG Aaron’s and Lara’s kisses in Alice were beyond what HOT could describe!! HAHA and YES! He really did. I still cant forget how Jiro got me so mesmerized in the last episode. When he sang momo, i couldn’t contain it. The song just fit so well in their situation. and AHH i remember that scene!!

      LOL I’m still sad she didnt end up with him. Both leads were great but there was just something about this one that made me feel like he was more sincere, he just got really overwhelmed with his own feelings. Let me know if you do decide to give it a try :) and aww he should have sticked a little more cos the ending of black & white was amazing, i loved how they just connect everything together, aww lol maybe next time he’ll be hooked :D and okay, sold me haha i’ll def give it a try when i finally find time. I dont want to mix drama with school cos i know once i start i dont stop haha xD

  2. Oh, I think I found the twitter and instagram but I don't think there are any links here on the blog pointing the way. Just fyi.


      These are the accounts:D so you can double check, I uploaded them before... haha I meant to link it above but forgot oops! (runs around*) But if you found it then yayayayyayay!!!

      Thank you for following and stopping by:D

  3. No, don't be...we understand that school/work can be busy and we have other priorities. Thank you so much for all the updates!!! Jai you!!!! We really appreciate it <3

    Can you update us if ever fahrenheit and HIM decide to hold a 10-yr anniversary/reunion concert? I really hope they do cos even if im all the way from the other side of the world (New Jersey), I would find a way to fly to taiwan just to see them hehe though 2015 is nearing to the end I still have a high hope that it will happen, if not this year, maybe next year...

    and HI to all fahrenheit fans and my fellow rockers!! fai lun hai wo men ai ni!!!

    1. Sure will do, something big like that! I'd definetly post up! haha
      I'm across the world too :((( New Jersey sounds cool havent been there yet hmm...

      If Fahrenheit decides to do a special get together I'll post it up for sure:DD

    2. ahhhhhh thank you!!!! i started following your instagram account the other day and realized that this is a U.S. Fahrenheit fanbase :D which part of U.S. are you from? and lol we will all find a way to fly across the world to see them hehe <333 and ehhh i love NJ but there’s nothing great here lol except that from where i am, we’re close to the city so thats a big plus :D

      and omg you dont know how happy i was when i found this blog! (i even started looking back your previous posts these past couple of weeks.. i’m in 2012 now haha) thank you again!

    3. So your looking through our old post too, no wonder my stats keep showing my old post having views. I started this blog when I was in high school, I just finished by associates and am working on my bachelors currently.
      My junior year in highschool i did go to Taiwan but sadly I didn't meet any FRH members :( but I bought lots of souvenirs lol

      I'm from MO. TRUST ME, it gets super boring so I basically taught myself Chinese and devoted by life to FRH haha we have a lot of international students here so I try to fix my Chinese through more practice. Still pretty fluent for a self taught though haha JK.

      Feel free to ask questions about anything if you have any okay:D


    4. LOL yes!! I’m like so hooked to fahrenheit, it's soooo bad! :D haha i just haven’t had a chance to browse more.. been so busy with school as well :( and OMG me too!! I finished with my associates in the spring and now entering as a junior in my university. I’m guessing we’re about the same age? I graduated HS in 2013.

      aww that’s so awesome!! it would be a dream come true for me to visit Taiwan! Actually the university i’m in right now has a University in China and its only about an hour and a half away from taiwan by plane. That’s one of the reason why i picked the school cos i want to get into their study abroad program (and maybe visit taiwan and at the same time learn mandarin hehe), even if just for a semester but i have to compete with students who already started there :/

      LOL and OH WOW! that’s dedication right there! :) Are you an ABC? and I’m trying to learn chinese right now, I’m even taking mandarin this semester (that’s what happens when you’re addicted hehe) but its just soooo hard to learn D: i know a few basic though.

      and thank you so much! you’re so nice! :)

    5. I graduated in 2013 too, so we are probably the same age :D
      My uni. has a study abroad program too, but I'd rather just vacation to Taiwan. I'm more interested in going to Europe for overseas study if i had the chance haha.

      Best wishes on your program by the way. Mandarin isn't very hard once you get a hang of it.
      I am actually not an ABC, but me being able to learn chinese so quickly might be genetics lol bc my parents each speak like 5 languages haha.

      Don't give up! sound like you've got some major work to do but hey! always stay positive and tell yourself you can do it even when no one believes you can. :DDD *that's what I did when I took a chance and went to Taiwan haha.


    6. 我二十岁 ^_^ True, it would be nice to go there just for vacation :) when you went there before.. did you already know a lot of chinese? Im so scared of going there and have no idea of anything. aww yes! Europe would be interesting :D

      Thank you!! and omg mandarin is like the hardest class i have lol but its the only thing that’s keeping me sane this semester haha WOW, that’s so amazing!!! okay that’s my new inspiration in learning lol and awww i really appreciate it. thank you! i’ll keep fighting! and same goes for you! 加油!加油!加油!! :D